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My boyfriend and I have been together for 41/2 years ... We were long distance , when we met , so both agreed that it would be difficult . we are about to travel 2 hours by plane .. in the beginning he visits me every two months. maintained our strong relationship. after 2 years of that ... decided to move to a school here to be near me. He went home for summer planning to return and finish his career in the fall , so they went home for the summer. But now a couple of things were mixed with scholarships, loans, etc. . it would be easier / / cheaper to find an internship and ends with their loans, while he can live at home. So this means it will not return, at least not to live. I always wanted to go to the New York area .. so eventually we will try to establish some things and live together. you can imagine we've been through so much together. times as good / / bad ;) then inspiring as his bride I know, life has always been a problem for him, but
Answer1SquarePantsAnswered at 2012-08-08 15:03:02
He cheats, are you kidding . he's a young guy with a zillion beautiful girls wherever he goes , they give for free. I come from N.Y.
I'm telling you girl , save yourself trouble him and has been in his mind, all they do is make excuses for him, has been through a lot , I could not mourn, do not have money , you can not find jobs , blah blah
Cry me a river this guy has a ball and lives at home while you are awake at night ,
Typcial boy , he knew he was not coming back to you when he arrived in New York
Answer2CitriaAnswered at 2012-08-11 01:05:03
Well , any woman would be curious if her boyfriend did not return phone calls or texts immediately. I mean, if it was hours before an answer came , they might start to worry. I think that's normal.

You also have to think realistically . ( I, of course , do not know the details), but if you have not lived with someone and only have had a long distance relationship , maybe it's unrealistic to assume that you're the only one.

On the other hand , you know him , I do not.

I truly believe that if you are unsure of your relationship , it would have a concern. If you really trust him , I could not think of him cheating on you , as I said , curiosity , maybe ...

If there is no shadow of a doubt ... maybe there's a reason for that , too.
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