Bad credit. How can I get a personal loan with a reasonable monthly payment?

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Asked at 2012-08-17 18:21:02
I ruined my credit by marrying Mr. wrong in my 20 years. It's a snowball with me refusing to pay for things he lied about.Now is gone, but the bad credit score is not. I have no credit cards only debit cards.I have paid several used cars and loans payday, and the payment of rent time.That matter not disclosed in their credit score, take it.Prosper I accept custom . I need $ 2000 to get new glasses and move.I have a job, but I'm not living in a nice area and the need move.Im a hard worker , 38 years and have had two jobs in management in the past . I have my eye on another. I want a loan where I can pay about $ 100 per month or about how that.That I 'm not going to be fighting all the time to do so and will paid.Im trying to get my act together and really appreciate financially good advice.
Answer1FeliciaAnswered at 2012-08-24 01:24:21
You were never responsible for anything he lied about, because it was never signed by those accounts. If you had car loans , they are shown on your credit report . You can get new glasses for under $ 200 and to move even less. If you can pay $ 100 a month to repay the loan , you can do everything you need to claim the credit in cash at the end of summer. Meanwhile, learn to manage your money .
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