Need help by suggestion, best answer will get bonus point.?

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Asked at 2012-08-17 08:42:03
I am a housewife with a child. We r happy in our lives, but we have financial crisis. My husband lost money doing business. We have bank loan and have no source of income to survive. During the world crisis my husband lost his job. After trying so many. One night I found him crying alone to touch my son. He got high blood pressure and other some deases of depression. He is honest. Now we are suffering more than they write.
Be computer and the Internet recently. I 'm trying to do online work . Today, my profit is $ 1 per day. I have no ability to win by otherthings .
If anyone can help me win $ 10 perday I will thanks entirely to him. It is very bad situation. When my son asked me to give him special , but I can at this point what my feelings plz try to understand.
If I get any other site of PR3 to write something regularly that my income will increase. I try to win by a subsidiary of Amazon, but it is very difficult to sell the product in Bangladesh. I tried so many to raise money for my husband. But I have not had.
I know people need money not hving . need money to survive. Please anyone can give me some idea to legitimize winning line or better.
Plz Plz only real answer that will help me . If possible plz tell others the right way for me.
Answer1SarAnswered at 2012-08-19 23:39:04
If you want an honest answer then let me put it modestly as possible you need to be well versed in English for jobs online . Unfortunately , our educational system in Bangladesh is such that we have shed English learning school and universities , and now we are not competitive at all when you are looking for anything or any kind of work that goes beyond the territory of Bangladesh . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can guess that you live in an area where you can find some industries 100% oriented export garments or such companies that hire employee with basic skills in computer operation . Try contacting them through such websites and to post your resume and if you are lucky then you would get a response . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You write " job search engines Bangladesh " in Google or yahoo ! search and find many sites such as MedlinePlus and etc. MedlinePlus I am sorry you are going through hard times and we know how difficult it is when someone is in the shoes of her hubby . Banks are relentless here ( as elsewhere in the world) and they would send people to harass you if you do not pay in installments few . It would impose penal interest can be about 50 % of the loan amount and no one in Bangladesh to ask why banks are fleecing borrowers who have genuine reason for not able to pay dues . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hope above helps .
Answer2jefferyAnswered at 2012-09-04 12:54:02
Sorry to hear about your misfortune . Typically 99% of what is being offered online are scams and scammers . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ? I can suggest using the talents God has given you? You are already seeing a child , why not get paid and see some more ? Child care is expensive and hard to find , because it can do well there .
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