Why would it have been so outlandish to simply send the bailout/stimulus cash to the people of the US? related questions

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Why would it have been so outlandish to simply send the bailout/stimulus cash to the people of the US?9jasper12012-11-05 07:31:02
Cash could have been a bit irresponsible , but we could achieved 5000-6000 (about one billion dollars) a piece of that money would be spent on 1.Rent/Mortgage vouchers . 2 . Debt / credit vouchers. 3 . Home owner bailouts 4 . Billions of aid refunds university position In this way the money would trickle down to corporations anyway and people would have a huge load of pressure off of them - and the government would get a lot of new taxes in . Auto industry - would be in better shape after people pay back arrears car loan Real estate - get huge amounts of mortgage payments back Tenants - receive huge amounts of back rent Colleges - billions in unpaid loans payments university and industry begins to move slowly because many would not survive to pay the bills Then again that makes sense and obviously do not believe that DC . We will give bankers and finance throw our 'friends' projects will not begin for 2-3 years. Nice people, very nice.
Do we need a fiscal, cash stimulus, bailout, loan from aliens from outer space?3Teria2012-11-02 15:05:02
Honestly , I can not think of any other solution at the moment! and what if we can not afford it?
The U.S. bailout and stimulus pledges now total $11.6 trillion. How are we going to pay this back?0Alyonka2012-11-02 05:03:16
How will we ever pay back $11.6 trillion, which comes to more than $33,000 for every citizen of the U.S., not including interest? Who loaned it to us? Are you comfortable with this enormous new debt? Do you believe it is justified and will benefit us, or that we'll be slaves to it indefinitely? --- Amounts (Billions)--- Limit Current ======================================
If my parents get a home equity loan for me to buy a condo in cash, can I simply pay their monthly payments?1fatima2012-08-22 18:32:23
I would buy a condo not covered under warranty ( due to a minor dispute in construction) that has been repossessed. That would have to pay in cash and the issue will not close before November 30 for the first time home buyers credit expires and I would get at a reduced price . My plan is to secure a traditional mortgage, once the request has been approved, but until then I have only about 60,000 of the need for an adequate supply (loan parents would supply the rest ) 150000. I realize that can not be considered a gift because it is much greater than 12,000 and I will pay the monthly payments / pay the loan once you get a mortgage. I'm worried about the tax implications for me / my parents and that the loan will only be open for 2-6 months.
Why not free people's debt instead wasting money with the stimulus packeges?1Michelle L 2012-10-22 15:23:53
Our Govt . for billions of dollars in the lottery , and then there's the stimilus Pakage , which just give money , banks , large companies and other organizations . We, as the common man gets nothing or very close to anything outside these packages ? Our economy is in a deep hole at the moment and it's all because people can not pay debts . So instead of trying to fix the economy , debt free and popular only have a new beginning . Everyone will be able to spend money by not having to worry about making payments on credit cards, car , pay insurance , student loans . I mean if you think about it , it makes sense more than just keep coming with packages that do no good . when people have money to spend and not to worry about the debt , the economy will begin to flow . its worst as it is, but people debt free, money will be available at least not like now ...
Are people finally starting to realize that Obama's stimulus is a complete failure?0HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012-11-06 04:10:09
Where are the jobs? Where are the bank loans? Where are the tax cuts? Please keep in mind that the actual unemployment rate is MUCH higher than what we're being told. Just look around you. People across the board are suffering and losing their homes/jobs and Obama declares his stimulus a success?
Are people confused about what the bailout means? ?0LUTHER2012-10-07 05:19:29
Although the origin of the problem came from Wall Street and mortgage bad decisions by unqualified homebuyers, is now a U.S. public problem. Have an adverse effect on ALL. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem is that banks are unwilling to lend money to companies, as they need to keep cash on their books to remain solvent, because of the bad mortgages that are holding. When banks are reluctant to lend, small businesses often use short-term loans to make payroll, research and design, marketing, transportation, etc., can not get the funds they need to stay in the business. As this occurs, jobs are deleted and / or these businesses fail completely raise the rate of unemployment and general economic hardship for all. Anyone looking to punish Wall Street is a mistake, as monstrous corporations only be able to get construction loans needed to move forward. They will survive, the average homeowner is small business (which creates the majority of jobs in the United States) that will be affected the worst. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition, interest rates on new loans to qualified borrowers mortgage will go up, pressing further housing market and creating even more delinquent mortgages. A snowball effect occurs and the credit markets get even tighter and more companies fail. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Unemployment is rising, while the number of new jobs for the unemployed to occupy will become smaller. As unemployment continues to rise, households were left without income and begin to default on other credit lines, such as auto loans and credit cards. Again, Snowball follows. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since disposable income is reduced because of the unemployment, the economy will suffer because people will start to accumulate cash instead of feeding the economy with spending. More and more businesses will fail, and so on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus People outside the workforce with retirement savings are decimated portfolio values, perhaps delaying retirement or what is impossible altogether. Again, creating an influx of people into the labor market, where there are no jobs available. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone on Main Street USA he does not think this will not affect are naive. Wall Street is angry and has failed and has been restructured. Get over it.
Shouldn't Sen. McCain change and say he will fight to keep the people in their houses, instead of bailout?0res2012-11-06 09:06:03
buying property is a gamble, never know when undesirables might move in and drop the property value. He stated he would devalue the homes nad allow the people to stay in them, wouldn't the best thing to do is to allow them to pay the payments they have been paying, but extend the loan to include the balloon payments, but at normal mortgage payments they can still afford and have been paying. Granted it's the same amount they owed, but they still have a house, the lender gets the money, the owner still pays what they been paying and the value of the market will come back one day.
Why doesn't Congress listen to advice of ECONOMISTS regarding the bailout? Instead of people who PARTICIPATED?5love of this country2012-08-22 03:15:02
... to enable the mortgage industry / bank to get where you are now? ****************** 200 leading economists to write Congress Warning rescue make things worse ! News Type : Event
Can Anybody Find Any Stimulus in the Stimulus Bill as implemented thus Far?0Pamela2012-09-07 02:25:03
So far, the money seems to go to all the places that a community organizer would like to see it go. It will shore up the budgets of state governments failure, with its plethora of social servcies class agencies operate behind the scenes by staff 10 times what they need to do things that absurdly dysfunctional and actually more than just symbolic that are effective in helping anyone. It's a waste of money. In my state (Maryland), there are about 600 of these agencies, and they do all kinds of social services, get free stuff for the poorest of the poor, delivering to them, to make use, and chronic whole process down to the smallest detail. It's just people grooming each other in public arrest. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Instead, I suggested four six letters page of the SBA that the money be given to the winners to help start small businesses and hire new employees. Everyone in the SBA thought it was a great idea. If loans were for $ 25,000 each B only $ 100 would go a long way - a lot of new small businesses in each state controlled by the winners, recent graduates, valedictorians academic merit, you beta gamma sigma, etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The old mantra of community development to help the acorn and the poorest of the poor, and stuffing money into the holes in the state budget to avoid deficit is sort of the opposite of stimulation. It's more like emulation every failed policy that has gone before, or the ratification of all cash mousetrap wasting in different state budgets. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think, and please tell me why? Does the stimulus bill, as if it has been applied so far seems challenging to you? Or is it more like stuffed TARP money only dysfunctional banks, or TALF money only fills in toxic mortgage securities. Are STIM, TARP, TALF and giving each active U.S. taxpayer could expect to have in exchange for absolutely nothing, nada, zip, well, except for the Bank get to keep paying themselves seven-figure per year, and toxic mortgage secyritizers hook for bad behavior, and now with the governors failed STIM all rescued by his people toilet popular programs that are ridiculously dysfunctional (not want to be wrong with it, but it says right ridiculous). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you AGRRE or disagree? And please tell me why. Please do not include statements or ideas about how the rest of the stimulus bill can be spent in the future - such statements are 100% speculative - we'll deal with what we know - that's what really happened to far. Knowledge is power. Virtue is knowledge. Therefore, the power is power.
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Surveys that I do online can they just send me a check,instead of doing another survey to get the cash?0Ignatius2012-11-04 04:07:02
when I do these surveys and Anwer them the best I can , I wondered instead of making me do another survey for my money , I was wondering if I can send a check or money order instead of doing all this survey , if you know what I'm saying this right , but wondered if I need money for college or the loan is to pay off school , or do things that I can not answer .

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