Student Loan default that is now clear.?

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Well, 99-2000 went to college and got a student loan was only for a year and had a $ 5000, and 10 years of tax offsets (working for the family does not exactly help me pay the things go faster or ) Last month it was $ 1150, and my tax refund was set at $ 4,544 , the EITC and Child has helped me out a lot this year . So my tax offset once again , it was worth the rest of the student loan and I got a little over $ 3k again, yay for me!

Party hard , I go back to school (crazy huh ) to become a doctor , a first order of business is to be a nurse but can not even get student loans because of previous failure , my question is now that the offsets taxes have paid off the student loan , how long the default stay on my record , in terms of a new application for financial aid, if I were to apply now in other words , I refused , but now is paid?

PS: I have the intention to talk to my loan servicer in the morning as well , to let them know that the tax offset was held to pay the fees and collections on my account , so I can be back in the green in terms of student loans.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

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