How do I remove a late student loan payment from my credit report? related questions

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How do I remove a late student loan payment from my credit report?6rohit2012-09-06 20:46:03
Hello experts. Unfortunately, I just found out I have a very small student loan dark , which entered into repayment last month and I lost count. I switched addresses and somehow forgot to have them forward the loan to my new address : (So I checked my credit report and is there reported as an adverse account and says TransUnion says he will not retire until 06 / 2014 < br . > However, it seems I've heard of other people getting these things away from his report after paying the overdue amount . Is this something I'm imagining it, or it may actually pay the amount due and then have the error removed from my credit report ? Thank you very much for your help
I was four days late on my sallie mae student loan payment, will this go on my credit report?0New Endless Love,2012-11-04 11:07:02
I've never been even one day late on a single payment , and do not really want this to go on my credit report . My payment is due at the same time every month , and I was in the middle of moving and just completely forgot about it. When I logged online to pay even charge me a late fee . Should have paid more ?
How badly can a late loan payment affect your credit report?4parakeet2012-11-05 03:53:02
I graduated from college last May and since I got a good paying job last fall , I have been actively trying to build good credit . I got my first credit card a few months ago and have been paying all my bills and student loans on time and in full , no problems ... Until now . My mother takes me a letter to Sallie Mae that arrived last month , she apparently misplaced - that says I'm over 30 days late in paying the loan you just kicked in. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I paid immediately online , 56 days late . It kills me that this is going to affect my credit report (pay only $ 50 per month -argh ) when I have felt so above everything else. How bad will my credit be affected ? Is there anything I can do to mitigate the consequences of this?
Is there a way to have a late payment removed from my credit report?0Minnie2012-11-05 14:45:26
I have 2 payments to my lender that were 31 days late (30+ gets reported). I have tried talking to managers on the phone, writing a professional letter, and offering to guarantee that I refinance my loan with them when my interest rate fixed period ends in a year, and they simply refuse to help me. I am trying to get a home equity line of credit to do some home repairs, and I am finding it nealy impossible to do so with 2 recent mortgage lates. My LTV of over 90% doesn't help things, but if I could get those 2 lates removed, I'd qualify for loans that go up to 100% LTV. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to what I can do to try and get those lates removed, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you, in advance, very much for your time.
I paid a student loan bill 13 days late. Will that go on my credit report?3Jaimy2012-11-05 01:57:02
I thought I had already paid the bill until I got a phone call saying that AES was 11 days late . I immediately went online to pay electronically , but only accept payment from Monday to Friday , so we ended up being 13 days late ( I tried to pay a Saturday ) . I have never paid a bill late and my credit score is excellent, so I would not have a spot like this in my report. Will this end up on my report ? If so, I can have it removed somehow?
How can I remove a payday loan from my credit report?1guanaco2012-10-22 11:58:02
I know, I know it was the stupidest mistake of doing , but I needed the money at the time, basically what happened was I took out a couple paid well , then I lost my job and could not pay , then my account bank was discovered , downhill from there . Now I can check my credit report and they are in there, I thought it was illegal in some states ( I did my payday loans online ) , and was not able to report to the credit bureau . What should / must do , it does show that went through a collection agency to get what you put , I can doubt it ? Saying it is a payday loan ? Please let me know .
How to remove bad hits from a credit report?1maharaj2012-08-21 15:15:02
My partner has recently had great success in a few in your credit report , some were made by scam companies - companies that had no intention of giving a loan, but still check your credit report regardless . Also is there anywhere you can check your free credit report ? We are trying to get a loan for a new car and this has left us with nowhere to turn because no company will touch now with all these views in his report, and if it is very high amounts of interest! Is there any way to remove these shortcuts so you can get your good credit back ?
Who do I contact if I need to remove a creditor from my credit report?6ZneedHeLP2012-09-25 21:28:05
My mom and I have the same name and is something on my credit report that is really yours . I'm trying to refinance my car and I can not get the loan approved because one thing my mom . They said they can pay someone to fix it, but there is no way to contact the credit bureau report myself?
How do I remove a judgement from my credit report after a Chapter 7?3gggg2012-10-16 05:28:03
I was discharged in Chapter 7 January 2006 . MedlinePlus Before I was full, I had a car loan that was in collections . The car was in an accident ( friend was driving ) and was taken to a garage for repair . Long story short , the repairs never happened and I received a notice that the car had been " reposessed " . Soon after he received a warning citation regarding the unpaid debt . I filled chapter 7 and told my lawyer that would be taken care of . MedlinePlus The lender was included in the program of my D as a secured claim and under Article 5 as " Repossessions, foreclosures and returns ( because I did not have the car to " surrender " ) . MedlinePlus I just pulled my credit report and found two sections labeled " judgment" in my credit report . MedlinePlus My lawyer is not where you are. (phone number is disconnected and has no number 411 new for him ) . MedlinePlus My question is , can this judgment be removed from my credit report or I will be stuck with paying the $ 9000 + ?
How long does it take to remove derogatory(s) off your credit report after you paid them off?0Martavia2012-09-16 08:18:06
19 years I was trying to get a car loan for a nicer car im kept denying loans , even with a catch of 770 and 820 credit score and was also denied for credit cards , student cards , and large amounts of deposits when i I have my cell phone and internet . my bank told me I should get a credit report which I thought was stupid because I have not paid anything to get into the bad credit , but when he hurt my senior year was 18 and Medicaid do not cover , because I have not signed my mom . and only has 12 months to file a claim that had saved about $ 4,000 , which is the amount of 5 counts were so I called them all said if I pay within 24 hours to remove from my credit and if I will not 7 years in there , even if I did pay and , finally paid off and I did , I have made ​​an account worth $ 800 that I 'm going to fight . The big question is how long I have to wait until the derogatory ( s ) go off my credit report so you can get credit cards and a car loan , also who I can contact about how all my queries that were denied I have it about 20 or 30 cards refused and heard it looks bad if you're all on your own? PLEASE HELP , THANKS !
Is it possible to get a company to agree to remove negative remarks on my credit report?2Gail2012-10-26 16:56:03
There are 2 lenders that were behind on their payments to about 5 years while I was a student and unemployment . I can check my report regularly on mycreditkeeper and are the only 2 bad things in my report. I can make decent money now and never miss payments on anything. 1 is a student loan and the other is a car loan . What I can do?
If I was late on a few loan payments at my bank, did they put it on my credit report?4bobi2012-11-05 20:45:02
Okay, so I was out of work a few months and I found some late payments on a personal loan with my bank. I was not too bad later , never more than 2 months, and once called himself the house looking for money. If anyone out there know about these things , could you tell me if it affected my credit?

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