Linking data on Excel?

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I'm keeping a spreadsheet to keep track of who rents what the owner of a business (very small ) Rent ( came from my love of costumes and gathering I've accumulated over the years! .) I have created a data table with the description of the costume rental and the fee to be paid less .

For example :

Velvet Renaissance costume | 98 | $ 25
(name , SKU, the rental rate )

After a client list at the bottom with the appropriate information next to their names .

Is there any way I could link the data ?

For example :

I put in the name, SKU number link to the cell next to it in the data table , and have created a formula to refer to the rental rate for that item by customer name ? ( Argh , trying to explain this is difficult)

For example.

I write on behalf of John as my client. Then it hit me in the cell next door, "= (click on the cell with the SKU number ). " In the cell after that type appears , and then in the cell after the item description . So with a touch of the keyboard and click a pop -up would be like :

John | 98 | Renaissance velvet dress |? $ 25

Please help !
Answer1jordieAnswered at 2012-08-07 12:19:02
use the HLOOKUP function you can get this to refer to a cell when you select another
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