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Does using a forbearance on my student loans effect my military student loan repayment the same way as default?0Garnett2012-10-16 22:01:18
I 'm going to the U.S. Army and want to know my options for my loans . My father helped me pay and recently died . I signed up for the payment option of student loans through the army , so that after four years of all my loans will be paid , including PLUS loans (excluding interest) While approving the military deferment on loans in my name, on behalf of my mother , are not eligible for any further delay . Deferred payment loans DQ not paying student loans, but do not let them go into default . ? I can use the time allotted patience , or have patience , as default , DQ them Rebate Program ? Thank you.
Told I need a Default Clearance document, but not in default of any loan?0sharmeka2012-09-03 17:08:03
About 20 years ago ( literally ) , I attended a college for 1.5 years before transferring to another school and graduate. During the transfer , the guardians physically traveled to the esc . , Spoke w / Support dept . and they said that nothing should be . He married , bought houses , cars - there were no breaches . Then the SCH . decides to start sending notices of a debt .... ? ? ? ? ? My guards are over. I have no evidence of settlements / receipts . This sch . contacted me each w 4-5 yrs / this and other students said they had been abused as well . From your first contact w / me , so I have sent two letters drop dead . I have not heard from them for at least four years . Now , I'm taking my last undergraduate classes 4of4 necessary to enter a MAT program , and I receive this alert Help Off . I need a letter of authorization by default. This did not seem to last year when I applied .. ? As bacc postdoctoral however fin.aid unavailable. I applied this year . order to comply with the requirements for study work consideration . I called the 800 number to see if it appeared in the record for outstanding NPLs govt and said NO ( as I expected . ) What should I do ? ! ! ! Need work study now , but probably will fin.aid for masters program 2010-2011! HELP !
Why is my student loan still in default?0dieseldes2012-10-25 23:29:12
Recently, my federal tax return were taking to counter one of my student loans . I knew it was coming soon , so I was a little discouraged , but accepted the consequences . But trying to file my FAFSA now to return to school thinking everything was fine , still says my loan is in default . Now I am confused . I have really wanted to go back to school and need help to do so . Anything I can do to help my chances ? MedlinePlus Also asked me to work out a plan with them several times and no response in a positive way , literally insulted.
When are you in 'default' for a student loan?1Bryna2012-10-21 18:56:02
Hello. MedlinePlus I 'm in the middle of the transfer of a CC California at Cal Poly Pomona for the upcoming Spring 2012 Quarter . Most completed my courses I enrolled in a class of 4 Mathematics default that left me registered as " below the half-time" student. Fast forward to December, my first payment and I missed it , moved in the middle of those months and had trouble getting my mail. The next is due in just a few days , but with all the expenses associated with the transfer of my doubt it will be able to arrive on time . Moreover , reading the CPP financial help page states that in order to receive financial I can not be in arrears with earlier loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To summarize : MedlinePlus Will is a month late on a student loan , and perhaps a few days in the next, I do fall into default and lose all hope of financial support to Cal Poly Pomona ?
How to get student loan out of default?0MzJohnson2012-08-21 18:08:25
At first I had a direct loan , then I had a 3rd party pay direct loan , but was never able to pay to the third party , so that the loan was to people newyork higher education , and I was not able to pay , either , so when the loan went into default , nyhes sold my loan to another debt collector . MedlinePlus I recently started making voluntary payments b / c my taxes were decorated . This program 's payment the creditor wants to apply , but it will add collection costs and 18.5 % interest to the principal amount and then have the amount of new capital ! MedlinePlus I'm having to pay almost double what you borrowed , so if I keep doing voluntary payments , will my tax returns remain embargoed ? I'm not trying to buy anything , I wish my tax return ....
Student loan in default?0He Belongs With Me. :/2012-08-16 18:10:02
My husband has a student loan in default and your wages are garnished are . We have tried to contact the company holding the loan for tax reasons , but can not reach them. Can you consolidate your student loan while in arrears? I looked at your credit report and states that are not making payments. What should we do ? ?
How can I get out of a student loan default?0HARNOOR SINGH2012-10-27 07:36:17
This past weekend , I received a call regarding my son (direct if that matters ) loan. And I might add was quite rude . Anyway , long story short it seems I pay my loan lending company mentioned something about a "trial is going on " and that will take my income tax .. the thing is I'm only 4 payments behind. So my question is, I can just pay the payments that I'm back in fully at the same time and being caught and leave the default and not have my taxes taken ? Or can you leave the default at all? only serious answers please
Student Loan default that is now clear.?0Zith2012-08-16 22:27:31
Well, 99-2000 went to college and got a student loan was only for a year and had a $ 5000, and 10 years of tax offsets (working for the family does not exactly help me pay the things go faster or ) Last month it was $ 1150, and my tax refund was set at $ 4,544 , the EITC and Child has helped me out a lot this year . So my tax offset once again , it was worth the rest of the student loan and I got a little over $ 3k again, yay for me! Party hard , I go back to school (crazy huh ) to become a doctor , a first order of business is to be a nurse but can not even get student loans because of previous failure , my question is now that the offsets taxes have paid off the student loan , how long the default stay on my record , in terms of a new application for financial aid, if I were to apply now in other words , I refused , but now is paid? PS: I have the intention to talk to my loan servicer in the morning as well , to let them know that the tax offset was held to pay the fees and collections on my account , so I can be back in the green in terms of student loans. Anyone have any ideas on this?
Is is possible to consolidate a student loan if you already have one that is default?2Jia2012-09-09 00:34:03
It is possible to consolidate a student loan if you already have one that is by default?
Can you ever default on a federal student loan?0Horace2012-10-25 22:21:56
Ok , by default is not the right word - let me explain my question : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Say you graduate with a degree MedlinePlus Art And you can not find a job for 10 years after you graduate MedlinePlus Except maybe taco bell pay min wage . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can you ask the government to cancel your student loan at all? MedlinePlus Or do you keep for life - until the end of the world ?
Private Student Loan default?0Oliver2012-09-13 16:17:02
Please help ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My " PRIVATE SECURITY " through student loan is in default teri . It is only in my name not my wife . My question is , can they garnish your wages if I have a job for decorating ? And , can they take my house or car ?
Can I have a student loan consolidated if they are in default?0tanya bush2012-09-28 16:31:02
? I can have a consolidated student loan if they are in default?

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