My boyfriend offer me a loan to pay off my debts.He asked for repayment. Aren't couple suppose to share debts? related questions

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My boyfriend offer me a loan to pay off my debts.He asked for repayment. Aren't couple suppose to share debts?19dil dil P2012-08-23 18:04:22
I always feel a couple has to share everything .. good and bad .. In my case, would my credit card debt . It hurts when the other party is still calculating ... asking for a refund . I thought the interest-free, I still find it painful. I would have to help pay the debts together , if he is the only one in my shoes.
My boyfriend does not share his financial history with me or his current, yet he knows all my debts.?4Bacteria2012-10-13 18:31:02
He knows of my debts as I have been open with them when we started to date. He also knows that next month my students loan repayment begins , adding to its online banking. Why will not share your financial history or tell me about their accounts , when I'm more than open to it from mine.
If someone asked to borrow $200K for old debts, home, car, and business, etc, would you do it?7RNRH2012-11-03 17:35:02
As long as you hold the deed to the house , car titles , real property commercial and heavy equipment , and anything else that can be used to secure at least 75 % of the loan , do you consider credit regardless long as the company is solid plan and the idea is viable?
Are there any grants that will help to off credit card debts, payday loans,car payments and student loan debts?6Hazel2012-09-14 23:11:06
Are there scholarships that help credit card debt , payday loans , car payments and student loan debt ?
What is the statute of limitations on old debts... not trying to duck bills but nonsecured debts from ten yrs?1Rashaad2012-11-03 23:55:01
my husband is eight years older than me and was not responsible when I was younger ... I tried to pay it all back ... He bought a house and now things that were not in the report are garnishing our wages . I just need to know Utah statute of limitations on secured and unsecured loans
Need money for my debts with low repayment?0Fonzeworth2012-09-12 06:43:04
My name is navaneeth . Living in India [ Tamil Nadu - Chennai ] . I'm working on a concern for Rs 10,500. Mother Father and I have a sister . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My father had a business and falled in loss. We fall into debt over five years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As I have taken some loans that have been pre - approved my account . So Parents cleared all my debts and I married my sister and the rest of the money we paid to deposit each month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Until Jan / 2009 I paid. From February / 2009 not being able to run .. So I started to go to work part time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Still not able to recover because my debts are 28 Lakhs in Indian Money . Although I'm keeping all my debts to date private banks do not provinding for my recovery . I do not want to blame all banks have the right to ask. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's my mistake . There are more rich people to help. If you help me 28 Hundreds of thousands of Indian Money . I can pay Rs 5,000 every month until my age of 55. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The above words are really true . No lie in these words . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Helping to 28 Lakhs accept not easy with nothing . But I'm still waiting and I parying God to get out of debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will you help me ? Waiting for your reply MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your time and support. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus K navaneeth MedlinePlus 2, Sakthi Vinayakar Street , MedlinePlus Shakti Nagar , MedlinePlus Keelkattalai , Chennai - 600 117 MedlinePlus Tamil Nadu MedlinePlus MedlinePlus India MedlinePlus [email protected] Contact : 09841208508 / 04422472713
Can I repay student debts with credit cards and then discharge the credit card debts with bankruptcy?1Llolah`2012-10-15 04:06:02
Like many graduates , I'm up to my neck in student loans - $ 100,000 + to be exact . And I 've been unable to find a job at all ( no matter in my field , I'm looking for something I can get at this time ) . The problem is that there is absolutely no way I could afford to pay even the minimum monthly payments and be able to pay other costs of living . Of course , lenders do not care - they just want their money as quickly as possible MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I also always hear : "It's almost impossible to get student loans forgiven through bankruptcy." But I was thinking ... A graduate could pay their loans by maxing out credit cards and then turn to bankruptcy to pay credit card debt ? Could it work ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm desperate - these loans stay poor and dependent on others forever and I have to do something . I'd rather take a hit to my credit score from bankruptcy and build myself back up they have to pay 3 times what I borrowed because I have payment plans based on income and extended.
My boyfriend asked me to co-sign a car loan for him...?7trae2012-11-05 23:38:02
.... and frankly , I do not even go there . Especially since we are once more / again every two years. MedlinePlus I do not want to be stuck with a bad loan payment and if we split up again. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I say ?
Boyfriend hit me and asked for money?5Marney2012-10-06 14:00:03
Hello, Please serious advice only. This is a true story that just happened last Saturday. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To be bried, me and my boyfriend got into a fight and I was so angry and slapped me again very hard hit that was almost blacked out. Hit him again and told me many things about me that I reached an intense level, so I threw my bag in it and somehow hit him hard and cracked his two bottom teeth. He went to the dentist and pay $ 1,440 out of pocket after insurance. He came back and asked me to help pay for it. He knows I have no money and neither he, but he said please help him out. His mother was angry and told him to let me see the bill and tell me that they pay everything and then dump me (said). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Not to mention when I tested to see how much he cares and loves me, so I did a week before to help me with student loans $ 230 and he said he has no money and got into a fight too, and three days later I said, I will help pay for it, but I can pay? He took me to the mall and I never buy anything. Basically, he's always like that and never spend more than $ 50 in itself either. He and average income after taxes and mortgage and all that just left a few hundred per month. I do not ask you to buy me anything, but I wanted to see if he will be there for me when I need your financial support than emotionally. That's how I responded. And I thought if he expects me to pay off student loans helped me and asked why I help pay their dental bills instead of borrowing? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It was my fault that I started to slap first, but I was so angry. The fact was my boyfriend used to help an African girl who used to hide his love and marry her family and divorced a year later. Tax did everything together like a real marriage. It also has type 2 diabetes and currently owes $ 32k credit cards, auto and student loans. Next to it is not much. But I can not believe that a guy hit me again and I did before too. And I can not believe he asked me to pay for things and complained about spending money to take me to dinner and movies and money spent on gas driving to see me. Never pay attention to my school and rarely or almost never ask how it goes. I did not want to marry someone who only cares about themselve and he mentioned that he wanted to marry me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I gave him $ 100 and he took yesterday. He said he never ask me for help, but this time has a tight budget and really need my attention. Am I being used at that time for the money and then as his mom said after I dump? I feel very guilty about what I did to it cuz the dentist has to put two crowns on teeth. I can not change and will be permanent. That's the reason I helped because I did not feel well and I have to take responsibility for my own actions. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is not a healthy relationship as they look, but I really love it and it hurt a lot. I can not leave right now, but deep down I know that things will get worse if I chose to be with him again. And as for him, he will not change his frugal lifestyle and thinks too much about money. Been with him for a year, but rarely spoil me or liked me. In the end it is my boyfriend comes from divorced that even his family knows, a bad health status, and much of the debt, low income, attitude and of course cork Amercanize 90%. When you pay for the things that always used their cards and not carrying cash and using the calculator to calculate tips each time.
Me again,i asked if its possible my boyfriend could buy my house off me?0Lina2012-09-01 18:00:02
I bought it from the Department of
Student loan debts?0bronson2012-11-03 12:35:05
I was not able to continue with school after having a baby and part-time work was no longer possible . I can not pay my debt 30k in student loans . Is there any way they can offer forgiveness for that I have to pay ? Would it be wise to get a loan to cover the amount you owe in federal and private student loans and then file for bankruptcy ? Anyone out there know how I can get rid of this concern ? I have not been able to relax in over two years . Thank you.
How bad is student loan debts?0Mrs. Adams2012-09-23 03:10:02
ike what I want to go to college to get a degree in business management bachlors say four years and a bakery associates degree two years say how much is that? and how much would be paid weekly or monthly ? Would you be able to pay if I have a quick feraly paying job ?

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