What are some student loan consolidation companies for me to try? I have student loans I need to consolidate? related questions

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What are some student loan consolidation companies for me to try? I have student loans I need to consolidate?1Thales2012-08-19 16:19:02
My student loans are through Sallie Mae and they charge $ 100 for a forbearance of loans , so the need to consolidate with another company.
Who are the best companies to consolidate student loans through?1annonomus2012-09-10 05:50:02
Who are the best companies to consolidate student loans through ?
Why are so many companies trying to get me to consolidate my student loans with them?1:)help please2012-10-03 06:57:02
I am a little suspicous because I have received literally hundreds of letters from several companies that want to consolidate my student loans . Are they trying to make money from me? Do you really benefit from consolidation? Please help ! Thank you !
Anyone know of any good companies to consolidate student loans.?0Sandi2012-09-26 12:57:06
I'm going to do with the school in May and have nearly 70K in student loans . I have to find a company that has a low interest rate and will give me many years to pay this back! Anyone know where I can do this ? ?
What companies have people used to consolidate private student loans?1Brigham2012-09-29 23:39:03
I tried to CitiBank and are just a bunch of rude , @ $ $ holes that could not communicate . I was denied because " never got a letter never asked me " Winie exact quote from the Supervisor ( operator code No SE009 ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I'm looking for another company to consolidate with creditable . I see many of the big banks are pulling out of this practice . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So if you have consolidated let me know that you use and how happy I was with your service.
If I file a consolidation loan for three student loans is it legal for them to only consolidate one?0rose- Ms. sue2012-08-09 01:30:03
I submitted a student loan consolodation with large service providers Lagos for three different student loans . I was told I would receive an answer by the second month , I did , I sent an email asking what was going on and no response . Then I called and was bounced around and never received a return call . After four months passed I sent an email requesting to cancel all angry . Funny how the loan should be filed shortly thereafter, he was never contacted by the approval of this loan, not by mail or email. The funny thing is they only put through a loan .. Why the hell would I even have bothered ? Now my loan has been moved from one lender to the Great Lakes and my interest is 0.5 % higher .. Is this legal ? There is a man who talks to who is very rude and basically called me incompetent , though I'd like to know more but I can not tell me ..
Is it possible to consolidate both federal and private student loans into one consolidation, or do I have to?0maureen2012-10-06 09:05:46
them separately ?
When you consolidate student loans, can you add credit card debt into the consolidation?1cant tell2012-08-11 03:21:40
I will end soon with about 20 thousand in student loans. Also I have about 10k of credit card debt . Is there a way to group all together ?
Student Loan Consolidation Companies?0Devendra2012-10-01 17:34:03
I'm looking to consolidate my private student loans , alternative . I've consolidated my federal loans. Citibank and SallieMae Besides , what are some other loan companies ?
What are the best student loan consolidation companies right now?0selma2012-10-08 21:03:04
I have some of my student loans consolidated but have expired . Does anyone know of a good source to consolidate with ?
Are student loan consolidation companies legit.?0Frederi2012-10-26 09:50:47
Student loan consolidation are legit companies . ?
Can I defer payments AFTER I consolidate Federal Student Loans using Special Direct Consolidation?0imurhero2012-10-13 09:02:42
Tomorrow is the last day to consolidate the use of special direct consolidation plan . I was wondering if you can defer payment of newly consolidated loans after completing the consolidation process . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that the existing deferral continue if consolidated , but can be extended after the consolidation process ?

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