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Child support question - father owes arrears and got on welfare?5Corrina2012-09-26 20:05:04
The boy's father owes about $ 5k in arrears, was in court for contempt and paperwork then produces well to save his butt. Child support billing stopped completely and he can not enforce the court order. Now the child support agency is the application of the mother to make payments to social welfare agency . The mother is a full-time student is in school loans . How does this work if the parent is in default of $ 5k ?
My sons father keeps asking for more Child Support?0 ↘ Preschool -2012-09-22 03:44:02
My son is 10 . lives with his father . The two are married. I have always paid a certain percentage of my salary for him . I learned that since I'm earning less than before I have been paying too much . We do not have a warrant officer, but have always just followed the guidelines . Now I'm paying 35% more than it should be . He is always asking for more . He and his family have a house , nice cars and are always coming and mini vacation. They also have a baby of their own way . My husband and I live in a small apartment and struggling to make ends meet do not live frivolously . Also, never has offered to pick up or drop off our son . I have not done anything about it because he's an idiot and tell him the hardest things for me and then say that my husband and I to get a second job . My husband is the wage and often work late and could not work a second job job.I 30 hours a week and then go to school part time (going to school is temporarily postponed my $ 1200 student loan month) . Finally he said in an email please stop asking for more , stretch far we can go . I know he 'll come back with some reason that " deserve " more . The father of my son and his family are suffering financially and I feel bad saying no. Only I have some ideas on how to handle such a person , and also the ideas and support . Lives in IL and I just recently moved to Wisconsin from IL .
Childs father guilt tripping me about child support?12steveo2012-09-27 10:48:03
Me and my child's father get along, never married, but we just had a daughter together for 3 months and go to court tomorrow to discuss the visitation and child support . He'll get his 29% time ( for 2 nights a week ) and the calculations have to pay something like 14% of your gross income. However, he came last night in a row guilt tripping me about this. He brought all his bills ( car , rent , student loans, etc ) and showed how it will be $ 189 in the hole each month. Right now not paying rent b / c slaughtered and am living with my parents. Since he and I get along well as friends who asked if he could pay a fixed amount per month compared with 14% - that way it will not be in the hole. To do that I would have to say I was well on the court tomorrow , but I said I will not do that and we're stickin w / the percentage set by law. Do you think this was right ? I feel a little guilty ... he did a good job to make sure he would.
It is a shame when the father asks for child support money back?6some kid2012-10-27 21:07:06
This goes along with my previous questions ... the guilt I put on me , because he is broke because they spent all their money and borrowed from payday loan sites , day broke, etc , etc and he screams and screams into giving him money money handling . .. I'm still lucky enough to get money from it at all .. now seized of his salary ... who threatens suicide , running on the lam so if you do not give money ... I feel so bad because he always says " if I survive ," ie , if I did not give it to him right there and has to continue for another week without money ... MedlinePlus He got into this mess ... children do not have enough money to cover everything, never alone give it back to him ... this is reversed ... Relys He felt bad , etc. in order to remain your bank and transfer box ... MedlinePlus Has anyone else had to give money ? ?
My husband owes back child support and we can't get a car loan? How can get a auto car loan we pay now and bck?0Samanth2012-09-30 05:36:03
Current and arrears paid and have been for the past 5 years. We live in Texas and nobody will give as an auto loan because of a suggestion? ? ? Thank you !
My husband owes back child support and we can't get a car loan? How can get a auto car loan we pay now and bck?0Jukana2012-10-10 20:02:32
Current and arrears paid and have been for the past 5 years. We live in Texas and nobody will give as an auto loan because of a suggestion? ? ? Thank you !
Child Support and Married Now Expecting with Husband? How Will This Affect How They Configure Child Support?4osama2012-10-19 20:47:04
I have a son from a previous relationship and now I'm married to a great man and pregnant with my second child. Child support told me that once my new son born to bring the birth certificate so they can add it to my case to prove my income goes to my son of my former and the new baby and Mrs. I spoke told me that this would help me a lot. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a four-year degree, but can not find a decent job that is not min. salary, so my husband works and supports us all by now. Plus the cost of daycare and everything is expensive to do most jobs from unprofitable gas, childcare, etc.. I want to find a part time job either now start showing before or after having the baby and might know someone to watch the kids, but my only fear is how could they take into account what I paid for a Nanny in what I do, as it is more difficult to prove a number? Only one problem with this is the girl who can see my 4 children and nannies themselves are not as reliable as a nursery but none of the nurseries are open for me when wkends min. wage jobs want and need to work more went to school and can not make payments on student loans or anything like that with a min. wage job so for now I stay home. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They also say that I have childcare for my son I would have to pay full price, because my husband makes too much for us to qualify for daycare assistance most places, here are about $ 600/mo. and maybe get a discount for the second child at birth, so they say, for example, I paid $ 600 for my son and say, for example, $ 400 for second and my son did say $ 1500/mo. and took home $ 500 after childcare costs for 2 (only one example lol probably unrealistic). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So to say that it is legitimate just for the sake of example and only took home $ 500 and less after taxes, how this figure as my income for child support-not only what I have paid in the nursery my son with him and my new baby, but the nursery, both to reduce my total income? Trying to see how this would work more would have to pay for day care in this instance that's all I brought home after paying so much for kids? (Prob Daycare. Only my son, but not my other son I mean)? Has anyone else gone through this? My ex refuses to work despite living at home with his mother, said he had no license, but that's should now finally paying support and although I could not get privledges job but no car or transportation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He pays unemployment I have no idea how to get even as it has not worked since December in which I have a pay-at the time that the system should be running and just applied for a maintenance check A few months ago, said he was supposed to be downloaded from living with his mother and says he can not work from CS took his license, but the amount paid appears to be the same amount for now, so I'm confused. I'm sure you can somehow get transport to go to work to pay child support through JFS or something. I have transportation to pick me up and drop me off at school when my car was being repaired. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So that once the baby is born, does that trigger any adjustment in the amount especially if I start to work after having my baby and two children have to endure? I was told by the child support agency would have no income because both my son with the second son and divided that helps me a lot. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you all so much! :-)
Can my ex have child support reduced because our child is full time college student?1Herald2012-08-23 05:55:23
I live in New Jersey and our son 18 years old, is a college freshman and attend school out of state . My ex says that since the child be living at home only " 3" months a year to be able to pay a reduced amount of child support. I disagree with this because first, the child will be home to more than three months a year , plus you pay your monthly bill son car insurance and also co - signed loans for school freshmen year and sophmore year . Our son is 100 % trusted me for help. I provide a home and stable environment for our son . In addition , I am also doing monthly interest payment on the loan freshman . He pays nothing but support ( $ 147 wk ) . Our son is also covered by my insurance . I just got a move request in the mail today from him . Court date is scheduled for March 18, 2011 . Case will be heard in family court NJ . Also, very important , ka for 30 + years older than me. I make under 45k a year and in addition to child support , is the only income coming into the household .
Break up with child's father? What would you do?2tayloir2012-10-23 05:23:04
Here goes, sorry if this get long: MedlinePlus We've been together for 6 years and have a. 2 years of age (is 35 I am 31) We had planned to marry after he get your credit together and I finish school. It was a top-down relationship. We both love each other, but as the fight and just out of control. He is in a band and lately has not wanted me to go to concerts. It has also been very distant with his son .... well until we moved. They decided it was not working the way it was. Since then (it's been about a month), my son and I have seen "daddy" every day and then go home where I am staying for now. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Associate finished my studies when my son was 2 months old. The school has always been important to me and I've been trying to get back to my degree. My boyfriend (or ex) has not supported super and almost refused to see my son while I was in school. In fact, he has made it very difficult. He would not help in any way in the house or anything else. Now that is no longer there, decent home and kitchen for us most of the time were are there. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We moved to another state a year ago (where most of my family). For me to go back to school here, I have to re-take 4 classes (as it has been that long) and pay an extra $ 3,000 in tuition and books. This puts me behind a year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My family has pushed me back. My mother wants to pay everything for the move (1500 miles) and my sister has left me to stay with her until I can get a job for a couple of months when I'm saving for school, it will not be able to work during the hours of credit 16/4 semester. I'll have to pay for everything myself (including child care, which I get for free right now), My sister also gave me a place that teaches preschool less, but unless you can qualify for a scholarship for him, will cost $ 345 per month for part-time and I will pay out of pocket. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My ex wants us to stay. He offered to keep the cars we share, my son when needed, maintain a home if I can rent a ... so I basically have to live in student loans while in school and moving to is much higher in all costs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have to leave next week to arrive in time for a test session to start the program you want. It's down to the wire. The trailer is rented moving, storage unit reservation, ticket purchase my mother ..... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have the feeling in the pit of the stomach to take my child away from his father is horrible. I also know that if I ever succeed this could be my only chance. I have a support system in which it is, but I think I can make it work here. I do not want to lose my son's father. The two are in love, but you have to do work on ourselves. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus OK ... long enough. If you were in this position, what would you do. Please not too negative or derogatory statements ... that just shows his ignorance of the IMO.
Child support from LLC?0Neicey2012-09-11 22:50:06
I had a child support case and opend was paying $ 1,400 for two children . she is wkng calimed shw only part time . She agreed to close the case and work out of court . We did agree on wage income of $ 7.25 hr min . and pay their monthly $ 900. Now she is getting greedy and open the box for more $ ... I know she has more than $ 7.25 a hairdresser owns ( under the name of her ex-husband ) , has just received a new Tahoa almost Denali , rented a bigger house , just married . IDont MIND PAYING FOR KIDS ... Only you'd be stolen. I know most of your business is cash ... what to claim a min . amount of taxes ? I can get your book room / your documents subpenad car loan ? And I have an LLC 49/51 with my wife i I pay monthly and the rest goes to LLC . if I paid ( $ 1000 yr EX ) is that what used to calculate total $ 1,000 or half + $ 500.00 as they are 49/51 . MedlinePlus We just need answers I can find the REAL experianced or near income tax or car loans (which showes income right ? ) Is all. $ Earned LLC nor pay MYSELF just what support I can use to contact you if your help ? THANKS !
How much child support should you pay?1drea2012-09-17 22:50:03
My friend and I were having this discussion . The man involved makes 11.55 an hour and works 40 hours a week (which is 462 a week before taxes ) , which sometimes works overtime . He lives with his parents and does not have other accounts on your auto insurance ( $ 100/month ) and cell phone bill ( about $ 50 per month ) . So he is making 1848 a month before taxes . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Things I do not know if your situation , but if so here it is . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The girl is still in school and have student loan money and she works part time (500 per month ) . She has about 1500 accounts (775 rent , 400 car note , car insurance 125, 110, phone , cable 50, 100 electricity) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In case you have to pay a percentage of your check or give a certain amount each month ? If she gets in child support , how much would you pay?
Should I get child support from him?2katt2012-11-02 16:31:02
My husband and I are separated physically. It was a mutual decision to rent an apartment . If we divorced , I would have the house , two cars and furniture basically just take your clothes and personal belongings . Also pay for her two student loans ($ 600) , both of which I am a co-signer . MedlinePlus I did not ask money for the kids , because after the loan payments and rent it basically has no money . I am a professional in the medical field and when we're together I paid most of the bills , provided insurance for our 2 children , 2 and 6 , who supported the family . I do a little more than 100,000 per year . He is a taxi driver now and probably makes 20,000 or less per year ... probably much less . Should I stop paying student loans and not bother with child support ? He has children three days a week in the mornings to work , and work at night. The children live with me .

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