How do I stop regretting past mistakes with money? related questions

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How do I stop regretting past mistakes with money?1Jo Jo2012-09-02 00:58:02
Over the years I made ​​a lot of silly mistakes with money - money loan student loan did not need to borrow , getting deep into credit card debt , and usually do not live within my means . Now , I have made much progress over the past 3 years , I have to say. I paid all my credit card accounts (27,000 dollars on a 18% interest ! ) And I have paid a lot of student loans. At my current rate of depreciation , I'll be completely debt free in November next year (2011). But I can not help but feel bad that I did not get my financial life in order before . Why not make a budget and live within my means ? Why I always borrow the maximum amount provided for student loans ? Why I can not resist buying unnecessary things , so I met with my credit card balances so high? All this money I'm paying again, could have been made in saving ... instead of my money goes to the bankers who benefit from my stupidity. I wish I had been more careful with money. How I can forgive myself for these mistakes?
Any way to fix past mistakes and move on? serious answers only please!?1Gary.L2012-10-23 17:00:01
I made a big mess of my life by making mistakes that really could afford at the time. I had a great job to make enough money so I could afford my own apartment and a new car. Life was great for about 2 years, all my payments were on time, and I had a little extra money so I could go out with friends on weekends. I met a guy and moved in, and everything went down the tubes. My boss fired me and did not give me an explanation ("something has to change and we believe it's you", whatever that is), and I found another job immediately, but only do half of what I was doing when I was fired. All this time, I was still paying all the bills for the apartment and car, even when I had a roommate full time because I did not contribute a dime for the first 5 months he lived with me. I used all the savings and started borrowing money from family and friends until all cut me (reasonably say that because someone else living there, should not have to rescue me and I tend to agree). so at this point, I'm about 2 months behind on my credit cards and car payments, and my brain broke and I told my boyfriend I had to start to help with expenses. and at that time, began to "help" with approximately one quarter of the accounts of the room (I never expected to help with the car or credit cards, but I feel I should have had to help with half the bills for housing, especially since their children were there on weekends too). I totally just plain stupid started ignoring the harassing calls from creditors and collection agencies (hey, I could not pay my bills just to live, sleep and eat much less give anything to creditors, and refused to work with me the first few times it is called). I gave the car for 2 years that I adored because creditors said they had reported it stolen (I do not even know if you can do that, I was 2 months behind on payments). also adding to the misery, had signed a loan for my brother to get a truck, which also failed and gave up. So far, I have $ 20,000 in debt and have no way to pay it back (at least not in the immediate future). I have a job, earning less than $ 400 a week, with no possibility of overtime and / or income. last October, was very depressed and got behind the wheel of a car drunk, was arrested and charged with a DWI. so now I have to pay rent, fines and surcharges, my car insurance went through the roof, and my phone bill. at the end of the month, I am left with about $ 50, $ 100 if I have luck. I talked to a credit counselor to try to get debts under control, and she informed me that my only option is bankruptcy. I agreed with the bankruptcy whole thing (and believe me, I'm not very happy about it), but the biggest problem I'm facing now is trying to come up with the money to file for bankruptcy. Lenders are becoming more aggressive, have been sued at least twice, and threatening arrest warrants and garnish my wages. I can not afford what I'm living now! If garnish my wages, I will not be able to pay for something (most likely fines and / or charges) and all this is going to become an even bigger mess. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm at the point where I get all my mistakes, realize that I have to pay for them. But I'm also at the point where I'm very close to suicide. I can not eat, I can not sleep and I can not concentrate on anything. I'm sorry for the situation I created for myself, but I do not know how to fix it. I do not even know where to start. I stopped drinking almost 6 months after realizing what had cost me. Is it too late? Am I doomed to be a mess of my life? It seems that this situation is not any better, it just gradually getting worse, to the point of just giving altogether. MedlinePlus This feels completely lost. Nobody has any advice for me. everyone just says "it sucks". Well, no kidding! I hate to sound so superficial, as the money is all that matters to me. Not only care about money (in fact, I hate it). The fact of the matter is that all my life feels lost, as if nothing ever recover from this. I hate not being more self-sufficient, and I feel I will never be able to take care of myself again. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there anyone out there that has any advice for me? Steps you can take to improve the situation? Or possible jobs you could take to try to make some extra money so you can take care of it with a less than stellar history? I just need some help and this is my last resort. I really do not know what else to do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And for anyone with sarcastic comments, IE: you are on the Internet (So you should have $ right not, I use my computer at work), made his bed, bla, bla, bla, please keep the comments to yourself. the purpose of my post is a desperate attempt to try to get some help and not waste any more of my esteem, if they left. MedlinePlus Thanks
Is it possible for me to obtain further education after these past mistakes?0Franklin2012-10-19 18:30:07
I'll post a TLDR at the end, I started writing and could not stop MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since I realized I was gay when I was 12 I hated, causing a lot of mistakes in my life. My main problem is that usually will do everything I can to avoid having to deal with a problem. When I had to get a completed form to apply for my learner drivers license and I noticed the test day I forgot that I lied to my parents saying that happened, which ended with me driving without a license and get caught and lose all confidence my parents. Throughout high school, he began to avoid people as much as I could because I hated having to pretend to be happy, I was skipping classes a lot. I graduated from the skin of my teeth (it has a compulsory grade 12 credits while attending 5 classes I think it's because the teacher did not want to have to deal with me again), but then cut myself and thoughts of suicide (which were unknown to my family, so it's my fault not theirs). My parents do not trust me to cosign a loan and told me that if I worked full time for a year would sign for me next year. I followed the terrible job of being a manager of McDonald I had since I was 14, but knowing all my friends were moving into the rest of their lives, while my parents basically forced me to give up a year of my life was making me more and more depressed. I often asked myself what it would take to make me happy and not be able to get an answer. Finally I decided to wait until the summer, apply to the University through the distance for the first year and if I had to kill myself. My grades were horrible in the last two years of high school for most courses, so I do not think there was anyway I get in my ride very easily as needed courses are courses I was good (I got a 88 in the 12th grade pre-calculus is only 2 days a week), but then I fear that I would do this, get dream job of being a computer programmer and still want to kill me . I just got sick to my first day of school, but I'm pretty sure I just mentally ill, because they always find a way to stop me from being happy. Then I become afraid I'm already behind and I wonder what's the point of going is if I could kill me any day. So you end up never go again, everyone all the time he was lying. The school sends me letters and emails asking me to leave the course, but I can not be bothered, because nothing seems important anymore. So a year later my transcripts has 10 F and I had not paid any of my studies (which I had to save money to pay all the money since I was 14. I go to college with my cousin to I can keep lying and decide I just blew through all my money trying to have fun as much as possible (which is just playing online games and pretending problems do not exist in the real world) until it ran out of money and had to face reality at which I kill. confessed to my cousin, because he wanted to make sure she did not believe that my death was his fault my sure everything would be fine, but my understanding was that she did not want to talk about this, probably because I was doing my best to not talk about it. Shortly after that I decided that it plans to kill me was a horrible idea, I just do it right and be done with it or work towards fixing all errors I've made in life and move on from there. now I have my full drivers license and next year I will have 0 demerits and be back on track for my license. I managed to save enough money to pay my cell phone bill when I was 16 and decided I did not want people constantly trying to talk to me and just this week approved for a credit card secured, to start rebuilding your credit. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now comes the important part, I asked college two years ago and registered for one year of school, never goes to anyone or dropping. I've seen my record and know I have 9 F'st and have never paid my dues. It's been almost two years and not on my credit report, but I have very afraid to call and ask, since I have a way to pay right now. Is there any possibility of the withdrawal of the charges or why they have not tried to contact me from the delivery date for the second half finished and therefore not on my credit report? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I still want to continue my education today so you can do more than the minimum wage + tips, but I'm not going to college in Canada, or even to another country is an option for me. Will my college transcript affect me being able to get into college? If I can continue my education in Canada, could move to the states for more education or monitors can go?
I need money fast i have bad credit from when i was 18 made mistakes no bank account cant get a loan cant find?0Dally2012-10-06 13:26:46
I need money fast I have bad credit from when I was 18 mistakes I can not get a bank loan cant find a job and Wits End 'm willing to do almost anyhing what do I do.
Help,i wrote this letter to bank explaining my tough battle with money situation.Please correct my mistakes?2mohib2012-09-12 03:41:06
(My situation is that I had two jobs, one in the store retail with a commission, another is a bartender.With the ongoing recession, I fired my bar, second job at the store with retail commission sales is terrible .. coz just MedlinePlus My interest rate of the mortgage is 6%, and I would ask the bank to lower interest rate. Because monthly i pay over $ 2500, and been fighting for almost no savings, and the reasons given above I've been paying partial payments of utility bills, but they have been good to my bank with mortgage payments and always paid on time, in fact, when my mortgage contract started i used to pay $ 200 more, then the usual pay, just to stay ahead of my mortgage payment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the body of the letter he wrote please correct me if there is something wrong or help me reiterate my prayers, THANK YOU. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am writing this letter to explain the unfortunate set of circumstances that have made me become almost delinquent on my mortgage. I've done everything in my power to make ends meet, but unfortunately I have fallen short and would like you to consider working with me to lower the current interest rate on my loan that I have found in the loss of most of my savings.My main goal is to keep my house where I support my sister and my parents who support me at home in Puerto Rico. The purpose of this letter is to request your kind assistance to help me get through a period of temporary financial difficulties. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been working two jobs to pay my bills, one in the bar, and the second store in the retail of great support to the commission. After being fired from the bar since January 2009, and lost almost half of my commission in another job due to bad market, my income has been reduced significantly, even forced me to give up my car last week. Shortly after losing almost all my savings for now, I fell more and more behind my utility payments which have been making partial payments since February 2009. MedlinePlus I even tried to sell the house, but the price has dropped considerably. MedlinePlus Now,
How do I overcome regretting my college decision(s)?0safa2012-10-27 12:39:35
I go / went to a private university more or less in the middle of nowhere. I'm a senior and am about to graduate in May. However, I can not regret my decision at school, and my decision not to transfer (after visiting others at school, I felt I would have been much better in a city). I have always believed that the transfer would be the equivalent of smoking cessation, a failure in my eyes. (I'm in an institution very well at the moment.)'m Very fortunate to have the financial support and the help of my parents, but also has large loans to respond later. But that's not the real source of my regret. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Two years after I started at my university, my brother was accepted and joined me at the same school. Last fall, he left after being there for a week. (It would have been a sophomore.) I know that he sees it as a failure, and I too, but that's part of the problem. He dropped out and I was lucky to get into a school closer to our home for spring, but ultimately it was decided that it was unable to do. Because of pride or my own internalized sensitivity could not even imagine the transfer, let alone leaving no plan. However, he is happy for him, and I can not stop being jealous of him. I can not but regret that I did not make the same decision. I can not but regret that I lost four years of my life is miserable and "toughing out" ... but why? Thousands in loans, no friends, no social connections, no idea what I want from my life. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Everyone acts like college is the best time of his life, however, look back and regret so many poor decisions that I'm not even sure I learn. How I can stop being jealous of my brother and everyone else who loved college? How I can learn not to regret the decisions I've made and just live with them? I know I can not change now, but I think it is not enough just to say, "Oh well, is that in the past can not be changed just live with it."
I am regretting my choice of college courses but is it too late?0meghann2012-09-13 13:13:04
I have only one more year of college, but I recently discovered that I have some talent in the chosen course , video game design . I can not quit now , because I've come this far and if I , my student loan becomes due immediately, while I will have six months after graduation . When I started this course , I was excited about it , but I have since discovered that I am not good at almost anything . He hoped that by sticking out , I'd find something that was good . Character design , animation, modeling support , textures / lighting , level design or something, but I've been terrible at all . I wanted to go to culinary school but I chose this course because I could do it online . Now I wonder if I can ever go to culinary school because I'm pretty sure it will not be able to get another student loan. Even interior decoration would be better than this
If one has to pay back a loan of US$9678, but he has bad credit in the past (no bank borrow money) what to do?0mkcolema2012-08-29 00:39:06
You have to make your company to careless mistakes stolen money inside a car . His boss and make do charge interest on the additional loan of more than 15% . Savings have not much and you can not borrow from the bank loan and having bad credit due to neglect to pay attorney's fees in the past. How to get money or get confidence ?
Where can i get a loan for 4 thousand dollars with a past bad credit history,? I do make good money now.?1sheila mae2012-10-21 00:36:03
Here's the deal . I lost my job last year due to downsizing. Get a good job right after , but due to the building of the new company that hired me was stuck with the opening of three months. Because of this I got behind on my car loan , but now I have started work at good wages , but I'm still having a little catch up and get $ 4,000 to repay a loan from a friend who needed to other emergency bills (eg , rent, food and utilities for my children ) . MedlinePlus I tried American General but was told it takes a couple of months of being up to appear on the credit report . But I have a couple of months ! I do not want to upset I pay her back . I am so grateful for this work , but where I can find a place that you will see from my paychecks I'm good at it . I have no debt other than the 11,000 car loan and the loan of it . Please help thanks soo much for your ideas!
How can i stop them taking money from my account?0MITCH2012-11-06 04:01:02
Hi i stupidly got a payday loan with the moneyshop last year and i have been paying off the intrest each month as i cant make the full payment , i have contacted them a few times and they will not put me on a payment plan , I have cancelled all the cheques and my debit card for which they have an inprint, But when my new card arrives it will still have the same sort code and account number can they still get money from my account??? some advise please as i am very worried thanks
My sister is always asking to borrow money. How can I tell her to stop?5Brien2012-10-20 20:33:57
My sister is 24 years old , working in a minimum wage job in a beauty salon , and is currently dating a guy my age (28) who is unemployed . My sister has been evicted from every apartment I've ever lived in it because you can not pay the rent. She constantly texts me and my father to borrow money . Always running out of gas for your car , and you need someone to pick it up. She can not manage their money. She thinks she can live off their student loan checks university . Every time you get paid , she texts me asking for big money . Then he says : " If you loan me ten dollars, I'll pay you back twenty when I get paid , " When she gets paid , she goes to the store and buy a bunch of useless stuff . A few days later , she has to return the items you bought for her to have gas money for work . The Wal-Mart in my town ( its small ) has banned her and her husband to return from the elements, as they had realized what she is doing . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm sick of it . She is 24. She should be resolved by now . I have visions of her being 30 and living in my parents' house . I'm sick of her constantly borrowing money . I'm tired of rescue out when she was evicted from their homes . I know she 's my sister , but I've had! What I can tell you politely to "grow up " .
At what point do you stop helping with money?7Vol2012-10-27 02:51:02
My boyfriend has been struggling financially for more than a year after the company reduced overtime . I 've borrowed money and even when I was fired from my job continued to pay the rent of my savings . The only time I got scared and went through my cell phone was when I thought I was going out. I 'm constantly borrowing money for gas and cigarettes . Work a second job free throws and gone all day and into the night ( until midnight or later ) . They eat a lot of fast food and beer always has . Never date. I've never been to dinner or the movies , even . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This morning , I was crazy since he did not call or goodnight and went at 3 PM . He says he fell asleep in his work . I went to work and called to complain that I did not say goodbye . He then proceeded to tell me that he did not know how I would go to work and that is gasoline . I feel like I'm being fully utilized. And the only reason they wanted me to say goodbye was to hit me up cash. What would you do ?

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