How do I stop regretting past mistakes with money?

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Jo Jo
Asked at 2012-08-15 17:59:04
Over the years I made ​​a lot of silly mistakes with money - money loan student loan did not need to borrow , getting deep into credit card debt , and usually do not live within my means . Now , I have made much progress over the past 3 years , I have to say. I paid all my credit card accounts (27,000 dollars on a 18% interest ! ) And I have paid a lot of student loans. At my current rate of depreciation , I'll be completely debt free in November next year (2011). But I can not help but feel bad that I did not get my financial life in order before . Why not make a budget and live within my means ? Why I always borrow the maximum amount provided for student loans ? Why I can not resist buying unnecessary things , so I met with my credit card balances so high? All this money I'm paying again, could have been made in saving ... instead of my money goes to the bankers who benefit from my stupidity. I wish I had been more careful with money. How I can forgive myself for these mistakes?
Answer1JYDAnswered at 2012-09-02 00:58:02
You did not know better and now it does. Be glad you learned your lesson now and not in 10 years. Most of us have made stupid mistakes with money . You are on the right track , but now , and should be proud of yourself . Good for you to work on paying off all your debts !
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