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Is this person at the point in life where she's ready to be trying to have a baby?2ishi2012-08-27 03:11:02
Women in their late 20s. He holds a BA from 4-5 years ago. I was working in business administration, were dismissed last year, meanwhile, has worked temporary jobs as a waitress and manager work together to return to school to get certified to teach high school science and mathematics. She conducts classes in December, you start teaching in January and will be fully certified in your state in May 2010. When not in class or waitress, she volunteers at a kindergarten ... think the daycare she does to prepare for teaching (even though she certification for high school, not early childhood education), but in reality she does to prepare for motherhood. Their jobs as a waitress part-time 2 dont have health benefits, but she has health insurance Blue Cross pays for itself. Health: deadly concerned about their fertility. Recurrent miscarriages in her family, and she has had some of his own years of several years. Mother reached early menopause at age 40. She also has an extremely high risk of cancer in your family (mother died of it), especially cervical and breast cancer. Before emptying their savings to pay for graduate school, spent a mint on the diagnostic tests in a fertility clinic to make sure it's okay to have children after their 2 previous miscarriages. Otherwise, it is healthy except for the high cancer risks. Finance: We currently do not have much money, but she has no debt, but $ 7K in loans from undergraduate college years, currently deferred since returning to school. She has not received a single loan for graduate school, however, since a) hates debt and b) does not meet the requirements of a large part due to the pre-layoff income last year + that no dependents or equity in your name. The bad thing about it is that Thomas is injected through your savings to pay for graduate school with cash. Last year paid your car loan early. She manages his money very frugally. Your credit score is in the 700 half-height, it is never late on a bill. To save money while in school and foster their relationship with luck, she lives with her boyfriend. Lifestyle: She had her fair share of match days and "play the field", but she settled and conservative ... now wants to settle down, marry and get pregnant as soon as possible, more than anything in the world. She does not smoke, do drugs, drink (except for a single glass of wine on rare occasions w / the groom), or the party. She is very loyal to her boyfriend. Her hobbies include cooking, home decorating for the holidays, volunteering with children, playing with their pets, and obsessed with everything related to pregnancy. She is unhappy with his lack of children or career at this point, feel you have been waiting too long, and its biggest downfall is that going to complain about this to his close friends too. Family: His family relationships are rocky at times. Her mother died, she talks with her dad on occasion, but it is often like a black sheep outcasted by her brothers & her mother's side of the family (including his grandmother, aunt and cousins). His father's side of the family likes his Thomas and has a good relationship with his uncle. His family + relatives live within an hour of it. She is not married but has a live in boyfriend she has been with 2 years. Bf is the moral 40, traditional, has a stable career in the field of science, makes decent income, own a 3bd house in a nice neighborhood. Bf is a type well and his family especially his father loves him very much. Bf thinks it is the duty of man to support his wife and children and a mother # 1 job should be to care for children ... This is in complete agreement with their values ​​and ideals. Only concern is that the groom is very slow with the proposal and upset when asked about babies and marriage, claiming she is "very persistent" even though she (and friends) do not think she is much. Bf has no children, never been married before, but was hired at age 25, but ended very badly for what is perhaps tired of it and that is why it is slow moving in relationships now (idk maybe?) . It's a girl ready for a baby?
When do you know you're ready for a baby?1jemimah2012-11-06 01:56:02
My husband and I are childhood sweethearts , married for three years , with about 8. We are absolute best friends . We have both graduated from college , he is in law enforcement and I am a registered nurse , so we have great jobs . We just bought our first house . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm going back to school for some graduate classes , but I'm starting to consider the idea of having a child . We have all our debts paid off by October ( except mortgage, of course ) - no car payments , credit card payments , student loans no .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I keep going back and forth in my mind about whether we are ready or not . I know some people say you re never really ready, but I think we have a strong marriage and a wonderful home we were able to welcome a baby in MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus One of our problems is that the two night shifts and really enjoy it. I wonder how it would go w / raising a baby , child care , etc ... Not many nurseries are open 24/7 ! At the same time , every time I think about becoming a mother and all that it entails , scared me a little! I know my husband is going to be a great father , but how do we know when is a good time ?
My girlfriend wants to have a baby but i'm not ready, what to do?2dhaeigd2012-10-20 23:45:03
I have 24 years and she is 30 years old and have been together for four years . She recently unemployed (only for a week and have been looking every day for work ) and I have a good job making good money . I too am in school again and I have already told him that I would wait at least until the end of this degree before starting a family . But she insists on wanting a family because of his age . And although that is unemployed at the moment, she says that if she got pregnant now, on-time delivery have turned a job and everything would be fine , but I 'm not that kind of thinker .. I am a saver and planner ... In addition , we are renting an apartment and do not own a home , I also imagined owning a house before starting a family . Now , it feels like the right time . MedlinePlus I explained that it would be selfish of us to live a life in this world right now , and that's not the "right " time ... She has threatened me before leaving so he could have his family , because he wants one now , or she says "is always their way or no" , and that's not the case , I feel like it's more realistic to expect, and not to mention get some student loans paid a bit , and my car will be paid within 2 years and my credit card .. ? I can get some advice , or at least an outside perspective ?
Are we financially ready for a baby?1Sherylin2012-09-07 05:00:03
Hi all, I have 25 years and my boyfriend is 24. We make a combined income of just over $ 100K. Currently , rent, spending about $ 1000/month and are covered by insurance in our respective businesses. We have little in savings and almost live from paycheck to paycheck. My boyfriend has a student loan debt in the range of $ 40,000. We both have car payments at about $ 17K each. I realize this does not give an actual jump point for answering my question, but I feel we are probably similar to the average American family , if I had to guess. Now it is true , we are not married ... and plan to be in the coming years. By the way, is not planning a baby yet , but I'd get an idea of ​​what people thought they were ready to , in terms of being prepared financially --- and realize that they were good against evil , if so . I would love any and all thoughts, comments, suggestions ... thanks !
My husband is ready to have a baby but I'm not.?1Rhondia2012-09-22 00:24:03
Ok .. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half .. and he says he's ready to have children . I do not think I am. I think I'm emotionally ready , but I feel like I should pay off student loans and my car before assuming the cost of a baby . And that's just a huge leap of responsibility. I know he says he's ready to take it .. but is it really? He loves children .. but I mean if I ask to let the dog out , sighs and moans . But in the meantime .. he does not understand where I'm coming from .. I do not know what to do .
How do you KNOW you're financially ready for a baby?2janvert2012-10-16 00:05:03
My boyfriend and I are getting married in three months and have been together for 8 years ( school sweethearts ) . We have traveled the world , enjoyed our time alone , and have been living together for three years . We feel we have achieved everything that a couple wants to accomplish before starting a family, and both want to have children soon after they married . What I would like to know is how you can really know that you can help a child ... read all these articles about how expensive kids are not exactly helping. MedlinePlus Our combined income is about $ 120,000 and we are 25 and 26 years old ... I have a 401K ( does not) and have $ 20K in student loan debt and a car loan of $ 15K , and some credit cards to pay here and there. All our loans are very low interest , so we are not trying to completely settle beforehand. We have a lot of savings , but can easily save if we try. How can a baby really cost the first year ? ( I like to keep my job and get paid for leaving unemployment disregard it.) MedlinePlus Thanks for your response !
What will make me more "ready" and prepared to have a baby?3mikeM2012-11-06 06:35:02
I'm in my 20s and I want to start having children before I'm in my 30s. (Especially because my mom had a lot of complications in pregnancy by their mid 30s, and reached early menopause at 39 or 40!) Was angry when people said he was "not ready" and "getting a abortion "when she was pregnant two years ago. The reason I was angry because I was being a responsible person frugal but people have not seen me to be "good enough" in becomming a mom like another "waiting" my people aged approx. When I had an abortion, it hurts me that I was not able to "meet" my baby and also able to show what they really felt it. Since then I have worked my butt to be more prepared than ever for next time hopefully become pregnant. This is what I've done so far: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Having an HMO insurance plan with maternity coverage MedlinePlus - You have an office job full-time part-time work MedlinePlus second extra money - Keeping up with my bills, and paid the debt and loans from several years earlier MedlinePlus - Having a college degree (well, actually it ended even before my miscarriage in 06) MedlinePlus - I'm conservative with expenses - for example, public transport despite having more than one car running, my electric bill rarely exceeds $ 25/month, I buy the bargain rack at Value City, etc. MedlinePlus - I read in the pregnancy books and forums all the time so I'd like to know what to expect MedlinePlus - I've designed a budget for expenses of pregnancy first year of the baby, and factor that into my current income MedlinePlus - I'm kind to children and unlike everyone else on the bus, I do not care if babies on the bus or the train begins to mourn. I continue to smile sweetly at them. MedlinePlus - I am a law abiding citizen who does good to others. I will not be arrested anytime soon! MedlinePlus - Speaking of ... I do not do any illegal drugs and drink only rarely. I do not smoke. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh, but apparently Axy STILL does not think I'm "ready" for a baby: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
I want a baby but I'm afraid I'm not financially ready?2Ena2012-10-15 03:52:02
I am a woman of 25 years and one housewife . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have been happily married for six years . Both my husband and I are graduating college in 2009 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I decided to quit my job this year to focus on my dream of being a mother and housewife big. It has always been my biggest dream and is a housewife. I know I'm not ambitious person or a career , but I'm happy with the life I have created with my husband . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband has high income , but yet we have paid about $ 120/month to save . We have student loans , rent, insurance, etc. and MedlinePlus Is that enough ? I do not think I ever been financially secure at all, because there is always the problem of money in the future as the car broke down , knee surgery , and so on MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband and I really want a child , and hope for 6 years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We have great family who are willing to support and help , especially my mother and my mother . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How do you know when you're ready to have a child , even about money ?
How do I reach this point in my life?1Tadeo2012-11-01 20:28:01
Ok so here's MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you feel you have to give me an answer difficult or feel this makes no sense, please do not bother answering.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went to high school graduated in 2005, fourth in 4.0GPA MedlinePlus my classes? MedlinePlus I went to college and I ended up having to leave / abandon because my father died and I could not afford to return. $ 52,000 is a lot of money and I lost my financial aid because I was on financial aid probation because of missing school for medical reasons. I have hyperthyroidism and Graves disease.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I tried online school and vocational schools and did not work. If it was stress or just not wanted at the time, did not work. ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then I was out for a year then tried to return to a vocational school. I was put off by not having financial support and no money to the offer and said I could not go anymore / again.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I job search and applies to all parts: fast food places, department stores, grocery stores, businesses, everywhere. I ignored it and even when I introduced myself again I have still ignored. I have two Nobody is. No, because first the position was filled by someone else. It was second because they have reliable transportation and still do not. A few places I was rejected for not having experience as a waitress or as an office worker.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So now I owe my student loan debt and schools. Everything is basically in default. And I'm not trying to avoid it but the job market is horrible where I live. I tried indulgences for doubtful debts, and economic hardship deferments and I only get a month or two and increase my interest rate more.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Today I would like to have my own place and job. Because I know that I can survive on my own. My family always told me to call if my parents died never would take care of me and deny me (my parents had in the late 40s and now my mother is recovering from brain surgery and disability). They sorta did when my father died. However, if my mom died, probably lose the house and everything else to student loan debt, bills and anything else and I would be there if you know what I mean.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently I live with my mom, that's not a problem, but I want my own place and a job because I want to be a single mother who works one day in the near future.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'll be 25 soon and I have no plans to return to school, I can not really get more financial aid and pocket is too expensive.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that to get an education is important. However, if I went back to school now I would have to start over from the beginning. I think it's too stressful and a waste of money. Besides, if I went back, I doubt a place would hire a 40 years old something with or without children, or taking into account the children's thinking preclude the possibility of hiring a 20-odd years.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's like picking colleges, a Fortune 500 conglomerate want the child who graduated from Harvard, Princeton or Yale oppose a community college graduate? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway I still fill out and put in job applications. I even tried to work online and have not gotten too far away from everything.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So tell me, how I can get them to live happily, with a job and "ready" to have a baby? I'm not looking to get married and I'd rather not make this a significant option. I believe in it to some extent. However I have not had much luck in that department. I do not see it as a worthwhile investment right now. ? That's a personal opinion.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are there online job I can do or places that do not require hiring education or experience? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have looked in the newspaper and found nothing. I even looked at the nurse and cleaning but families are too far (like 2 + hours) and require potential prospects to have a degree in something and 3-10 years experience.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I even looked at the existence of a surrogate mother and egg donation but do not qualify. MedlinePlus Tried selling things online college and was always "lost" in the mail or "never received" and no profit.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I guess my question is: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the best approach, taking into account the above information, to reach my goal of being a single mother working? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm not asking for a pity party or complain. Just ask for help or if someone's been in this situation how do you do.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or should I wait for a chance and go from there? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I apologize for jumping on this and you understand what I was trying to say.? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your help, though!
I'm 22 years old and feel like I'm ready for a mid life crisis :(?0Jodan2012-11-05 04:19:18
I have been working for my dad for 4 years now, we are in the mortgage and real estate business, I took a few months off earlier this year because we switched companies and things were slow so I worked a part time job then. I go to community college part time, but now that I have been back working for my dad again the mortgage business is not the same as it was, lenders are closing left and right and it's harder to approve someone for a mortgage. I work on 100% commission and am starting to reconsider doing loans for my career, I did GREAT the past few years because anyone and everyone could get a loan. Now I don't know what to do because our office has down sized and it is only my family working in the office, I am the one that is here all day, but I don't get paid unless I close loans and the few I have going I"m praying will close. I would like to just go back to school full time next semester, but my dad has a lease on the office until June, I feel stuck, I dont know what to do
Do you think life is worth living if you have bad credit? Sometimes I feel like their is no point. ?1lindaprice2012-11-05 02:09:02
Bad credit loans , can not , can not get a car , can not get an apartment , you can not get a house , sometimes a job , etc. So what is the meaning of life ? Sometimes I wonder if in this economic time suicide is the best option . Do some people think that? That life is not worth it unless you have decent credit or good?
My life sucks does stress effect the unborn baby?0MathMate2012-11-04 19:27:36
I am 35 weeks pregnant with my second child and have been nervous about the effect of stress on my baby. I have had a terrible pregnancy this time around. The beginning of my pregnancy I was working a very difficult job and commuted 3 hours a day. I quit when it became too physically demanding for me to endure. My parents then pushed me into a small convenience business that was incredibly long hours but we couldn't make ends meet there which caused alot of financial hardships. My finance had a nervous breakdown pending the crash of his own business while we were working this other business and he lost his mind for a few months, it started with ranting and raving, repeating alot of things then he turned on me. I stayed through it my only comfort being perhaps he would snap out of it. It got very emotionally hard for me to bear. I was getting harassing phone calls from my father and finally my fiance answered the phone and told my dad what was what which totally blew things out of proportion. My dad then took anything he had ever "given" me (so he claims although it is a whole different story) He knew we were in trouble took his car which I had insured and put brand new tires on and left me with zero because he was angry that my fiance would stand up to him. Shortly after that my fiance figured I couldn't stand up for him against my father and i had to deal with my fiance totally cutting me and my character down. I had thoughts of suicide and was already 5 months pregnant. I could take no more and at the end of April I closed the store and cut my ties with my family which was also terribly hard. The phone call between my dad and fiance and the store closing was days apart. In the meantime my credit card bill had skyrocketed because i could not pay it, my energy got cut off meaning no hot water anymore and i still had a mentally unstable man that was taking his pain and frustrations of his life out on me. We had to sell what we could to get my other car insured even though the tranny is slipping and I have only winter tires on it I had no option but to drive that. I got another job because I needed hours to apply for maternity leave and was working 12-14 hours a day which I enjoyed because it took me away from my life temporarily. My finance stayed at home with my 3 yo daughter. The pay was ok but I was supporting 3 people and unable to catch up on bills. It is now July and my energy is still off, my home phone is off, my cell phone is off. My finance has since come back to reality and is finally treating me like he should but we are so financially screwed its not funny. I quit my job because I could not work the hours and he is finally working a job for someone else. There is no work where I live and we both have to travel to do anything with only one car. So now I am stuck at home boiling water to give my daughter a bath and do the dishes. The money brought home is not enough to catch up on anything. It is enough to buy food, pay our power and have gas to get back and forth to work. I feel insane, not as bad as i did 2 months ago but still like I can't take care of myself let alone another child. My father wants my fiance dead and my mother has turned into my dad in the last 2 years. I have no family or friends anymore, especially anyone that could help me. I have talked to my OB which has said that my baby will be a fighter (it is incredibly healthy) but I have heard and read very negative things about stress on the mother and baby. Please do not give me opinions that my baby will be retarded, lol. I would like to hear from other mothers who have gone through lots of stress and want to know how thier babies ended up. First hand experiences would be much appreciated.

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