Is this person at the point in life where she's ready to be trying to have a baby?

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Women in their late 20s. He holds a BA from 4-5 years ago. I was working in business administration, were dismissed last year, meanwhile, has worked temporary jobs as a waitress and manager work together to return to school to get certified to teach high school science and mathematics. She conducts classes in December, you start teaching in January and will be fully certified in your state in May 2010. When not in class or waitress, she volunteers at a kindergarten ... think the daycare she does to prepare for teaching (even though she certification for high school, not early childhood education), but in reality she does to prepare for motherhood. Their jobs as a waitress part-time 2 dont have health benefits, but she has health insurance Blue Cross pays for itself.

Health: deadly concerned about their fertility. Recurrent miscarriages in her family, and she has had some of his own years of several years. Mother reached early menopause at age 40. She also has an extremely high risk of cancer in your family (mother died of it), especially cervical and breast cancer. Before emptying their savings to pay for graduate school, spent a mint on the diagnostic tests in a fertility clinic to make sure it's okay to have children after their 2 previous miscarriages. Otherwise, it is healthy except for the high cancer risks.

Finance: We currently do not have much money, but she has no debt, but $ 7K in loans from undergraduate college years, currently deferred since returning to school. She has not received a single loan for graduate school, however, since a) hates debt and b) does not meet the requirements of a large part due to the pre-layoff income last year + that no dependents or equity in your name. The bad thing about it is that Thomas is injected through your savings to pay for graduate school with cash. Last year paid your car loan early. She manages his money very frugally. Your credit score is in the 700 half-height, it is never late on a bill. To save money while in school and foster their relationship with luck, she lives with her boyfriend.

Lifestyle: She had her fair share of match days and "play the field", but she settled and conservative ... now wants to settle down, marry and get pregnant as soon as possible, more than anything in the world. She does not smoke, do drugs, drink (except for a single glass of wine on rare occasions w / the groom), or the party. She is very loyal to her boyfriend. Her hobbies include cooking, home decorating for the holidays, volunteering with children, playing with their pets, and obsessed with everything related to pregnancy. She is unhappy with his lack of children or career at this point, feel you have been waiting too long, and its biggest downfall is that going to complain about this to his close friends too.

Family: His family relationships are rocky at times. Her mother died, she talks with her dad on occasion, but it is often like a black sheep outcasted by her brothers & her mother's side of the family (including his grandmother, aunt and cousins). His father's side of the family likes his Thomas and has a good relationship with his uncle. His family + relatives live within an hour of it.

She is not married but has a live in boyfriend she has been with 2 years. Bf is the moral 40, traditional, has a stable career in the field of science, makes decent income, own a 3bd house in a nice neighborhood. Bf is a type well and his family especially his father loves him very much. Bf thinks it is the duty of man to support his wife and children and a mother # 1 job should be to care for children ... This is in complete agreement with their values ​​and ideals. Only concern is that the groom is very slow with the proposal and upset when asked about babies and marriage, claiming she is "very persistent" even though she (and friends) do not think she is much. Bf has no children, never been married before, but was hired at age 25, but ended very badly for what is perhaps tired of it and that is why it is slow moving in relationships now (idk maybe?) .

It's a girl ready for a baby?
Answer1Matty F.Answered at 2012-08-16 16:27:32
This _couple_ not ready for a baby. If the father is not even ready for the commitment _discuss_ and babies, which is nowhere near ready for fatherhood. And if your morality is the "traditional " , you would not think of having children without being married ?
Answer2keniaAnswered at 2012-08-27 03:11:02
I stopped reading in the late 20s and B. A. grade. Someone who has a sufficient level of responsibility to survive adolescence and get a degree . I can not imagine that any of us can possibly be justified in judging someone who is a functional adult . Mind your own business .
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