Im filing for bankruptcy... medical and other expenses. its under $100 thousand. i have a car loan...? related questions

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Im filing for bankruptcy... medical and other expenses. its under $100 thousand. i have a car loan...?0mmj2012-08-15 12:08:34
My car loan is $ 10 000 . I also attached to I have a $ 20 000 for a previous car that I have traded in a ton on a car not worth it. How the rules apply to me ragarding this? I can you claim the $ 20 000 ? both the $ 10 billion and $ 20 000 ? I'll keep my car ? I lose my car ? I'll keep my car only if I keep all $ 30 000 ? I'll keep my car without additional payments required? thanks !
Loan help, I am 20 years old and I need a few thousand for medical reasons?2zbag2012-10-02 14:02:02
Ok , I've had a credit history for a little over a year . I have an account for months and years , the score was 700 .. So I had a car , ntellos wireless , and some private school loans with a co -signer . He did not miss a payment . the private car and the loan was co- signed , but not the internet. the three went through credit checks , too. I am a student and my mom basiclly pay all my stuff , and I have a perfect credit score to proove this medical reason but I'm trying to do, she says cant cosign . She said she will pay the monthly payments , but not firm cooperation. So I do not know , do you guys think i wld be approved ... A college student with perfect credit . and that's it , oh I do not know .... advise please
My company loaned me $5,000 to pay medical expenses. Now my loan is being taxed... please help???0fearkiller2012-09-11 16:36:05
My company would give me $ 2,000 as part of its profit-sharing plan . I told them to keep it and apply it to my loan to them . However, my taxed on $ 2,000 ... Is that correct ? Consider profit sharing money as a gift to employees , but now suddenly my loan is considered a cash advance and handled as income. Something does not make sense here ! Can the IRS legally make money with paying my personal loan ? I thought personal loans were not taxable? Not loan repayment only my responsibility? I feel like I'm paying interest to the IRS for this loan and seems wishy washy for me .
How do you afford living expenses while going to medical school with a wife and child?0Medi2012-11-01 20:20:52
My husband is applying to medical school this year. I am a stay-at-home Mom to a two year old, and one on the way. Medical school doesn't allow students to work, so we will be living off loans. However, I've seen some estimates of maximum loan amounts, and with tuition nearing $40,000, there isn't even close to enough to even afford rent, let alone anything else. Most of the schools are in big cities, which makes the cost of living even higher. If you've been in this situation, or know someone else who has, what did you do? Would we qualify for section 8 or housing vouchers just until he gets into residency? What is the maximum amount of loans someone can get per year for medical school (subsidized + unsubsidized)? Any info would be appreciated.
Can apt rent be shown as expense while filing taxes? what are different expenses which could added for max ret1Lesli2012-11-05 10:36:04
To get the most out what the various costs that could add up ? Can an apt rent or car loan can be shown as an expense ?
Would filing for bankruptcy get me out of a car loan?1tash2012-10-11 08:46:03
i owe about 10k on a car , and have about 5k on other debts , including a towing company , apartment complex , and other non- credit card debt - . to declare bankruptcy relieve me of this?
Can i get a car loan if i had a chapter 7 bankruptcy that was medical related?0Kitty2012-10-01 14:06:03
I need a car so bad . I was rejected in the line of a good bank , but do not know why for 30 days. I have a credit score , but Trans Union and Experian 703 trw not show any results . Three years ago I had surgery for a birth defect . I had to declare bankruptcy . Twelve months ago I was released from all debts. I have a nice SSDI check each month that is permanent . I remember working with people trying to get a mortgage , credit card companies do RMCRs ( no flashes of credit you can get in a minute) could reach landowners and believe that utilities put in the report showing applicants pay someone on time. Can this work ?
Filing for bankruptcy with a co-signed car loan?1tanvi2012-10-23 14:17:02
They co - signed a car loan for my ex ( I am the primary) a few years ago . Due to circumstances beyond that now have to declare bankruptcy . Now , he has not been aware of the payments and I do not want my name on this loan anymore. I know I won'' t be able to refinance because of your bad credit so my question is : How is my bankruptcy will affect you ? Are they going to take the car from him ?
I am looking into filing for bankruptcy and have a car loan that I'd like to include.?1diego2012-10-23 21:39:52
My husband is in the title with me , but not on the loan . It will not be filing for bankruptcy . Still I can submit this?
Cosigner for my car loan is filing bankruptcy?0jasort202012-09-13 10:10:03
Me and my sister cosigned on my car a couple of years ago, I am the only person in the vehicle's title . Confirmed by my bank when I was trying to refinance, it still has not worked on as an endorsement . He is now filing for bankruptcy and I was worried that the bank will try to take the car because she must renounce the possession of their property (obviously the vehicle is not in your name) from what I understand . What is the action of the banks , which force me to refinance ? I owe half of what vehicles worth.So abundance of capital that the bank sees as a way to double dip. I do not know a little nervous . What's going to happen. I'm in Texas by the way.
How soon after filing bankruptcy can i apply for a car loan?1askaaska2012-08-24 00:43:24
How long after filing bankruptcy I can apply for a car loan ?
If my dad is filing bankruptcy will i have to pay for his parent plus loan?0Harlery2012-11-03 11:45:22
The parent plus loan was for my education in the amount of 18,000. Will they make me pay it or does the loan get erased or something because he is filing bankruptcy?

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