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Bank Did Not Pull Correct Credit Report?2macail2012-11-05 20:05:02
I applied for a small loan recently, about 3 weeks after he was refused to take over payments on a car loan for my student friends was listed as being in payment (incorrect ) and 120 days past due. I was told they have to eliminate the cause of my report that was all , then come back and they can do something for me. Had corrected the mistake with Equifax and returned to my same credit - . That was rejected again by the same. I saw my report ( updated copy ) and my information is correct - the bank will not pull my report today! The research, which should have appeared on that day was not there , but everyone else was , so my old bank report revised that leads me to be rejected. Why not see my report as it was that particular day ? Are not required to run my report again every time you apply ?
Is credit pull by multiple lenders within a 30 day period reported as one pull on credit report?0Janna2012-09-02 23:20:03
The information requested by a new person to the U.S. MedlinePlus --------- MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Consider the following situation that I apply in MedlinePlus straight day MedlinePlus Day 1 Wellsfargo Bank Home Mortgage Loan MedlinePlus Day 2 of Bank of America Auto Loan MedlinePlus Day 3 Digital Credit Union credit card MedlinePlus Day 4 ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ... MedlinePlus ... Day 13 Citizens Bank Home Mortgage Loan MedlinePlus Day 14 U.S. MedlinePlus Bank Personal Loan MedlinePlus ... MedlinePlus ... Day 28 CapitalOne credit card MedlinePlus Day 29 store credit card Kohl MedlinePlus Day 30 Walmart credit card MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do all instances of my attraction to different lenders credit appear on my credit report ? Or just the attraction first credit in a period of 30 consecutive days should contact credit pull ? MedlinePlus --------- MedlinePlus Myth or reality : For the first lender that pulled your credit card , you have 30 days from that day . Will be considered only once , regardless of how many lenders pull your credit . They do that by giving you enough time to shop and compare different lenders . MedlinePlus ---- MedlinePlus Myth or Reality : The credit bureaus understand that savvy consumers want to review several loan offers , so agencies consolidate all inquiries credit mortgage loan within a specified period ( which can range from 14-45 days) and I consider it as an investigation . MedlinePlus
I can't pull up my credit report from (10 pts best answer)?0school girl11 :-?2012-09-05 20:27:04
Hi all, I am currently 20 no credit .. I decided to get my free report anualcredit free just for fun today and said he could not look up my records because it gave me a strange question by saying that I have made ​​a mortgage loan in 2006 ( when he was 16 at the time) .. and wanted to answer a lot of questions in which I responded with " none of the above " .. and then I went to the next page where he said he could not look my files .. I tried with the three credit reporting sites and had the same results .. I tried this last year and it worked , but now it is not .. I am a vicitim identity theft or something? Please help MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is what it says on the back : MedlinePlus Sorry, for your protection we are unable to deliver your FACT Act Equifax free annual credit report online. There are a number of reasons why you may be unable to fulfill your order online . You can have a security freeze on your credit file , an Active Duty Military or Fraud Alert , or the identification information submitted online may not match the information on file.
Which credit report does Wachovia (Now Wells Fargo) pull when applying for a car loan?0Teresa Joseph2012-09-06 03:41:03
Im about to apply for a car loan through my bank Wachovia , which has been taken over by Wells Fargo . Does anyone know who pull credit report ? Experian , Equifax or TransUnion ?
I think my bank is trying to pull one over on me, please help?0jackk2012-09-19 21:41:03
I just went and applied for a loan with my business partner , our company is one Corp s so the bank needs our personal finances to make a decision . Both my partner and I have good credit and debt to income ratio is good . The loan is for an apartment building of 12 units in good condition , with 4 units currently rented for 300 a month a piece with 4 other units ready to go . The sale price is 59.900.00 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now , with everything put together and considering that I have had many loans opens and closes with this bank , and interest rates are returned with my bank this agreement MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 10 year loan with 15 percent down and the interest rate to 6 1/2 percent MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 10 years sounds ridiculous to me , and the interest rate is too loud . Does anyone have an opinion? Moreover , this is not a big corporate bank , this is a small town bank . thank you
Bank is insisting to pay in whole (not in part of amounts) for personal loan repayment. Is this correct.?0Blakee2012-09-08 19:13:02
Terms of payment of personal loans
Help,i wrote this letter to bank explaining my tough battle with money situation.Please correct my mistakes?2mohib2012-09-12 03:41:06
(My situation is that I had two jobs, one in the store retail with a commission, another is a bartender.With the ongoing recession, I fired my bar, second job at the store with retail commission sales is terrible .. coz just MedlinePlus My interest rate of the mortgage is 6%, and I would ask the bank to lower interest rate. Because monthly i pay over $ 2500, and been fighting for almost no savings, and the reasons given above I've been paying partial payments of utility bills, but they have been good to my bank with mortgage payments and always paid on time, in fact, when my mortgage contract started i used to pay $ 200 more, then the usual pay, just to stay ahead of my mortgage payment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the body of the letter he wrote please correct me if there is something wrong or help me reiterate my prayers, THANK YOU. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am writing this letter to explain the unfortunate set of circumstances that have made me become almost delinquent on my mortgage. I've done everything in my power to make ends meet, but unfortunately I have fallen short and would like you to consider working with me to lower the current interest rate on my loan that I have found in the loss of most of my savings.My main goal is to keep my house where I support my sister and my parents who support me at home in Puerto Rico. The purpose of this letter is to request your kind assistance to help me get through a period of temporary financial difficulties. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been working two jobs to pay my bills, one in the bar, and the second store in the retail of great support to the commission. After being fired from the bar since January 2009, and lost almost half of my commission in another job due to bad market, my income has been reduced significantly, even forced me to give up my car last week. Shortly after losing almost all my savings for now, I fell more and more behind my utility payments which have been making partial payments since February 2009. MedlinePlus I even tried to sell the house, but the price has dropped considerably. MedlinePlus Now,
A national bank turned in a unfavorable report about my credit and I have given up on my self.?2Mymeemia2012-11-03 06:52:02
I am an alcoholic / addict with 10 years clean / sober in recovery started with very bad credit, as a result of 30 years accepted my addiction consequences and began to rebuild my credit and my mental, spiritual and physical, not failures, but own.After my years of work and tons of money managed to rebuild my credit score again in mid-700. I take the time to sponsor several teenagers to twenty something recovering heroin addicts of many well to do families, who try to lead by example, and over 80% of these young people have a recovery of several years and some even all graduated college and have become productive members of society.Two years ago I had a heart attack not planned, I, and as a direct result of the use of not making a deposit at the time of a periodic payment and charged me $ 37.00 for which I have no problem paying, about two weeks after finally home from the hospital received a call from a woman who wanted the nasty $ 37 and when I explained my situation very badly and has said added a $ 7.00 per day fee to live in the country and eventually went to the bank for which I did not have enough to cover the hundreds of dollars for what I said I was going to borrow the money and return as soon as possible next dat my ATT account was terminated then my auto insurance company notified me of a 30% increase when cited called my credit score dropped, since I lost my apartment can not pay security deposits for utilities and loans cars are out of the question in the last two years, my health has deteriorated in hospitals have been psychological and yet still I have faith in my higher power to the many children who have faith sponsor through diversity and yet I'm exhausted, I have accepted the fact of death, but now I can not pay a prepaid funeral the three major credit reporting agencies and hometown denominated bank have done more harm than any drink drug shooting and stabbing they are legally allowed something not right here.
Can a bank require my credit report on an unsecured loan he took out in his name?2ibob2018-12-14 00:04:33
My husband recently applied for an unsecured loan in the amount of $ 3,000 on your behalf. Last night, the loan officer called and said it was approved, and he had to come and sign the papers. My husband called the bank this morning and the manager said he needed my credit information ? I have bad credit , so they applied for the loan on your behalf. I live in Wisconsin , where he has to say on the loan, but I've never heard of them asking for my credit information. He was rejected because of my bad credit. Are they on the right to do this ?
If I was late on a few loan payments at my bank, did they put it on my credit report?4bobi2012-11-05 20:45:02
Okay, so I was out of work a few months and I found some late payments on a personal loan with my bank. I was not too bad later , never more than 2 months, and once called himself the house looking for money. If anyone out there know about these things , could you tell me if it affected my credit?
Bank made error that effected my credit report do i have any rights?0keri2012-10-16 00:26:02
in July 09 i requested an additional bank account with my bank I had woth 10 years who refused the reason that after investigating said I had an outstanding balance on your credit card from 2004. This was not true all my letters had been paid and I had received no letter statements, etc. After looking at this admitted fault and promised to clear this error and vacate and open a second accounf me for my direct debits. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last week I applied for a loan to consolidate my bills to be rejected again saying my credit score is not enough. I have my credit report online and I knew I had no outstanding feature and there was a great defualt credit card from 2004, no payments so the bank had not followed through there and I promise I went to the branch manager and as the last time I could not believe that she had not taken the case and within 2 days I have received a letter saying he is now off. The bank manager has spoken with the loan department who said they used to ride over and I'll have to wait until my score improves MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very upset with this as the reason is that there was this error. It will also take months to build and I can not get a loan anywhere or anythin applie for more on that topic because my file is affected. I am very disappointed by the bank and now I can not even aplly elsewhere, as they have damaged my credit file from my saying that I had an unpaid debt for five years. Is there anythin I can do with the bank. I have written a letter, but I can not talk to anyone until late and they did not even have had to spend an apology I really needed this to help my financial situation. I paid a monthly salary each month so thay can see what I can afford it ..... i hate how they think they can affect someone's file, but then left us with the consequences
Automatic payments stopped randomly causing bank loan default. Can I get this removed from my credit report?3Josephine2012-10-01 02:01:02
I went to military training for 3 months without access to a phone or internet. Before I set up automatic bill payment on my car loan . This automatic payment was going perfectly for 5 months before I left . Suddenly , I get back to training, and I heard that I pay my loan because the automatic payments stopped , and hit me on my credit report . Is there anything I can do to get it removed from your credit report?

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