Bank Did Not Pull Correct Credit Report?

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Asked at 2012-08-15 04:19:02
I applied for a small loan recently, about 3 weeks after he was refused to take over payments on a car loan for my student friends was listed as being in payment (incorrect ) and 120 days past due. I was told they have to eliminate the cause of my report that was all , then come back and they can do something for me. Had corrected the mistake with Equifax and returned to my same credit - . That was rejected again by the same. I saw my report ( updated copy ) and my information is correct - the bank will not pull my report today! The research, which should have appeared on that day was not there , but everyone else was , so my old bank report revised that leads me to be rejected.

Why not see my report as it was that particular day ? Are not required to run my report again every time you apply ?
Answer1molisaAnswered at 2012-08-19 02:54:03
also must be corrected in Experian and TransUnion reports probably . also . Experian you must mail MedlinePlus a new report , in order to maintain a copy of the old and the new MedlinePlus and when you get in the mail , take it back and show MedlinePlus I did what they told you too. probably MedlinePlus I did not expect you to get removed ( or adjust ) .
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