Should I buy a house? (Air Force / Financial Question)?

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I've been stationed here at Lackland since November 2004. PCA'd in Group I in 2007, so I've been under the same group since November 2004 . I recently had an assignment canceled , except that I get no base preference for the rest of my career. However, with the $ 8k tax credit , and the feeling of the base housing reduces me, I'm undecided about whether I should buy a home.

I understand that would be taking a risk because I could get orders at any time. I have some questions I hope you help me with ...

1) Does my denial of a preference affects Base airmen career? I was told the balance of payments is only the first term airmen to not affect me at all, but do not know whether to believe that ...

2) Does my denial of a Base of Preference means you can not volunteer to Korea? If you can volunteer to Korea, they give me a continuation or a continuation refuse me and send me anywhere they want?

As you can see , I try to make a short trip to Korea for a year and get a tracking
back here to Lackland .
Now with all that said ... If I can not get Korea, and I decided to buy this house, and gives me the orders to PCS next year , how difficult it would be to sell the house and break even ? I would be getting the $ 8k tax credit of my savings to help pay closing costs and everything else. Is it common for people to assume the VA loan ?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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