Can a cosigner has a right to return the car back if his name appears on vehicle title? ?

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Asked at 2012-08-14 13:06:02
I also signed by my boyfriend and we are no longer together.
He is the owner of the car loan account . What rights do I have if I can my name appears on the vehicle title ? If not the account holder to pay the amount , then I can ask people car loan to bring the car . How to get out of the offer, even if my name appears or not in the vehicle's title ? We are not in contact with him , so do not have the option of asking also.That refinancing is the situation and not want to ruin my credit history. What to do? I can not see any legal counsel to get out of this agreement? Please let me know how to get out of this agreement as soon as possible? I am ready even if the car loan people take the car too? I never used the car so far. It is with the account holder only.I signed this agreement last year and I have spent half the amount of payment also.From that time the car is in sole possession .
Answer1SharaAnswered at 2012-08-15 09:39:34
If you just sign the loan, and not put their name on the title along with her boyfriend, must submit a claim for interest in the insured vehicle. If it appears in the title along with it , the argument is much easier. I will just go and take his car when at work or sleeping, and then deliver to the creditor in case you are not paying on the car. This will prevent the accumulation of debt in your name. Then you must go to small claims court to get their share of the unpaid amount .

There are some additional things you can do to reduce your liability, but it will take some work and involve additional risk , so that the cleanest thing to do is to take possession of the car , as it is titled in your name and his, and then deliver to the creditor.
Answer2N-COUNT Answered at 2012-08-15 17:04:02
The only way you can say or do the bank to take the car is that if you are the buyer is not the co -signer . You are responsible for the loan, whether you pay or not pay. If the title as co -owner has the same rights as the sole owner . You can hire a lawyer and sue your ex for a civil ceremony.
Answer3zakAnswered at 2012-09-07 23:54:02
Best scenario is okay to talk about X to deliver the car to you , wait or better yet , suggest that the bank foreclose and then take both the car and the payments to save your credit .
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