If you cosign for a student loan for your sister and your sister is now no longer living.? related questions

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If you cosign for a student loan for your sister and your sister is now no longer living.?0kimba2012-08-14 12:39:03
Are you responsible for repaying the loan , or the sister does not empty the loan life
Cosign car loan for sister - am I being the "baby" again?0ygmomma2012-10-06 10:21:21
Am I exaggerating - I cosign loans for MedlinePlus sister ? Hello , MedlinePlus My sister who is 10 years older than me , I'm in my 20 wants me to cosign a loan for a car for her . The car is only going to be $ 100 - $ 200 per month in payments . She says she'll make the payments. What I'm getting - my car is paid (college grad gift from his parents ) , so I do not know much about loans . I've always said that I never cosign anything , in a way, I am compelled by my family . Am I exaggerating ? Your loan affect me when I get an apartment or go back to school for an advanced degree ? Thank you.
My sister wants me to cosign. Should I?1Jack Tequila 2012-10-14 03:30:02
My sister wants me to cosign a private student loan for her. Already in the past , just four months ago , but needs more money . I told him I could not because we do not know the long term. She was upset and threatens to live in his car ( we are both students at the same university ) , if I cosign . She thinks I'm wrong and it's amazing that I'm not doing this for her own sister . What should I do ?
I am so unhappy living with my mom and sister again. Any suggestions?0stan2012-11-06 06:49:44
I went through a horrible time living with my mom and sister growing up. My mom I believe was depressed and was anxious and as a young teen, she would hit me a lot and just really get kind of abusive. I started getting horrible grades in the beginning of HS and my mom had me go live with my grandparents, where I suceeded...did sports and had excellent grades. I came back for my senior year and my sister acted depressed, and I started feeling depressed and of course, my grades weren't good again. I went off to college this last year and stayed in the dorms. I loved living away from them and having more independence. Loans were too much last year so my mom said she wouldn't be able to pay for another year up there. She said I'd have to stay with them and attend community college. I'm living with them again and I really think I'm falling back into a bit of depression. I can't really explain... it's just not happiness, it's weird. I also have just been laying around the house, lazy as hell. I had wanted to get my own apartment and car and attend community college a little ways away, but I have no money. I've sent in applications for jobs and I've gotten little replies, ones that I have didn't call back after I went in a second time. I really want to get away from here. I'm not a minor. I shouldn't have to live here and I really don't want to. It's making me unhappy. I had been looking forward to doing my own thing but it's just not turning out. What do I do? I don't know anyone in this area, so can't move in with anyone.
Ive financed auto loan for sister and want out?1Courtnee2012-09-14 04:27:02
A year ago a truck financed for my sister and every month I have a hard time getting the payments . I Dont talk to her because we had a big argument for the same reason . Now we communicate with my mother . she gives me a check every month I Cash and I deposit money in my account if the check bounces.well this month gave me a check and the bank said they could put the check for me , because there are no funds available . I know it was stupid of me to do .. to pay my credit card .. If I've learned my lesson .. payment is 5 days late .. What I can do .. I get frustrated I do not want to ruin my credit .. she is indeed my sister I have 8 years younger and more serious charge .... What advice would you give me ?
If I loan my sister $20,000, is it subject to any tax? Gift tax?0Li2012-10-14 22:45:36
My sister wrote a check for $ 20,000 to his bank account and cashed it in January 2009. The money was intended as a loan to help pay part of the credit card debt . Is the tax base ? ? I can take you back $ 8,000 of it , then consider the remaining $ 12,000 as tax free under the annual gift tax exclusion for fiscal year 2009? I wrote and gave the check in December 2008 , but was not deposited in your bank account until January 2009 .
Can i get an fha loan if i am renting free with my sister,?0ginnifer2012-11-04 13:56:07
Sister bought home/cash. she is cosigned on daughters defaulted student loans. Can they take her home?1Aryaman2012-09-13 19:46:03
The student loans that are in arrears come from private sources and federal , the amount owed is approx . $ 240,000 . My sister was recently divorced and received a sum of money property covering the $ 80,000 he paid cash for his house . She lives in Kansas and lives in the house alone . Is there any possibility of making a "house" to protect your home and avoid foreclosure or forced sale of his house to meet these debts ?
Can my sister get in trouble for this?0swift2012-10-13 00:35:25
We had a little get together at my house last night. My sister went to her room to see someone in your team . Apparently she was looking at your statement online . A friend of mine broke into his room and saw this, and immediately tried to hit a loan . My sister firmly , and I said no , but he continued on . She would not take no for an answer. My sister got angry and grabbed the girl by the shoulders , and walked her to the door. She opened the door and pushed her out . the girl is threatening to call the police and tell them my sister assaulted him . Did she get into trouble ?
Annoying sister...?4 M, -2012-09-15 15:29:06
What is the best answer that bothers a sister who is asking the return of a loan of $ 2000, for revenge, because I have faced intimidation tactics to control the life of people around him. I am responding to it, that the only answer is, I will have when you have it. You can then use that response you feel more in power. It is the only answer , no answer at all, because it is disrespectful to me.
Sister using us as a co-signer?2sahmit2012-10-22 03:07:04
My sister is 19 and goes to college . Your mom is trying to get my husband and me to co - sign a loan for her because parents and three brothers have bad credit . I asked why they can not get financial aid and they said they only give you 5,000. This loan would be going to co-sign for 15,000 . Mom is really telling my husband that we are his sisters only chance to go to school . What would you do ? I am pregnant for the first time and we already have loans out of school , home and cars. I do not want to get bad credit and need to take this loan over in the end. Any suggestions or stories to relate ?
Why is my sister such a brat?1gabbie2012-11-03 04:42:02
Why is my sister a brat? MedlinePlus Shes 13. She is going to a Britney Spears concert with my aunt, who is 28. Im 17 by the way. The concert is July 26 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. 4 hours drive from here. Now the $ 1,000 was eager to meet and greet. My mother was not as hell that I have an extra $ 2,000 to spend on you. So she went and slammed the door and stepped on the floor and crying out. MedlinePlus So I looked again he wanted the $ 650 VIP package my mom still said nothing. Wanted front row seats (not even close to selling out) but they were $ 370 and my mom said NO. So we have these seats Ehre right side in this pic MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Section 124, row 12, seats 9 and 10 for $ 129 each. My mom would not any seats for the two of them under more than $ 300 TOTAL. She said that was ridiculous and my sister called cheap $ $. MedlinePlus But we bought the tickets. My sister is stupid that Flash had a ticket that is online and you have to represent your credit card you bought the tickets from the door. Standard or sent home. Now my sister picked shone and idk why but anyway its under my dads credit card and now I do not know if she can go because my dad used to be there. What do we do? ? ? ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Besides, shes been crying and collect material to use and is very excited. But she is asking my mom for souviners MONEY (shirts, etc) Now my mom had an idea a "task" list and she has to follow, and what the task is, is the amount of money received. She did not get more than $ 10 for any task. You think it's a good idea? She is a hard britney fan. She said she is waiting outside the arena and stem Britney. Do you think my sisters a golf club?

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