How will I ever be able to afford my own place when I pay so much in student loans? related questions

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How will I ever be able to afford my own place when I pay so much in student loans?1bonita2012-08-16 17:15:03
I am currently in graduate school , and pay about $ 800 a month in student loans. At this point , my loans are on hold, but once I graduate and go beyond the grace period, it is likely that the payment of nearly a thousand dollars a month. Besides that , I have $ 300 a month to my car to pay. I have 25 years and I feel I have to leave the nest, because my parents are drowning . But really, how do I pay to take out loans when most of my income ? Recently I was laid off and I'm making $ 1,200 a month or less in unemployment. That will be in December, so I'm trying to find a part-time work and the payment that I can while going to school. It's completely ridiculous of me to think I can go out in the short term? The apartment complex I'm seeing is $ 780 per month. I have no children and do not want a roommate .
If You Can't Afford College, Could You Afford It With Mostly Student Loans?0marmot2012-08-15 04:33:02
Student loans could pay for my bedroom and such - I've been going to college part time for two years, only took twelve hours so far. And I have paid almost all of my college tuition , either pale or donations in cash , however , I have $ 600 in student loans, I would have to start paying in March - I really feel it's time to go to college - I am considering attending the University drop 09 ' -
Where is the best place to get a loan with bad credit history i need a new car and i can afford the repayments?0atiqullah2012-09-27 07:21:02
I'm desperate not think my car will pass another mot and is due next month .
Can I afford my education without student loans if I have a EFC of 0?0Moreen2012-09-13 09:22:03
I have an EFC of 0 and am eligible for several scholarships . I'm going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online . Will I be able to afford the luxury of not having to get student loans ?
Who should I consolidate my student loans with? What if I cannot afford the payments?0Susan2012-08-07 02:41:02
I tried to build a business and ask for more than you can afford. What should I do ?
I can only afford to pay the monthly minimum on my student loans. How do I ever pay them off?2Rhondia2012-08-08 00:07:03
I have 28k in student loans. The minimum payment is 188 a month. Some months I can not even afford that. What do I do? The only good news is that I have consolidated and have a good interest rate . Other than that I do not know what to do. Buy a house and when I sell it in the years a number X, use some of the benefits to pay for it ? Any other ideas ?
What do I do when I cannot afford my rent, already put applications for job #2, tried for more student loans?0Morga2012-10-26 07:52:38
I am a student at Hawaii Pacific University and lives in a house off campus with rent $ 750. I have a job, but have been cutting hours back a lot lately . I can not borrow from family and friends , and tried to find another place to stay. Most of them are even more expensive . There are some people on craigslist offering a room available , but I have a fear of getting into more trouble . I'd rather trust someone who kind of know that a complete stranger. I have the federal Stafford loan , and only enough for school expenses . I tried to get a personal loan served , but it is becoming increasingly difficult . What else I can do?
What would you do if you couldn't afford to go to university, even with student loans?1Sara Pleaseee2012-10-25 20:32:02
I really do not
How do I consolidate all of my student loans to one low payment I can afford ?0nitta2012-10-01 14:13:02
I recently graduated in May'06 I have Stafford loans and federal loans have asked Sallie Mae forbarrance until July. They wanted $ 700 a month from me that is more than the rent ! I am currently making 30k a year and live on my own for them there is not much left over at the end of the month . How I can consolidate into one affordable monthly payment ?
If I can afford my student loans does it pay to refinance or consolidate?1paragon2012-10-27 03:10:02
I have about $ 16,000 in 5000 U.S. dollars in public and private loans . I can pay my monthly payments . My average about 5.5 % interest . Will it actually save money by refinancing or consolidation . I really do not understand . From what I understand it's really for people who can not make their monthly payments and want to lower and extend the term of the loan , paying more interest. Is that correct ?
Can't afford to pay my student loans because I am unemployed, what options do I have?0elisha2012-09-28 15:13:10
I can not defer payments any longer , because I've done that now almost two years since I graduated . Also my loans (federal and private ) never consolidated . Sallie Mae is behind. What I can do to postpone payments until you can afford ?
Pay off student loans for life, or go into the service for the education? As a mom who can't afford it, ......0Sophia Anderson2012-11-03 18:39:44
As a mom who can't afford college, I sure don't want to send him into the service just for the free education. Yet, I sure don't want him to have loans for the rest of his life. He wants to go into accounting, any school will do. He hasn't been the 3.0 plus student to get the scholarships. All suggestions welcome!

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