How will I ever be able to afford my own place when I pay so much in student loans?

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Asked at 2012-08-14 11:34:35
I am currently in graduate school , and pay about $ 800 a month in student loans. At this point , my loans are on hold, but once I graduate and go beyond the grace period, it is likely that the payment of nearly a thousand dollars a month. Besides that , I have $ 300 a month to my car to pay. I have 25 years and I feel I have to leave the nest, because my parents are drowning . But really, how do I pay to take out loans when most of my income ?

Recently I was laid off and I'm making $ 1,200 a month or less in unemployment. That will be in December, so I'm trying to find a part-time work and the payment that I can while going to school. It's completely ridiculous of me to think I can go out in the short term?

The apartment complex I'm seeing is $ 780 per month. I have no children and do not want a roommate .
Answer1MoiAnswered at 2012-08-16 17:15:03
This is why so many people say that when you're in college (school, especially graduate ) of his land poor. Since you do not have to worry about loans until after graduation you need to see what kind of work you will be able to get once you graduate. Maybe when you realize you will be earning more money that will keep you less stressed. If you will not be making much money you can try to consolidate your loans and get the different payment plans (which have some financial difficulties, etc. ) so you can pay less.
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