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If you owe money in one european country does it...?0ginny2012-09-02 14:24:02
That loan will follow other countries within the EU ? For example , if you owe money for a car loan in Norway , if you move to Sweden and try to get a loan that credit card , your credit will continue to be bad in Sweden ? Or if you borrow money from student loans in the UK and moved to Germany when you move to Germany that the loan still appears if you go to the bank for a loan?
Are Central East European banking fees egregious?0Keanu2012-09-22 19:16:02
Kommercni Banka , owned Paribas Bank , revealed that over 70 % of its 2006 profits were in fees accounts and review of the loan, while less than 30% were of the execution of loans and other financial instruments . In Hungary , banks usually charge a minimum
An American high schooler affording to attend a European school?0Ashmita2012-10-26 02:11:33
I'm a young American high school and I'm trying to find schools that are affordable for European American students . I have visited other threads and found some names - University of Paris , a lot of schools in Scotland , John Cabot University, Jacobs University , etc etc - but all are ridiculously expensive and not accredited by America / Europe , or all of the above . I have no idea how I'm going to go to college , let alone where I want and for how long . I'm interested in the psychology major , or something in the field of economics . The country that interests me most is Spain or France , possibly , but I'm looking to stay in a big city . My average is 3.688 , my ACT is a 30, but I have thought about taking it again, and I have not taken the SAT yet. Throughout high school I did a lot of extracurricular activities such as band, mock trial , soccer , athletics, swimming and Beta club . MedlinePlus My questions : Where I can attend college affordable in Europe at an affordable price ? Are student loans , federal aid and scholarships available to students of the countries ? What I can do to make me look more attractive to a European University ? Do you have to choose between a job and a student visa or you can do both ? Is it impossible or nearly - to become a citizen of the European Union as an American or an equivalent long term VISA ?
Should the US, European Union, and most of the developed world stop paying their debts altogether?1muthu2012-09-27 23:16:03
What exactly will the rating agencies do? MedlinePlus All Downgrade ? LOL . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what will make those investors ? MedlinePlus If they can not park their money somewhere , just lost more that nations do . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Either they will have to completely renegotiate their payment plans with us , or may not ever get back their money borrowed percent !
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