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Online school for pharmacy tech that accepts fafsa?0dromedary2012-09-16 02:37:05
I want to do a certificate in pharmacy technology. I live in Wellington, FL . I have to do online classes , but I need a school that will be fully funded by a grant . I can not repay a loan. Do you know of a school that will be fully covered ? My husband works and I babysitt children some friends in exchange for money and I have a daughter of 3 months old . Certification will also be enough to get a job in a pharmacy? Thank you.
I was thinking of doing Penn Foster online for Pharmacy Tech?2Chase2012-11-04 10:53:02
I have not much money and I can not get financial aid or take a personal loan and the course is like $ 500 . Good or bad idea?
Can i get loan online in india. In my online bank a/c?0Amanda Emler2012-08-19 10:09:03
I can get loan ? Online in India . In my online bank a / c ?
Can i get a loan for online education in India ?0sb2012-10-06 09:04:31
? I can get a loan for online education in India ?
Anyone in india got online loan with no credit check?0salvador2012-09-13 22:53:03
Hello , MedlinePlus There are so many sites are showing as online loan within 24 hours , the details filling out an application form and deposit the money in the account , is that correct ? It is possible that those who live in India ? If anyone has any idea about this plz let me know .. coz I have credir score poorly , and I want my financial need for debt consolidation , is there any site to offer a guarantee - Loan without credibility check?
I need a loan of $150,000. I am from India. Can I trust any online lending parties.?0Haylie2012-10-14 17:16:53
Can anyone suggest a loan companies or lenders that offer loans that are not scams . Please give me a suggestion .
India - Incredible india - why car loans charged 5% interest but education loan goes to 12%?2Harv2012-10-26 18:59:02
1 . We live in a country where rice is Rs.40 / - per kg and the SIM card is free . 2 . Pizza gets to your house faster than an ambulance and police. 3 . Car loan at 5%, but education loan to 12%. 4 . Students with a 45% quota system enter through elite institutions and those with 90% of out merit . 5 . When a millionaire can buy a cricket team instead of donating money, USDA to charity . IPL 2 teams are auctioned at 3300 crores and we are still poor country where people starve for 2 meals a day. 6 . When the shoes that we wear, are sold at dealerships AC , but vegetables , we eat, are sold on the sidewalk. 7 . When everyone wants to be famous, but nobody wants to follow the path of to be famous. 8 . Assembly building complexes are prepared within a year while public transport bridges only take several years to complete . 9 . When we make lemon juices with artificial flavors and dish washing liquid with real lemon . Incredible India!
Pharmacy/ Medical "HELP PLEASE"?0mayra2012-08-15 01:37:34
Hello, I need help. My wife is a former model 40 years younger. Since 1990, when I met her, she has had random fluctuations of mood. In the early days they called that "bitch" at the time its mood changes resulted in his documentation to prescribe antidepressant antidepressants.She now took a second for a second time a few years that seemed to help. Over the years after our 2 children were born in 96/97 his mood seemed to stabilize and the veil now nd then, even with medications. In 2008 the family had a life-changing set of events (which had no control over) that we sent from the upper middle class to the end of the ladder / everything changed and things got very difficult. We lost two of Business failed in almost every loan we have had and almost lost our house, blame bad decisions, Blame the economy, blame me, never mind. What matters is that my beautiful wife (in all this stress) attempted suicide in 2008 / ended in a coma for two days before I got it home, and was later diagnosed as bipolar. After she left the hospital, 72 hours mandatory phych was sent to a psychologist called a "Help" and improve their quality of life seems more worthy of while.In the last 4 years my wife has only seen 4 times (found with the psychologist Jr. "assistant" at all other times .. once a month) for 4 years they have been pumping my "Bella" woman with medication, the prescription of one after another, increasing and decreasing saying you cant stop or have a new episode. Lately is erratic fluctuations of humor (laughter to tears) she can not sleep more than 2 hours at a time in the last year, wakes up in a pool of almost every night of sweat, their concentration and ability to concentrate is gone, she has trouble spelling simple words at times (something I never did before) She suffers from migraine headaches consistently, in an attempt to regain their self-esteem has not renounced the training you have completed P90X, it lost 30 pounds (retuning to its weight it had when I met her) has been a faithful member of the MFP, diet, exercise and eat as a contestant of the Mrs. Olympia, she loves me and STOP her two children, now day he attempted suicide again ...! I do not want sympathy ... I just want my wife ... I think doctors have been diagnosing it or poisoning it with all your medications ... when we lost everything, we lost our good health insurance and now all we have is the medical care of STOP! (I'm looking for something for nothing) I have been reviewing the side effects of the line and poles in some of the presc. she has been taking ... I am sooooo surprised, some messages are not even listed as possible side effects of drugs (but there are many who say the messages r the same side effects and people with the same kind of effects?) I am not a Doctor, I'm not a pharmacist .. WTF, but how many people have the same symptoms and the claim that taking antidepressants have worsened and the combination of them that their documents have been prescribed, then before you start taking them. I can not understand how anyone could see fairly well so little value in themselves ... My wife does not want to live longer and think that is useless .... WHY can not sleep, your vision is not correct (they sent her glasses, said this could be the cause of headaches ... did not work) has constant migraines, night sweats, I can not remember a time another, that tide has muscle fatigue and weakness, which is constantly sad and overreacts very easy, focuses on the past and feels that life is hopeless and no one can help your way what is the use ... that could have gone .. we will all be better ... I and my children would be completely devastated ... can not even imagine losing her. So here's my Q. Do you go to a list of medications you are taking ... tell me if their are any that should not be taken ... or should not be taken in conjunction with others, that is 5 "11 - 131 pounds now your family doctor is medically say she is in better shape than it has been in (his paper for 15 years). .. (1) Lamotrigine (Lamictal) 100 mg - 1.5 x 2 a day ... (2) clonazepam (Klonophin) 1 mg - 1 tab .. (3) tramadol HCl (Ultram 50mg) - 50mg-1- every 6 hrs .. (4) 15 mg temazepam (Restoril) 1-tab to bedtime ... (5) 10 mg doxepin (Sinequan) - 1-tab before bed (6) - Er cake zolpidem ( Ambien / Cr 12.5 mg) - 1 - tab bedtime ... (7) Bupropion HCL XL (Wellbutrin XL 150) - 1 - sheet one day .. She also has protein shakes (whey / Casin) is taken twice a day, alpha lipoic acid - 600mg resveratrol-100 ... 1000 mg Milk Thisle healthy hair skin nails nd w / ultra-high levels of biotin (Skin hair and nails) and a multivitamin for women .. she will have a few glasses of wine when she can not sleep or dinner once nd a while, but never, never-the-counter medications. I'm not sure if anyone can answer these question but I hope someone is not going g ...
How do I go about opening a pharmacy?0Chris T. Leaf2012-09-09 16:19:02
I have a place , this opens supermarket near my house where I live (which bought the existing business ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I asked the store manager that is where we will put a pharmacy where existing was said , for now they are not. Unless you find someone to do a separate contract to operate the pharmacy shop / space within the larger supermarket . I know the supermarket that opens will succeed, but we are not in the business of operating pharmacies do indepdent contracts for it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is , what licenses , etc , etc. I have to open one and need cash to boot ? I have already accumulated a small fortune I might try for a bank loan ( however difficult it may get today ) .

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