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I need a car 4 cheap?4henrietta2012-10-23 13:57:02
I want to get a new car , but because I have bad credit student loans . If I got a dealer would have to pay an arm and a leg . I get a KIA
Best way to get a cheap used car?0b rad2012-09-17 09:01:05
I'm a freshman in college and I have to get a used car . In the late 90's and early 00 less than $ 3,000 do not I have a job , and my parents did not help me at all, except to get a car from a dealer in your name , and I could pay each month . So what would be my cheapest option to buy a car within a month? Would it be to get a loan from somewhere, and if so where ? I can pay a loan in late August , but the monthly payments would be a stretch of a few months from May to July . Or would it be cheaper to get a car through my parents' names at a dealer ? I just need a car within a month. Thank you !

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