Military Medical Records-MEPS-Mental Health Records?

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I was told by a Marine Recruiter that my Mental health record (being as it is without a real psychological disorder other than anger issues.) would disqualify me from service. After being hazed he told me if I wanted to go to MEPS I would have to lie. He told me to not disclose my health records and say I have none. I know I could possibly get a waiver but we are currently drawing down force size for our entire Armed Services. I'm starting to feel like I should lie. I have a huge sense of Selfless Service and it's starting to kill me know I can't stand side by side with a marine and know I have his back. Any advice? If you have knowledge about what a Navy Med Doc would think is mentally disqualifying I would be glad to provide you with my diagnosis(s). I am working with the Navy recruiters to see how to file a lawsuit for their own policy (DOD Regulations) not disqualifying me but yet I could still be disqualified. I've worked so hard and sacrificed a lot. I want this bad. Any advice would be helpful. PS DOD REGULATIONS state I would be disqualified if I have a mental Incompetency and their definition of a "mental incompetency" is not being able to enter a legal contract (based on not being able to understand and uphold that contract.) If I can get a car loan and make on-time payments and larger payments than required I say I qualify. Thank you for any advice. I just really want to serve. It's killing me inside.

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