If I apply for a student loan and get accepted, have I already accepted the money? related questions

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If I apply for a student loan and get accepted, have I already accepted the money?0Obma2012-11-06 04:17:01
Or is applying just an approval process, and I can then choose if I want the loan or not?
If i go into the bank to apply for a car loan and get accepted..will i have access to the money that day?0tegan leigh2012-10-03 07:44:36
My grandmother is co-signing a car loan for $ 10,000 for me tomorrow . Will I have access to the money the same day?
How to know if I was accepted for a loan from Chase Student Loans?0Maryana2012-09-08 14:17:02
So I just applied online yesterday and I checked my applications and while riding it, came up with this " action " symbol and asked if I would accept the loan or not ? I pressed OK and is said to have until September 7 to send a copy of my driver's license and shapes. Does that mean I have it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had no formal " , congrats , you've been accepted for a loan of $ _______ ." I am very confused .
Do i have to wait until i get accepted to a college to get a student loan?0keonnis johnson2012-11-04 16:34:54
I know about the pell grant and I already completed the FAFSA, and the schools i put down on FAFSA has that information but I want to know about scholarships and loans, there's different types and i need to know how much could you possibly get out of a loan and how quickly do you need to pay it back for each different type of loan ? please explain in detail please.
What is the chance I will be accepted for a used car loan in today's economy if I already have student loans?0vaishnavi2012-10-14 08:37:16
Im the last year of college and I'm doing a double major in accounting and finance. Do not pay the rent or food but I have student loans that have accumulated over the past two years of about $ 15,000. I want to buy a used car (2005-2007) with about 50k miles on it which costs about $ 12,000 . I have about $ 3000 for a down payment. What do you think are my chances of getting the loan with the debt I have ? I know there's never a definitive answer , but I wonder if there is a possibility that would be able to receive this loan , even if it takes a couple of tries different with different institutions . I understand that there are fewer lenders due to low savings rates , but I still have hope.
Whoot! I got accepted to Fisher College!! .. What now [about student loans]?0Mythology2012-11-05 17:31:25
Fisher College is 38,000 a year. And I'm waiting on my "official" packet to see if the school gave me any money [as they didn't specify, they just told me via email that I had been accepted and would be recieving a packet in the mail within the next two weeks]. I'll also be applying FASFA for financial aid to see how much I can get from that.. But I already know that I'll be paying off student loans until I die, since there's no way I'll be able to get THAT much. How is the best way to budget my money beforehand so I'll know how to do it afterwards? Also, do you have to pay student loans back monthly once you're out of school, yearly, etc ? Are you billed? Or do you just pay it whenever you have money to put back on it ?
I paid my tuition (cash) but also accepted a loan, where is the loan money?0♂ → Yun salmon terror 2012-09-25 05:40:02
I paid cash last minute because he did not want to lose my place in my classes . But also requested a loan from family and accepted by my financial aid office of the schools . Since I've paid my dues and also accepted money from the loan. So my school is not going to mail the check from the loan proceeds . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We sent an email, but never came back to me , so I thought I'd already know .
Declined...low credit rating...but accepted for huge student overdraft! CONFUSED?0Sushi2012-09-29 08:01:04
I am a student of 3rd year undergraduate in college . In 2007 I opened a student account with NatWest and was given an overdraft
Are private student loans relatively easy to get as long as you are enrolled/accepted at a college?2Tilly2012-11-02 18:29:03
Since the payment does not start until 6 months after graduation , I guess it's easy to get the loan, I am right in this? My worst nightmare is to be accepted into a school and not have accepted the private student loan .
Am I likely to be accepted for this loan....?1Booker Perry2012-10-11 13:25:02
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I applied for a loan online last week, with a company that offers an immediate response / decision. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I filled out the online application and finally said he had been " conditionally accepted " to a higher interest rate than advertised ( which was still happy , as I know that my credit score needs improvement) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He published two consumer credit agreements to me , I have signed and returned a little , along with two address appropriate tests . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, the next day I was accepted conditionally for this loan , stupidly applied for another ( I was worried that the other would not work yet ) - & I was rejected ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will this affect my first application ? I am very worried as they desperately need the money and I'm pretty sure that no other company will give me a loan ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Will I get accepted for loan? UK QUESTION?5mistol2012-09-21 14:38:03
UK QUESTION Hello , I'm looking for some information on obtaining a loan , I get a loan
I had a loan accepted in principle?1tanvi verma2012-08-09 18:29:03
I applied for a loan with Tesco Finance and this was the answer I received from them. Where it says that I am ineligible for the breakdown of payment , does that mean that you have done a credit check ? Dear Customer Application Update Progress

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