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Student loan in default but mail was not being sent to correct address...?0Deidre2012-11-05 21:50:55
Back in 2005 i got a student loan, but i only went for one semester due to a death in the that iI'mtrying to go back to school that loan has accumulated over $2000 in iinterestsince i was not receiving the mail they were sending i have to pay over 4500 dol. total otherwise my ttranscriptswont be released...i want register for classes this week since its late registration already but they want me to pay it in full otherwise default will still be there any kind of advice anyone could give me as far as negotiating with the agency and not have to pay all the interest of something i was not even aware of...plz i need this advice asap..tks in advance
I am in need of the name and e-mail address for the owner/ceo for 10:31:03
This company is an online loan company and have fucked myself. I would like to contact the CEO to give a last chance to solve this problem before I have to go to the state attorney in Il , CA. and NV. Any help is greatly appreciated!
I want to find how to contact Total Lending Payday Loan, either an e-mail address or 800 #.?0Sanjay2012-11-05 19:21:23
I have a payday loan I want to pay off with this company and I can't find the address for them and they just keep taking cash from my checking acct. every 2 weeks and don't e-mail or call me to make arrangements for a pay-down or pay-off, which I know is a scam and that is why I want to get them paid off and their hands out of my cash... Thanks for any information anyone has on this company. I expect there is at least one more "name" this company hides under so it is hard for someone like myself to find them on a web site, so if anyone knows other names please let me know, I REALLY want to get this issue resolved quickly.... Thanks, VIcki Dugger
How can I stop mail being delivered to my previous address if I am currently homeless?1LMH2012-09-01 03:39:03
As far as I know , the mail is being sent to my old address daily and contains most of my personal information ( social security number , date of birth , etc. ..) , because most student loans is reported to tons of different agencies . I can not get to the post office to be delivered (nationwide ) and I have no forwarding address that is a change of address online and there are no funds to set up a PO Box for the city I'm currently in ( and with free public library to post ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any suggestions ? Should I just go to the nearest post office and see if they can stop my mail is delivered around the country ? All they have on the USPS website is about putting mail clings ... can / should continue indefinitely hold until you have an email address ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the help , MedlinePlus Dr. R
Will The Work Address accept a credit card bill and/or loan/bank statement/record as a proof of address?3Khandi2019-04-07 20:07:05
I am requesting a "Report on the use of data" The Work Number , and in it I have to include proof of residency . I know it will accept electric / phone / gas / cable / satellite TV bills , but the project must reference the applicant's name . Since I still live with my mother who pays the bills , the project will have their name on it and not mine . I do not know if you accept my request, if the name of my mother is in the bill. Also recovered documents are accepted online ? To know what the number is working , visit .
If I take out a loan under a certain address, will paying taxes be linked to that address?1Kelvina2012-08-14 23:23:03
I want to take a car loan and I live part time in two different places which are two different tax areas . Is the address you left for the loan will be the location that would have to pay taxes? Thank you.
Where can I pay off my student loan online? Or do I have to mail it in?1Kerwi2012-10-12 23:12:03
Where I can pay my student loan online ? Or do I have to mail ?
How long does it take to recieve your check in the mail after signing a promissory note for a student loan?1Saadiq2012-10-06 08:05:02
I made it through KeyBank online and sent me on my note last week . How long should I expect to wait for my check in the mail ?
Does using a forbearance on my student loans effect my military student loan repayment the same way as default?0Garnett2012-10-16 22:01:18
I 'm going to the U.S. Army and want to know my options for my loans . My father helped me pay and recently died . I signed up for the payment option of student loans through the army , so that after four years of all my loans will be paid , including PLUS loans (excluding interest) While approving the military deferment on loans in my name, on behalf of my mother , are not eligible for any further delay . Deferred payment loans DQ not paying student loans, but do not let them go into default . ? I can use the time allotted patience , or have patience , as default , DQ them Rebate Program ? Thank you.
Told I need a Default Clearance document, but not in default of any loan?0sharmeka2012-09-03 17:08:03
About 20 years ago ( literally ) , I attended a college for 1.5 years before transferring to another school and graduate. During the transfer , the guardians physically traveled to the esc . , Spoke w / Support dept . and they said that nothing should be . He married , bought houses , cars - there were no breaches . Then the SCH . decides to start sending notices of a debt .... ? ? ? ? ? My guards are over. I have no evidence of settlements / receipts . This sch . contacted me each w 4-5 yrs / this and other students said they had been abused as well . From your first contact w / me , so I have sent two letters drop dead . I have not heard from them for at least four years . Now , I'm taking my last undergraduate classes 4of4 necessary to enter a MAT program , and I receive this alert Help Off . I need a letter of authorization by default. This did not seem to last year when I applied .. ? As bacc postdoctoral however fin.aid unavailable. I applied this year . order to comply with the requirements for study work consideration . I called the 800 number to see if it appeared in the record for outstanding NPLs govt and said NO ( as I expected . ) What should I do ? ! ! ! Need work study now , but probably will fin.aid for masters program 2010-2011! HELP !
When are you in 'default' for a student loan?1Bryna2012-10-21 18:56:02
Hello. MedlinePlus I 'm in the middle of the transfer of a CC California at Cal Poly Pomona for the upcoming Spring 2012 Quarter . Most completed my courses I enrolled in a class of 4 Mathematics default that left me registered as " below the half-time" student. Fast forward to December, my first payment and I missed it , moved in the middle of those months and had trouble getting my mail. The next is due in just a few days , but with all the expenses associated with the transfer of my doubt it will be able to arrive on time . Moreover , reading the CPP financial help page states that in order to receive financial I can not be in arrears with earlier loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To summarize : MedlinePlus Will is a month late on a student loan , and perhaps a few days in the next, I do fall into default and lose all hope of financial support to Cal Poly Pomona ?
Student loan in default?0He Belongs With Me. :/2012-08-16 18:10:02
My husband has a student loan in default and your wages are garnished are . We have tried to contact the company holding the loan for tax reasons , but can not reach them. Can you consolidate your student loan while in arrears? I looked at your credit report and states that are not making payments. What should we do ? ?

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