Should i contact the FTC? about a payday loan company?

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the FTC is really cracking down on payday loan companies in my state, going as far as shutting many down and trying to get rid of them all together.
well we have an installment loan it was due a few days ago, we told them many days before it was due we were not able to make the payment. they told us we have to pay, no exceptions, we need to beg borrow and steal to get the money to pay this. well in the contract it states " if you are paying more than 10 days late a $10 late fee will apply" meaning you ARE in fact able to pay late am i right? and i brought this up to them and they told me it doesnt apply to us! i mean it is in the paperwork, they have to abide by this dont they? i am seriously thinking i should contact the FTC because they actually forced us to take out another loan with them in order to pay this.

anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

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