Divorce Decree ERROR...Did not compell Ex to get my name off of home loan?

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Lady Don
Asked at 2012-08-14 09:08:03
Nothing in my div decree stated that the house needed to be refinanced to get my name out of the house he got in the settlement.
My credit is being destroyed because he is still 3 to 4 month delay from October 2009.
Your account balance is 60,000 (approximately), and the resale value would be easily 120 000 today, so you have good equity.
Your interest rate is high at 8.5%, with taxes and, as your mortgage is less than $ 1,000 / mt.
He is a lawyer. He says that "the poor" is a defense attorney, practicing since 1995.
My lawyer div is more of a snake that my ex, so it is useless, and keeps pushing me away from this remedy.
I contact the judge who made our div, but was fired because of his favoritism. The replacement judge is under federal indictment of some sort.
My div was in the spring of 2004.

How I can get this corrected divorce decree?
My ex refuses to refinance, and may harbor ill will, because I remarried.
Is there any way to "force" the hand of my ex to refinance?

My new husband and I are trying to pay my debts from my previous marriage and saving for a house, we live in an apartment in the entire 4 years of marriage. He is handicapped, so we have to retro any house we buy ... no choice, really. New homes cost between $ 95 on up per square meter they have built. Pre existing homes be as low as $ 65 per square foot, well done, with minimal upgrades, so this is the way forward.
In our estimates of budget, we will be debt free in May 2014, the car paid off, too.
So give me time to get my credit card again excellent, if I can get the house out of my name.
And my new husband has bad credit due to medical bills of his career in 2001, so he is trying to rebuild your credit, too.

Please advise and thanks!

Answer1kieyannaAnswered at 2012-08-22 09:03:02
If you can not talk to make refinancing your name and you have to take it back to court. You need a new lawyer . It's really strange that your attorney is not helping to deal with this and is trying to get let it be , he is friends with his ex or something ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can you threaten to return home if the house is still in his name too? Maybe that will prompt us to take his name ...
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