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Groom's mother only allowed to invite one guest?1eska2018-08-22 22:41:52
My son
No save the date/last minute invite for a wedding..should I give money/a gift?7Terrence2012-11-04 23:04:02
My cousin is getting married in less than a month. Looks like a shotgun wedding . I received an invitation via text yesterday. Do not save the day . No formal invitation. The room was not even book yet . I have two other wedding next month , a baby shower , and a vacation to come. I'm broke and my budget is stretched very thin . I live on my own, pay their own rent , car , insurance , student loans . We are a very small and I expect at the wedding . I'm not sure how much I can afford to give .. or can ... and I'm just beginning to stand on my own feet . Oh I paid all my credit cards and cut them into pieces . What should I do ? I'm so stressed .
Should I call my estranged mother on Mother's Day?3Jayson2012-10-16 08:10:02
** Sorry in advance for this being long. Thanks to anyone who reads it! ** I have not spoken to my mother several months after going into a big fight. I will not go into details of what all he did, but more important was that she ruined my credit and put me in a lot of debt (I'm currently a college student). I will graduate soon, but I can not get a car, house, or even a credit card. Combined with student loan debt, bad credit will make things very difficult for me. I was thinking of paying everything out for her. Be realistic, you can not pay, nor awaits ... I decided to ask if you would agree that the accounts at your name though. Your credit is already ruined, so owning examine the accounts would not hurt. I was very good of him. I told him I was not mad as I was thinking of paying over time. I had absolutely no intention of ending our relationship, or even argue with her. I tried to be cheerful about it, and I was. She however, went mad after he was raised. She had no argument for what she did, so he resorted to lying and very scathing personal shots. My mom was always very emotionally abusive, but tonight was outstanding. What she was saying was designed to hurt me immensely. We have not spoken since. She has made no attempt to contact me or apologize. My sisters seem to think that I should bite the bullet and restart the first relationship. However, I know (from experience) that she will call her performance as an apology. The relationship would continue as it was before the fight, and just not talk about what happened. I just want to forget everything she said if I did not want another blow-up to happen. If I mentioned, there would be another fight. I love to have a relationship with my mother, and Mother's Day seems a perfect day for a start up again. I really do not want to "give". That has happened many times in the past. . . I miss my mom though. : (
Are creditors allowed to sue?1Johnnu2012-11-06 05:20:02
I know, I have to pay . But I am now able to pay , I barely have enough left for food after paying my bills . I have bad credit so I can not get a loan to consolidate my debts that would be great. So my question is : I have not made ​​a payment to one of my credit card companies in a year , and now a debt collection agency who are threatening to sue me for 3 times the amount I owe , Is it just a ploy to pay me or is it a real threat ? They even said I can not make the payment to the credit card company and them alone
Am I allowed to do anything with my student loan?0Carver2012-09-02 22:10:04
I'm getting subsidized and unsubsidized loans for my first year in college . It will be total of $ 9,500 . Currently I'm working and I make enough to make a living , but I was willing to pay all my debts to clear my bills , so I do not have to work so long in school . 9500 cover my payments I owe to my car and credit cards . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was borrowing my money and did not have to say what you want to spend . However, I found that someone today and told me that his only strictly educational expenditure and if somehow finds out I'm in trouble . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this true ?
Is a broker allowed to take property for himself?0LVal2012-09-26 14:37:04
Say a broker gave a loan to a small business, but the company does not pay you back . Does the broker will take the small business for yourself ? Or is that the Bank of the company ?
Please read, is a car dealership even allowed to do this?1sadarie2012-09-11 09:58:08
Please read and respond that is important . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went to a dealer and found a box car that I liked , and they said they'd sell it to me. I filled out the forms took the purchase order to a bank and received a check for it. the dealer told me the car was waiting to go through security screening , and I told them id back the next day to pick it up and give the check. So the next day I return them to record and then tell me that the car is not ready to go home yet , because when I picked up , which has just been negotiated in the morning and the previous owners had not completed the transaction in the new car they would buy . So basically , traders sold me a car that was not theirs to sell, however, because if the previous owners changed their minds about the new car , the dealer would have to give his old car back . That really bothers me. I do not mind waiting for the car, but the fact that they forgot to tell me this in the first place makes me very uncomfortable . Im worrid that since I gave them the check and they're going to waste time because they do not have an incentive to hurry . So I'm wondering , if they give me around and I had enough and wants the money , and already cashed the check , can my bank sue ? ( I got a car loan from my bank ) anything else I should be concerned?
Are bill collectors allowed to do this?2Ah. . 変 ㄋ cesium. "DаWa" 2012-11-06 06:36:02
I took out a loan with a shady online company about 4 years . I never fully repaid the loan because I lost my job and now they are calling me saying that they will issue a warrant of arrest on criminal charges in the county lived at the time, because I have not paid . Is this legal or just harassing me ? What should I do ?
I'm "not allowed" to get a credit card. Should I get one anyway?1Cerina2012-10-23 14:05:03
I have 23 years old and live with my aunt and uncle. I like to respect the house rules . But I'm really thinking of breaking one. My aunt told me that she does not want me to get a credit card . But I have 23 years and I feel I should be allowed to make this decision on my own. Not that I 'm irresponsible and she does not want me to get one , she did not want any of his children to get a good. I get paid every week for my car insurance and cell phone , and pay all my student loans on my own and on time. However, despite working full-time and part-time work , I can save money . I literally do not do enough to save him. I'd really like a credit card in case my car breaks down , or if I have to go to the doctor and have no money to pay my $ 50 co . Also, many credit cards have rewards programs where you can get gift cards or free nights in a hotel , and I want one for that too . Should I go against the rules and get anyway ?
Is a loan company allowed to do this?8Nidia2012-09-08 03:25:02
I have a loan a year ago that I pay the bill has been sent to the recovery agents , asked me a loan last week as I need it to start working , the loan was approved and I tried to take my account out, but let me just take half , I checked with the bank and they said I was waiting for something clear , next I know I checked my account online and the whole batch was gone , I went to bank and told me that the loan company a year ago that I had made a direct debit on my card and can withdraw money doing this?
What can I do when my allowed forbearance time runs out?0ilias2012-09-24 16:31:02
My student loans are owned COSTEP . He bought them after I went through the rehabilitation program to exit the default with the former owner of the loans ( I finished - I'm not in arrears more) . However, they have only a limited grace period , so now I'm nearing the end of . You can not grant extra indulgence while owners of these loans , and I can not afford to pay at this time - I have a job MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus My question is: How I can get these loans transferred to another company , where I can get a forbearance period longer? I had heard that if he could qualify for financial aid and return to school , if only for a semester , so I could re- consolidate my loans and would be owned by the government . Does anyone know anything about this?
Am I allowed to change my mind? If I get a loan for a used car and then I see a different car I want for a?2Mandie2012-10-13 00:09:03
cheapest price and best mileage I can use that money for another car loan ? ( When completing the auto loan application will ask what brand and model) .

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