Groom's mother only allowed to invite one guest?

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Answer1HollanaAnswered at 2012-11-05 14:23:35
Do not invite people to the wedding that the couple did not give you permission to invite. That will only cause trouble. The bride sounds a little selfish, or at least thoughtless, but your son has chosen to love her, and you need to respect them and their autonomy as a couple to make their own decisions. Have a heart-to-heart with the couple and let them know how you feel, without being manipulative. Then leave it at that. Do not ever attempt to go behind the bride's back by getting your son to agree to something she was against, this will only create problems in their relationship. They are a couple, they need to make decisions as a couple, independent of their parents. It's not your wedding, and you're not paying for it so you really have no say. I hope she has the common sense to change her mind, but whatever they decide, once the wedding is over, resolve to let the issue go. Nothing good will come from holding a grudge against your son or new daughter-in-law.
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