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Loan Type for this Situation?0courtney!!2012-11-05 02:22:45
I am sure there is an appropriate loan for this, but I'm not quite sure which type we're looking for. We own our land outright, free and clear. Assessment is $20k. We would like to purchase a new manufactured (mobile) home, permanently sited. We would need to have grading work done on the land, and we would need to have a foundation put in. That would cost about $15k. We'd like a loan for the price of the trailer ($32k), and the prep work (about $15k). We would ideally like an option that didn't involve a mortgage and down payment. We could come up with the few thousand dollars down payment on the $32k mobile home if that were the only option. It's just that we're after the least cash-heavy situation. Credit is just under the 700 mark. We recently paid off a different $18k loan, perfect on the track record, never late on a payment. Income is about $60k per year. Happy to use the $20k worth of land as an asset. A few folks suggested a personal loan for the $47k might be appropriate. Seems like a big # for a personal loan though. But I don't really know. Construction loan? We actually will be visiting the bank to talk to a loan officer in a few weeks. Just wanted to get an idea so we know what we're talking about. Educated thoughts?
Ok what type of situation are you in?2julee2012-11-04 05:55:02
Im a 23 year old college working part time at a bar. My monthly check is $ 435 and now im renting an apartment with my friends. The rent is $ 980 per month 1 bedroom apartment . My friend and I pay half, so paying 440 a month. The problem is that I owe so much in student loan and becuase I bought a new car when I was 18 years old I have yet to settle payments too . I bought a Scion tC when I was 18 and I have a debt of 14,000 for the car. School enrollment is about 19,000. I try to save money, but it is very difficult to save . Just for the food I need to spend 20-30 dollars a day . I have around $ 367.25 . Am I a good start how come some people my age making me your situation. How old ru and how much do you have saved for around my age.
What type of housing should I be considering in my situation- continue renting or buying?2Please help/Dee2012-10-03 09:56:03
I have 28 and married with no children. I have a steady job - been there for six years, and the credit score and history well. I make about $ 75,000 a year or so with my income. No savings. I'm in the process of canceling credit cards, care plan to zero in the next 4 months. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After paying down the cards, my bills still include a line of credit with a balance of $ 7,000 and student loan debt by about $ 50,000 (but later reduced to about $ 25,000 owed since I'm soon to be eligible for a loan forgiveness due to the nature of my work.) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband is employed, but not always like me and do not have a credit history always like me. My income is higher than yours too. He is in the process of trying to start a business as well. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband and I planned to spend nine months in each other, when our current contract is up. We are now renting an apartment in a nice community, but we want more convenience of having a car, more space and not have to climb a lot of stairs (no elevator is) and such. It's hard to do that around here. However, we can not afford to buy any of the houses in this neighborhood as they go for about a million dollars easily. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Because of our circumstances, we must look into renting another place that meets the needs or should we try to buy a multifamily dwelling unit and rent the other to pay the mortgage? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband is in favor of buying a two-family house, but I'm not going to qualify with little or nothing left. And I do not know if it will be a big risk because we are looking at Queens in some areas that already have a lot of foreclosures - properties are more affordable than they currently live. Also, I am skeptical of the landlord-tenant problems and the types of people who can live in my house and destroy it, not paying rent, has drama, etc. Anyway, I'd like some advice and also be asked whether owner of a multifamily property is worth? ? ? ?
HELP! Where should I go and what type of loan should I get?2kangaroo2012-11-04 07:51:02
The situation : I have a high interest loan very small and close to 4 credit cards totaling $ 8,000 . Desperately want to pay this off or at least immedietely have it all in one consolidated loan . I need to know what would be my best options would be to get a loan with an interest rate very good. My FICA is about 775-800 ( the high) , I own a house (can not refinance. Just made a year ago with a 3 year pre - payment penalty ) , and my debt to income ratio is well ( I make more money than you spend each month ) . MedlinePlus I have about $ 250,000 in equity in my home ( the amount he had to walk with if I had to sell) . Any advice would be greatly appreciated in detail . thank you
What would be the best type of loan for us?0ilovepink2012-10-14 01:05:43
Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for nearly three years (since high at the time) and our house was included in that, however , the mortgage company just started in February foreclosure even though the house is listed in our bankruptcy discharged . We would buy again and believe it or not , in the Midwest can find decent homes for $ 40,000 or less! Combined monthly income is approximately (gross ) . $ 6000 . We have cash of $ 12,000 to put down and have maintained good credit since the bankruptcy credit scores ( 720 and 680 .... no other debt of a car loan for $ 10,000 and I have student loans that still in the postponement . ) Any advice on what type of mortgage you should. Go after ? I looked at home last $ 23,000 that I would buy ! PS I do not want anyone to tell me you can not get a mortgage for an amount as small as you can ! ! this is not California - ie inexpensive housing in the Midwest
What type of loan should I take out and what's the best one?0Shelly H2012-09-27 02:00:07
I live in Victoria , Australia . I have a credit card debt of $ 6000 that I want to get rid of him . I think I can make payments of $ 60 a week . I have no idea what type of loan you should go or with whom ? I just want to be able to pay , but there are many banks and deals and stuff that is sooo confusing . Can anyone give me some advice?
Any type of loan that I don't need a cosigner?2Deliah2012-10-12 21:45:03
I am a student and Chase bank . I've been turned down for credit after loan even with an endorsement ... apparently his credit was not so great . I have a very very small . For like $ 300 or less . So not much . I just do not have a guarantee . I want a legit loan not a scam . Because I need money fast and within the next two days .
What type of loan should I apply for?0Awesome12012-09-28 07:05:03
I own land , with a tax value of 35k . I bought a single box wide manufactured home , and installed a septic . MedlinePlus I've been renting for 5 years and do it slowly . He was recently laid off and my new job has drastically reduced my income . So now I have to get this single set width on an ongoing basis and has a drilled well , so I will have a permanent home . I'm out of cash to do the same . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What type of loan should I apply ? I searched a rural development loan , but is said to be unable to secure financing from another lender . I have yet to apply anywhere else , because I'm sure which loan to apply for. I do not want to apply for several loans and lower my credit score . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have budgeted to finance between 15 - 20k MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My credit history is 3 years old, paid for a car loan , new car loans and a revolving credit card.
What is the best type of no credit car loan?0Elton2012-08-20 00:16:02
I have to get a car loan , but have not established credit. I looked online and there are tons or car loans out there to lend me money with no credit check ! So my question is : what is the best? Which has the lowest interest rate / better options ? I'm looking for serious answers please.
Need help on type of business loan?3popely w2012-11-01 22:02:03
I'm trying to gather the facts so you can be as prepared mentally as well as with the paper - to try to get a small loan from a credit union to start a business MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I have a good business plan , which is close to the SBA guidlines , however I 'm not thinking about trying for a small business loan , because I do not think that the industry is still quite OK . ( Nuisance Wildlife Control ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway , I only need about 5,000 . I have a bit more than that in savings but I am not willing to spend all that as my wife and I are in the process of buying a house . We have an offer at a time , but we've been on stage for about 6 months . ( We are in an area where we need FHA no down payment. ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The credit union offers loans shared "safe " , " Line of Credit " , " personal / consolidation loans " , " equity loans " (not sure if that means that if we use some money for the loan in advance I rate ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not understand what could be better for me and not what are the easiest to qualify. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I appreciate any help that I can be well informed and prepared to enter the credit union. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
What type of loan should I get? My car is broken down...?0HELP! please2012-08-31 15:27:03
Okay I owe 6200 on my car and now needs a new transmission for $ 2000. Should I get a credit line from my house by the amount (13.5 % share) and I can deduct the interest on tax season , MedlinePlus or should I refinance my car loan ? The interest rate is 9 % and you can not deduct the interest.
Best type of student car loan?1Student3152012-10-02 07:29:03
I currently am a lender Sallie Mae and I was wondering how or if I should go about getting a loan for a cheap ($ 3,000) reliable car , so I can switch to the class. what kind of loan would be ? I go through Sallie Mae or there are better alternatives ?

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