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Should i attend college, local university, or a far university?0Zakiyah2012-11-05 00:17:38
My grades are a high B, mid 80's.I live in Canada, vancouver, and my dream is to go to another province for university. But I am poor, I probably only have $1000 dollars saved up, and the cost of living on campus (which i want to do) and tuition is so expensive. I am considered joining the army though for free education. I'm trying to get a career that makes over $100,000 because i hate being poor, so ill probably study business or science, or computers. I want to be able to study, but also party and meet new people, and join sports teams, because in highschool i'm very reserved and quiet. I've never had an experience like that but I think I'd learn so much from it. But if i borrow student loans I don't want to be in debt. I know you can save so much money from staying with your parents, but I just want something exciting and fun. Also I don't get along with my siblings or parents.But money is the most important thing to me. I just want to be financialy stable. And some people say go to college to figure out what you want to do, but I view college as boring and for dumb people (not saying it's true!) I don't even know what career I want though. I don't want to waste time in college neither because it takes probably 4 years to get good degrees to make lots of money, and way more years to climb the ranks of the job. Please help =(
Which is the best online university to attend? I am a single mother and really need to start college.?4Mirayah Robinson2018-07-28 02:39:48
Looking forward to college, but do not know what online university is a very good, but I need will help with grants and loans can anyone help ?
I need help on trying to find a University to attend!!!?1hsanetha2012-10-04 16:22:04
Hi all, MedlinePlus So I am a student with a high school diploma . I graduated with over a 3.0 , but I can not go to college without taking out a loan . But I do not want to be paying a loan of my life . I also want to go because I have a job that pays very well for someone my age . I received a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology Spanish , but everywhere I am alone has Bachelor of Science . I would not mind taking online classes , but I'd find a place that is recognized when I go for my masters . So can anyone help me find a place to at least 2000 , after financial aid , because I have already 10000. I live in Atlanta , but do not mind driving or doing something online . Argosy heard , South University, AIU , any comment . Thanks :)
Can you attend a university and cosmetology school at the same time?1owl2012-09-06 15:33:05
My cousin is in college right now and wants to attend cosmetology school too. We have seen online and a college closer to us than allowed to attend Saturday classes during the day. My question is, can apply for financial aid for schools or who have to apply for a private loan you really want to do both .
I attend Central Michigan University and have a low gpa, how can I raise it?0Attalah2012-09-11 05:05:06
My current GPA is probably a 1.5 , I'm proud and certainly loosened my first year . Because this was put on academic probation . I lost my FAFSA loans that financed my college . So I'm planning to attend community college in the fall , which is the easiest and fastest way to raise my GPA in college to get my benefits back ?
$29,000 loan as a freshmen (some gov't loans) to attend a top 10 university- am I out of my mind?0nur2012-09-26 02:41:04
I need someone to tell me this is okay ! MedlinePlus I'm going crazy and stressing ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Has anyone done this in the past ? Will I be able to pay considering that I will take more loans through my 8th grade ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I plan on looking to find more scholarships and grants as I go along . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 40,000 is the contribution of my family and the family excepted only willing to pay 15k . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I worked hard in high school (actually I worked up the ass ) and I came to this school I love realllly fantastic . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Early in the process of college I promised I would not let money decide which school I would attend. Now I've decided that I'm starting to have regrets. No turning back ..... but I'll be fine ? Is it possible to have this much debt as a freshman and survive the repayment time comes ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need some comfort here :/ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh, and I have thought about going to medical school , become a doctor , specializing :/ etc
Is it better to attend college on line or my local community college?2frantz2012-08-15 09:23:03
I did a certificate course online at my local community college for employment. My education was paid because I fell in the catagory all expenses paid . I had to ask for student loans, but I am attending an online university , only to discover that he took all the money from student loans they could. I still go into the family does not contribute to my aid Finacial . Does this mean I have to use my student loan money , and then collect the rest Finacial ?
Can someone help me find out how it cost to attend the Academy of Art University School online.?0Emily2012-09-11 19:17:03
I request the Academy of Art University online know what classes I want to take , but do not know how much it will cost can someone please help me find out . Who wish to take classes listed below . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Illustration School : MedlinePlus Figure 1 Figure dressed MedlinePlus Figure Drawing 2 dressed MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Intermediate Figure Drawing Head and Hands 1 Heads and Hands 2 Figure 1 MedlinePlus Figure 2 MedlinePlus Figure 3 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know for a fact that you will need a loan , but I would like to know how
Is it worth taking out a private student loan to attend Rutgers University?0Tran2012-10-26 12:30:11
Is it worthwhile to take a private student loan to attend Rutgers University ?
Federal and private loans for university? I'm just plain confused. I paid for my own university cash, so I0〆 wine numbness ﹑ 2012-08-22 20:04:02
not understand the process . FAFSA and Sallie Mae I have on my desktop , it is still very confusing . Registration because my daughter is 5 September . My husband has a lot of money , but he is her stepfather , and does not work . Still is approved by Sallie Mae with decent credit ? My daughter will be approved without a guarantor? How long does it take to get the results of applications for loans through Sallie Mae ? How much do you give ? Somebody take my hand and explain some things to me , because I'm overwhelmed by all the reading material and not knowing which direction to go in. I will have to pay in cash if you do not get these loans .
University Vs. Community College?0alexander- important!!!2012-09-22 01:00:03
Just graduated HS online a year ago and I do not know what I do with my life . I know I do not want to go to college , mainly because of cost. I do not want to get into the adult world with student loan debt and I do not see myself in a career that requires a college degree .... My dad wants me to work for a year , which is understandable because it is having to help my sister pay for college right now and do not expect to have to help me for another year. MedlinePlus Right now I'm trying to get a job and I'm thinking of taking some classes at the local university . MedlinePlus Any thoughts on this ? Another problem is that you really want to get out of town ... MedlinePlus If I go to a community college out of state , will it end up costing as much as a real college ? or close to it ?
Im going to college and need a car. i will be going to Reinhardt University.?0Madison2012-10-15 05:05:26
I have a vehical but the end down . the engine is blown. Is there any student loans or grants that I can get to buy a car for $ 4500, will be to come and go to college

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