Should i attend college, local university, or a far university?

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My grades are a high B, mid 80's.I live in Canada, vancouver, and my dream is to go to another province for university. But I am poor, I probably only have $1000 dollars saved up, and the cost of living on campus (which i want to do) and tuition is so expensive. I am considered joining the army though for free education. I'm trying to get a career that makes over $100,000 because i hate being poor, so ill probably study business or science, or computers. I want to be able to study, but also party and meet new people, and join sports teams, because in highschool i'm very reserved and quiet. I've never had an experience like that but I think I'd learn so much from it. But if i borrow student loans I don't want to be in debt. I know you can save so much money from staying with your parents, but I just want something exciting and fun. Also I don't get along with my siblings or parents.But money is the most important thing to me. I just want to be financialy stable. And some people say go to college to figure out what you want to do, but I view college as boring and for dumb people (not saying it's true!) I don't even know what career I want though. I don't want to waste time in college neither because it takes probably 4 years to get good degrees to make lots of money, and way more years to climb the ranks of the job. Please help =(

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