My mom is very unsupportive of my husband trying to get into the Marine officer's program...What do you think? related questions

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My mom is very unsupportive of my husband trying to get into the Marine officer's program...What do you think?0ssf2012-11-04 09:18:07
My husband is going to OCS this January, and my mom is really down on the idea. We were excited to hear that he got into OCS to begin with, as he had to have a waiver for his hearing. Whenever I try to talk to my mom about him going, she only has negative things to say about it. This is so frustrating for me because she keeps implying that I don't really understand that the going into the Marines can be dangerous. I'm of the opinion that you should, within reason, allow your spouse to make their own decisions about what career path to follow. He's going to try for logistics as his MOS, so it's not like he's gravitating towards the specializations where you are most likely to see combat.... So, I have three questions: 1.) Have any of you experienced this before? 2.) What do you think of his motivation for joining? My mom says that his motivation for going into the Marines is what bothers her the most. He's going in to help us pay off our student loans, to gain leadership experience to enter an MBA program, and for the challenge. Maybe these aren't the most altruistic reasons, but he is committed to doing whatever job they give him. Is that so wrong? 3.) I'm pregnant and due in July. Everyone he's talked to said that he'd most likely be able to be there for the birth of his child. My mom is telling me that he's an irresponsible parent to join the military when he's about to be a dad. I don't agree, but I wanted some perspective on this point as well. Thanks!
Student loan programs for Marine Corps officers?0Zoltan2012-11-05 23:45:42
My boyfriend is thinking about becoming an officer for the Marines. He's a recent college grad and he is wondering what good programs there are for helping pay his college student loans if he becomes an officer. Any help?
Marine Corps PLC, how competitive is it to get into this program?0prttyizs2012-08-27 11:51:02
Besides, the Marine Corps has a student loan repayment program for its officers ? thanks
Does the Marine Corps have a loan repayment program?0komi2012-10-01 06:12:02
I plan to graduate from college in the coming years and plan to join the Corps later. Do you have a program of loan repayment ? Thank you.
Is there a loan repayment program for commissioned officers?1Ronald2012-10-16 05:09:02
I hope to build up a huge debt after graduating from college ( possibly $ 200,000) . I want to serve in the army as an officer after graduation because I want to serve my country , but there are loan repayment programs for officers and NCOs ? I'm asking this because I'm trying to eliminate the benefits of the military , but because it will be difficult to repay this loan with my salary if I decide to stay modest military . Thank you !
Can Army Officers use the Student Loan repayment program?0Brina2012-09-04 00:40:03
I'm confused as to whether or not this program is only for enlisted ? I am interested in joining the army as an officer and I have about $ 40,000 in student loans . Will you pay this loan out for me? Please use a link to back up your data . thanks
Does any branch of the Military have a loan repayment program for officers?0invy2012-09-06 19:28:12
Is there a college loan program to pay for those who want to be officers graduating from Officer Candidate School ? I could only find programs loan repayment for those who want to register and for officers. I have heard that both the Army and the Marine Corps has a program of loan repayment for officers , though not sure if this is accurate . Thanks for reading and answering !
Are Officers in the US Army Reserves eligible for the Loan Repayment Program?0 가변명사 2012-09-27 00:27:06
For example , for a 1stLt just out of graduate school . he has no loan repayment program in his contract . Can you still apply? thank you
Is the National Guard Student Loan Repayment Program only available for officers?0Monquie2012-10-13 23:59:11
I'm thinking of joining the Minnesota National Guard and I just returned from a meeting with my recruiter for the 2nd time . I graduated from a 4-year college in the spring , so I have my bachelor's degree. Could enter the Guard as an officer but I did not want to after hearing what training is and how long it takes , but everyone has told me that is the way to go . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway , my recruiter , said the program of loan repayment is only available for people who go to OCS and you can only get the money for the loans if it goes all the way through his committee. Is this true ?
Student Loan Repayment program for commissioning Army National Guard officers?0Seth2012-09-08 22:14:03
Hi , I'm an ROTC cadet , and was launched in December. I have a few student loans, and I was wondering what is the norm for programs to pay student loans for start official protector. Is there any more SLRP ? Or is that the guard stop doing that cause its more strengthed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Besides, never put any bonus is usually a branch officer aviation?
Do commissioned officers receive a officer bonus or a student loan repayment program on commissioning?0Onri2012-09-25 20:46:07
I commission as a 2LT in December in the Army National Guard . I wonder if it is possible for the state to pay for some of my student loans are Wells Fargo , but in the " Student Loan " account , so it's not a regular loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , I was wondering if they are still handing over the official launch of the bonus ? I'm from Nebraska. Thank you !
PLS help. marine wife no benefits at all...:(?1Radiky Rick 2012-09-12 20:44:05
we got married in October 2007 in the Philippines. as soon as I got our marriage certificate / contract, asked me to send him. for two months after the wedding do not send me any financial support. I know his salary rose because he introduced me as his wife. until January 2008 that I sent her another ATM card from your bank from there I get the money if I need it. This ATM was still in his name. the following month, was deployed to Iraq. I know he is receiving payment for separation / additional provisions because we're not together. I still just remove as 250 or $ 200 each paycheck for my expenses here. at this time I was not to rent'm living with my parents. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus after Iraq, used the money to buy a new truck. FYI, I was saving money by accessing online a fixed deposit. also used everything and bought a new truck. October 2008 returned to the Philippines to visit for 29 days. San Diego then returned to Camp Pendleton, where he is stationed. last month decided to live off-base and rent an apartment. I totally disagree because we are still paying for your new truck loan, and its 5000 bill credit card. but still went to rent. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just found a Filipino friend who happens to be an Army Wife, her husband entered the DEERS while still here in the Philippines waiting for their visa. she also has a military ID. I did not know what it is deer and my husband never mentioned this to me. I told him about this and he freaked out telling me to wait until I get there and I will join. I told a friend who signed up to deer and got his ID at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus have pending visa petition for me. and even now is working on it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus please help I do not know what are my benefits as marine wife. My husband was supposed to continue to live in the barracks and you are using subsidized dependent bBAH to himself. ive been sick a couple of times and I did not know I was entitled too. my husband had been cold in me lately, going out with friends and meet new girls. I just found that it was too subscribe to the online dating site. pls help wat are my rights and benefits.

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