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Am I eligible for a crisis loan?0alik2012-11-04 01:27:00
I've recently started a job placement from the job centre after being on Job seekers allowance. I am now working four days a week with another day allocated to job searching and receiving my Job seekers allowance money of
I wasn't eligible for the BOGW Fee Waiver? Will I be eligible for financial aid? Someone help please!?2Christina Mader2017-09-15 17:44:37
COASTLINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Financial Aid Office 11460 Warner Avenue Fountain Valley, CA 92708 [email protected] (714) 241-6239* Tel (714) 241-6312 Fax August 23, 2012 PHILLIP DINH [email protected] SANTA ANA, CA 92704 If you are seeking financial aid and/or a fee waiver at Coastline Community College, please be sure to read each of these sections below carefully for further information and instructions, as many of our processes have changed. *Do not reply to this email, this email address is not meant to receive incoming messages.* Dear PHILLIP: STUDENT ID: XXXXXXXX Hello from the Financial Aid staff at Coastline Community College. This letter has been generated because you have listed our school on your 2012-2013 FAFSA, or a correction has been made to this FAFSA. If you do not have a Student ID # listed above, please notify our office once you obtain one. A. FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION: FALL 2012-SUMMER 2013 Only one college can pay you Federal financial aid, per semester. If you want Coastline Community College to pay you financial aid (grants/loans) for Fall 2012, Spring 2013 or Summer 2013, you MUST email our office at [email protected] with your request for Coastline Community College to process your 2012-2013 FAFSA. You will receive an email confirmation of your request within 2 business days. Please be advised, you may be required to submit further documentation to our office. If so, you would be sent an email with a list of required documents and further instructions. If not, you would receive an email indicating your file is complete and in line to be reviewed. STUDENTS WITH PRIOR DEGREES AND/OR MORE THAN 90 ATTEMPTED UNITS: Students who have a degree or who have attempted 90 or more units will be automatically disqualified based on Satisfactory Academic Progress and will be required to submit an appeal per term. Students may receive a maximum of two appeals. If you, your spouse, or your parents if you are dependent, are UNEMPLOYED, or the household income has dropped significantly from 2011 to 2012, AND the EFC from your FAFSA is NOT "0", please email our office for further information. Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used: If you have reached the Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used maximum of 600% you would no longer be eligible for a Pell grant, and other aid may be limited or restricted. B. BOGW FEE WAIVER INFORMATION: BOGW Eligibility Status: Not Eligible*Not Eligible If you are eligible for a BOGW A, B, or C (listed above), your fee waiver will automatically post to the Admissions Office within 48 hrs and will waive your unit fees ($46 per unit), for Summer 2012, Fall 2012, and Spring 2013, IF, you have a valid student id# listed above AND you are a California Resident with the Admissions Office. NO FURTHER DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED for the fee waiver to apply. Please be advised, it will NOT waive any other fees, such as the health fee, parking, materials fees, etc. Failure to pay these fees will result in a drop for non-payment. Students are responsible for adhering to drop dates rules for non-payment, if the fee waiver has not yet applied. *EXCEPTIONS: Contract education courses, such as those offered through the Military/Spouse Programs are NOT eligible for the fee waiver, nor are AB540 students. (Students eligible through the Dream Act (AB540/AB130/AB131) may receive benefits beginning Spring 2013.) C. IMPORTANT POINTS ABOUT YOUR FINANCIAL AID: 1. HERE IS AN OVERVIEW OF OUR PROCESS: List us on your FAFSA, notify our office you want CCC to process your 2012-2013 FAFSA, receive an email confirmation and/or list of forms and requirements; submit any required documents; receive notice that your file is complete and in line to be reviewed; receive notice of an award, a denial or request for further information. Files are reviewed in order of completion date. 2. If you have previously received notification that you have exhausted financial aid funds or are no longer eligible for financial aid at Coastline, this letter does not extend eligibility or supersede previous notifications. 3. Only one school can pay you Federal financial aid, per semester. However, you may have a fee waiver at more than one school. 4. Students are responsible for covering all costs of attendance and adhering to drop dates rules for non-payment. 5. Please be advised that as federal regulations regarding financial aid change, our policies and procedures may need to be adjusted accordingly. Regular office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8am-5pm. We are closed Tuesdays and Fridays for processing. The Coastline Financial Aid Office will be sending most communications via email. Keep all your contact information current with the F.A. office, including email, mail, and phone. Make sure that you can receive our messages/letters by adding [email protected] to your Safe List.
Im applying for a crisis loan from the social fund, any ideas as to what they regard as a crisis ?0sreedharan2012-11-06 01:38:10
Is there such a thing as a starting life crisis? Or is life just a constant crisis?0Tumpa2012-11-03 02:34:05
I'm young trying to figure out what to do with my life... I work and goto college... but the more i go to work it makes me realize i dont wanna work for another person for the rest of my life i wanna be my own boss but at the same time i see going to college is pointless because all it does is put me in debt to start my life out in so it forces me to go get a job after college because i have to pay back these loans and the cycle of just working starts. I am in the process of starting my own vending service I only have one candy machine so far but its a start.... just looking for some advice about how to win.... win this game we call life.
Am I eligible to get a car loan?2milan2012-10-08 23:31:02
I have 21 years of age. I have a part time job and earn about $ 600 a week . Part-time work as I am a full time student in college . but I can not save a lot because of the expenses. Just wondering if I could get a loan of $ 5000 for a car (2005 Mitsubishi Magna ES) because I heard that I can only get a loan if I have a full time job . Just wondering if this is true . This will be my first loan so I'm a little confused bout how everything works. so yes , if your knowledge of all these things , please help me understand . thanks :)
Am I eligible for a va loan?0jodi jerome2012-09-18 22:48:06
I read a lot of online eligibility form recently , but none make sense to me , and every time you call the Department of Veterans Affairs , I stay on hold forever and never get to talk to a person , so perhaps someone here can help me . I got a download honerable Army two years ago . I was not a reservist or National Guard , who was in active service , but was discharged after only nine months of being in. I do not even go to my place of employment first, I was discharged on the basis of I went to training for AIT . So , am I eligible for a VA loan , would be the only part of the benefits they offer that interests me , I know that I am not eligible for MGIBILL but hoped I could still get a home loan . If anyone knows , I'd love to get some clarity on this. thanks
Am I eligible for a loan?0Bing2012-08-12 10:08:03
Ok . I've been saying and saying since he graduated high school in 2007, I want to go to Chicago. Yes , I should be in college and I at some point next year but right now I have to move. Where I live now (Milwaukee ) , I am very unhappy. It's as if I have to stay here, but I realized that I have to stay here because ... ME. I have to do what I have to do to .. EXIT. Never I have to stay in any place and until I leave. Do you know ? However , I have little money for nothing and I'm out of work. So I'm thinking my best to get a loan may therefore be moved. What are they looking for in a person applying for loans ? Because ... - I have no credit . - I did a credit check online (not a point, you have to pay : [) and a medical bill was presented and was . - I owe the bank about $ 500 because they withdrew the money , even when my account had no money. (I know it was stupid , but I had no job and the food is important) Do these things I screw it up for a loan? Maybe I could afford these things with a loan ... - Shrugs - Thank you !
Am I eligible for a car loan?2chosen4cj2012-08-16 19:39:03
Hello, I would like a new -ish car more compact it is a little less than 10,000. They earn about $ 800 per month after taxes, and have a credit score of 700. I'm almost 21 years and been with my first job for 2 years and just started a second job a month ago. Do you think you may qualify for a loan of $ 10,000 or should I work and save $ 5,000 and then apply for a loan of $ 5,000?
Would I be eligible for a car loan? Need help from anyone who knows finance well.?3Brett2012-10-22 10:51:02
I have 18 years , male , in the state of Missouri , and I'm looking for a car loan for 6 to $ 8000 . I have no credit history , I have a checking account , savings yet . You can probably get one of my parents to co - sign a loan , but I can get a loan ? And if so , how high will my interest rate ?
Am I eligible for an auto loan?2Anita fields2012-10-09 16:50:03
I am in desperate need of a car . I have 18 years , I am working at McDonalds (which is the only place close enough to walk) and earns $ 7.15 an hour , about $ 200.00 a week. I've been working since late October and would like a car so you can go to college and get a better job . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was going to save and settle for a cheap $ 1000 - $ 2000 car until he could pay the down payment for a new car , but I decided to get a good used car and try to apply for an auto loan from my bank (fifth -third) . However, I have a feeling my situation will continue to get the loan . = ( MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So my question is , does anyone think / know if I qualify for a loan , if not , does anyone have any idea? Thank you. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus P.S. MedlinePlus do not tell me to ask my bank, I will do tomorrow = )
Can i still be eligible for a car loan even my car is under reposession?5Myra12012-09-21 16:45:02
repossessed.and our car we can not pay all of amount.instead pay , we are planning to use the money for a down payment for a new brand car.can still be eligible for a car loan ? I really need a car.
Will my cosigner for my car loan be eligible?0shylo2012-09-06 14:56:03
He already has two car loans already . They are paid on time each month , though.

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