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What is your schedule like as a part-time law student?0canary2012-11-04 00:01:59
I am applying to law school and I want to go part-time (partly out of necessity, since I don't want to have a hefty bundle of loans to pay off and for various reasons). What has this experience been like for people who have done it? I know it leaves little room for a social life, but I really want this. It has been my dream to be a lawyer for my entire life and I am willing to put in all the hours of studying and working that it will take to achieve this goal. But what I want to know are specifics: how many classes a semester can you take as a part-time law student? Are the classes in the evenings? When would you study, since your day was spent working and evenings were in class? Thanks! :)
Would it be easy or hard to get an apartment working part time and a student part time?0GUY2012-09-29 12:05:02
I want to go to a fo those apartments . I'm sick of living in a basement . I 'm not talking about an expensive apt , I just want a studio for $ 700/month . I work part time and make $ 700 of it, I am a student studying part time online , and get $ 500 per month student loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus the owner feel good rent someone like
Will someone help me make it on my own as a full time college student with a part time job?4Clothilda2012-10-19 11:52:03
I live in Los Angeles , my family moved to Texas and I'm staying here because I want to marry girlfriend and live with it , but I do not want to leave either so the only option for me is to stay. Now I do not want to get a loan because I have a job and I know there financial aid. A friend once told me about how if you live on your own, you can get a certain amount of money per month and was wondering if I could get food stamps. I like to be alone and I actually would use food stamps to eat at fast food places . My parents make about 65 thousand a year , so do not qualify for some things , except the fee waiver but as I would be on my own to care anymore ? Any help much appreciated , I have only a year to get everything good and I feel that this might work if I put everything I can on it .
I'm a student with a part time job. will i be able to get a mortgage?0Shaw2012-10-16 19:19:07
FACTS : I go to college in Edinburgh MedlinePlus I am renting an apartment there , meanwhile , is subject to my student loan MedlinePlus I want to buy a studio apartment in Marleybone in
Part time student and federal loans?0Tony Poon2012-11-04 03:21:31
So I was first planning on being a full time student this semester, but realized that after figuring out the costs and the amount of fed loans/grants/scholarships i get, it would be too expensive and I'd end up with too much private student loans to cover the rest of cost. So I decided to be a part time student in an effort to save some money. Do I need to make changes to my FAFSA and let them know about this change? How will I know how much of federal aid I will get with the changes? Thanks in advance
Im a student and i work part time i want a car but i dont know if i should go used or new?5betty r2012-09-21 20:28:03
I have school and work im only 19 and have been approved for a $ 10,000 loan I've seen a 2004 honda accord I like, but one member of my family works in the same car dealership and want me to do my own decision but thinks a ford new approach would be better b / c of less maintenance , but if I get a car I would have to pay insurance and also the ony used car would be about $ 200 a month for 60 months and a car new would be about $ 300 for 72 months plus insurance I make the right decision , but I will not be overwhelmed its time to do pymts
What is the best private student loan for part time student?0anonymouse2012-10-26 06:48:50
I will be a part-time student from SJSU . I am not eligible for a government loan , so I'm looking for private student loans. MedlinePlus good bank any suggestions ? all I have to be careful ? MedlinePlus thank you
Part Time Student Jobs? Online Surveys?1Burma2012-09-04 14:27:03
Basically about to enter my second year in college and I have a
How can a college student with part-time job get Auto Loan?2brainywaney2012-10-16 00:13:03
I am in desperate need of a used car . I realize that you have a co -signer to get a loan makes it much easier , but neither of my parents are willing to help . I have a part time job . I have no monthly bills so you can easily make the monthly payments on a car . Where is the best place to get a loan . I would try the credit union , but the closest is an hour away ...
Car loan anywhere for college student working part time ??0Elizabeth O'Loughlin2012-09-25 20:01:03
I've been looking everywhere for a car loan . I am a student in college full time right now and I'm currently working part time . I work for tips only in a police station and really have no paycheck. but I bring about 1,000 each month . Each place until now I've been trying to not accept me . Co - signin not help because I have no one to co - sign . I'm trying to get a car around 5000-5500 . If someone culd help me on this it would be appreciated. thanks
National Guard vs. Part time job to pay off student loans?3life-line2012-10-06 00:24:02
Lately after receiving my degree I decided to take a look at how much I have to pay for my student loans . It was a sum of interest include approximately 60k . I have plans to continue to receive my master's degree in social work but with this amount of debt and the Masters will not be a walk in the park, I decided to check out the National Guard since you hear in advertisements that have loan forgiveness programs that pay up too 50k or so and will pay full tuition and I'm in New York , that 's the deal. But when you analyze the benefits . Say, for the sake of argument that in fact receive the full 50k loan repayment and help school funds. You will have to enlist for 6 years to get that number as high of mathematics (50k / 6 = 8333.33 per year before taxes ) and in addition to tuition for the master's degree. With a full-time part-time ( summer job ) position you will be able to make 17,000 to 20,000 a year . How are the " benefits " of the guard pushes it when you earn more as a civilian and not have to risk going through the seas ? Please , no bashing and comments , so you should not participate if you do it for the money . But not to do any races if you do it for the money . I could live my dream and flip burgers all day , but then would only receive minimum wage and have a shitty life . so you have to wonder if it is actually paid . Sorry this is long , but the details are necessary thanks !
Where can I borrow money for a car if I am a student andworking part-time?1Lorielle2012-09-23 22:59:02
Hello. I need to borrow

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