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I need help with 18 yr old daughter doing poorly in $40k college - Lazy, unmotivated, depressed....?1jeian2012-11-04 06:58:02
My dughter is 18, I am a single mother. I have an older daughter 20, who is a GREAT student in college, gets good grades, and cares about her future. 18 yr old is near genius IQ, always got pretty good grades in school, Honor Society, etc. She came home from college (500 miles away) with F, C+, C-, D and a B. I'm sick over it. She has loans to pay for school, and the rest are grants and scholarships. She is SO smart, but does so badly. She misses class, goes late, etc. She is always sad because she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. I say just take classes that might interest you to FIND OUT what you like. She wants to drop out and just 'work' because as an 18 yr old she thinks its awesome to have money to buy things with. I don't want her to drop out. I don't want to kick her out, I don't know what to do. I love her so much though. She has had a hard life, all 3 of us have, as their dad left us when they were little, and we have been very poor. PLEASE ADVISE
Is my cousin lazy, or is he really depressed?2Darrell2012-09-04 04:59:03
My cousin is 26 and still lives at home with their parents. He was expelled from a university in 2005 --- because I was expelled because he sleeps all day and not go to class. Since then he has had a student loan to pay and has had several jobs , but it has almost all the money in your student loan . Says he is depressed about not being in school , and not having a student loan to pay, but I think if I was really depressed about these things, not going to do something about it? It has also bought a drum machine $ 800 recently , instead of taking classes in school to get your associate degree. All it does is sleep all day and he will never go out looking for a job. He has a car and everything ! He is very depressed or is simply lazy and spoiled and not do anything ? What can parents do to get him out of his a ** and do something for a change?
Depressed and overwhelmed college student, I don't know what to do?0Andie2012-10-13 15:30:39
I've always avoided medication and have seemed to be depressed, only to have problems, doctors who saw in high school. My mom finally acknowledged my wave of depression every five months or so since about middle school, and finally agreed to take me to counseling, which made me feel stupid for all that depressed me and showed me how most of my problems stemmed my mother being under control. I went with the assumption that everything would go away once I went to school, a great school of ten who is ranked no. 1 for my main program. But in the last three years (I will be the last year of the fall), I have repeatedly fallen back into these waves of depression every few months or so, and I'm tired of it affects my relationships and my success in school / job. This will be the most important year of my life ahead and I do not think I will be able to succeed doing what I have so far. I tried to build a list of reasons I'm currently feeling overwhelmed explicit to give an idea of ​​the things I'm constantly thinking: MedlinePlus School: MedlinePlus -Wasted three courses (~ $ 10,000 that I have, the loans are all that and you can not get a break from school without starting repayment) MedlinePlus -Getting a 2.6 cumulative gpa probably continue to decline MedlinePlus -They have a car, walk / bike to classes and field practical ways early MedlinePlus I'm not motivated to do the job, do what you can to get ahead, put all the effort in i MedlinePlus MedlinePlus be due immediately before home: MedlinePlus -Roommate crazy / selfish MedlinePlus -They do not feel motivated to do homework ever, especially if there are other tasks visible MedlinePlus -They have a car, grocery / needs unreachable except fast food / convenience stores -Just get ahead on bills, but needs help from MedlinePlus repeatedly loans MedlinePlus Personal: MedlinePlus -Fear of career satisfaction, like children, but not sure if I can have "duties" MedlinePlus every night of my life that can not be completed at the University MedlinePlus -Confused about worthwhile long-distance relationship, the boyfriend of Miss much, but it can lead only to see me since I have a car, see it as twice a month, whether for a night or two at a time MedlinePlus -They have a car, you can not do the things I like MedlinePlus -You can not lose the desire to smoke weed, really. I've heard that you can not be addicted to marijuana, but it could actually consider myself an exception MedlinePlus -My parents are not sources of money or assistance MedlinePlus work: MedlinePlus -Fear of not doing the best job, coworkers disappointing MedlinePlus Usually very far from trying so hard to be diligent, appearing by others stressed that emphasize MedlinePlus -Do not have a car, can not meet its obligations to the bank manager in the morning
Am I depressed or just a normal college student? Help!2Flaming Spaz 2012-10-23 01:59:02
I was researching about my cat when I came across a yahoo answers question a "unmotivated 16 years" left, wanting to know what was wrong with him / her ... and others responded by saying that he / she may be depressed, so I was wondering if I might be depressed? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a college student 20 years of age (women) at UC Berkeley. I have many friends socially, but I have a lot of friends who I meet only if I have to study or something. So do not go out and socialize much, but more because I have no friends and do not want to go to a party by myself. When I go home, I go out more. My biggest concern is that I have a lot of trouble concentrating and lack of motivation. Many times you just want to watch TV, go online, or play with my cat / dog. Usually do not feel motivated to study or do HW until 10 pm last night and ended well into. I wanna go home all the time, and I get home sick, but I feel like it was something more serious than that. Sometimes, after making a mistake or get erroneous results in my review, I think in my head that I'm a bad person and need to make myself more useful. Moreover, even in the days I get a lot of sleep, I still feel physically exhausted ... most of my stress comes from money and college loans and not know what I'll do after graduation. It also has a lot to do with my mother and how she wants to do well in school, but I'm not performing at the level it should be. I feel like I can not do better even if it did the study, only because I have a lot of trouble concentrating. When I read a physics problem, I have to re-read 10 times before I can understand it cuz I can not concentrate. Most of the time, I'm thinking about other things in my head, like I was going to study with friends and read us a question, I always wonder about things Randomest instead of concentrating on reading the question. I'm not on drugs and drink alcohol only once a month as ... I feel lonely sometimes, and I always wait til others ask me out ... as if afraid of rejection or something ... so it could be mildy depressed or if I'm not, I'm in danger of being depressed?
I'm depressed --- I have so much debt (college loans) and I'm only 23.... =(?8jalena2012-11-03 01:24:01
I am $ 40,000 in student loan debt and make $ 38/year . I feel like I'll be stuck in my parents' house until I have 40 and getting me down .. How fast I can get out of this debt ? ? ?
Depressed about college situation? (read more)?0Mcferlan2012-10-26 22:40:35
During high school, I did the IB program. I spent two years working hard, thinking it would help me get scholarships and financial aid for college. I suffered a lot, often pulling all nighters just to finish the task, are forced to skip school events because of evidence, etc. I had to complete as many oral presentations essays, 4000 words, individual and class reports. She wanted to leave many times, but I kept it because I needed money for college. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was accepted in each that apply. The scholarship that I won was one of a school my mom would not let me go because it was too far. She can not afford to pay for me to go to any of the other schools. So I have to go to a community college. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel like in the last two years of my life in this program have been a waste. I paid over $ 600 in testing fees and endured many struggles all hoping that somehow could afford. But it was not. Now I feel like I'm a guinea pig in the program to make my school look good stat wise. I did not get any help for college. Grants and loans given to me has to be returned and my mom already has its own student loans in recent years to pay. My father is not even in the picture. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm depressed about all this and need advice. I do not know what to do. I regret doing this program because I got nowhere, even with all that I have accomplished. I can not go to the school you want to go for the money. All I know is to go to a four year college. Some received scholarships based on race and here I am with nothing even on the basis of academics. What do I do now? How I can stop feeling this way?
So Depressed about Job after College...Feeling suicidal...Please Help!!!:-(?1yugio2012-10-08 22:22:02
Very well at all so here's the deal. I graduated from college in May this year at the age of 22 years. I have a concert work full time as a full-time manager for a retail store making 42K a year when he was recruited on campus. I was forced to move 12 hours away from my hometown to work at a particular store. I just started a week ago and I'm sick and depressed with it. I am forced to work 10 hours or more per day including one hour of rest and my schedule has to be opened as a manager to open or close a store with the work shop any day my boss needs me. That means I do not get weekends off and most of the time my days off are scheduled in a row that aggravates me a lot. I know I should be happy with this work, since only 15 people are selected for this program each semester ... However, I did not like at all. I am a very sociable, but I know I'm 10 times more analytical. In class I liked to do things such as statistical analysis and the like. However, these jobs were hard to come by and I'm envious of some of my colleagues managed to get these jobs. That means working long hours consistent and not have to walk all day. I graduated with a degree in marketing from the business school ranked fourth in the U.S. title and I want to apply more analytical side. I hate my new job, but I can not quit because I have to pay all my student loans and the loan of my car again (as he moved, I had to get one because my car was about 15 years now). Although my dad said that technically could pay for my car and student loans amounting to about $ 23,000 adding both (5,500 dollars for loans and 18,000 for the car), I will not put this burden on him as he is about to retire and I want to do this for myself. I have applied to companies like P & G and pharmaceutical companies that interest me, but I have been lucky to receive calls again because of the economy. I just want to leave the world on sale now and be able to become debt free while still making enough money to contribute to retirement. I can not start a business but they have not learned enough to do, but I want a good stable position of the input level at which they work long hours consistent and get to enjoy my weekends free. I'm so depressed in this work now that sometimes I go inside the bathroom of the store and begin to mourn though I'm a pretty stable. I do not mourn much and I'm not a spoiled child, so I'm used to working hard for what I want. However, with this work I am very depressed during and after work and I am very afraid of being fired despite giving everything and even more than that. It seems that as a manager I'm wrong a lot of things and I am very friendly, so it's hard for me to direct people to do things, especially older than me. When I get home, I can not sleep and when I do I wake up in the middle of the night and worry about going to the store within hours. I cry a lot at home and I'm starting to have suicidal thoughts get into my mind just because of where I am ... I keep thinking I'll never escape the world of retail and only lost it for years like other people are. I want to escape and I'm trying with all my might, but nothing is working! Does anyone out there can help me? Please? I am praying for him ... I'm in a new place away from all my friends and family and not know how much longer it will last. Please give me advice on what to do! :-(
Depressed because of College/Future? How do you survive?2tre2012-11-03 10:29:02
I'm in grade 12 and I'm really worried about college. When I was in middle school I always thought that high school and then college and then life would be a breeze, but idk now. I was talking to my mom and I asked about student loans and student loans never knew were so bad. Universities require thousands of dollars for you to go and then expect to get a job and pay all over again. Sounds simple, but then I learned that my mother is still paying for your student loan at 38 years. Interest will be active and then end up owing more than you started with? Is this really worth the effort? Do not want to end up in this trap and be like all those kids I see on TV complain that the government this and that ...... I asked my mom what if you die, what about the loan, then. She said she did not know and probably disappear just because its late and you can not pay. WTF is the point in paying it THEN IF YOUR LIFE?? I do not think that's true, because that makes no sense at all. But she did not know for sure ...... I've been depressed for a while with the high school sh * tt * ng on my face every day and I was thinking he could kill me and then I save my parents a lot of struggle. I'ma man and I know people will say GROW and be a man. How can you be a man that the world wants you to be a woman or a child (I'm not saying im sexy). I've been watching my other cousins ​​and have done nothing after high school. One of my cousins ​​went to college, but she changed her SOO many great moments I do not think that once they graduate. The others are doing work fast food and yada yada. I can not end in failure like them but do not want to be caught in a trap of money and end up on welfare. I'm not in high school because of bullies, depression and a fake t *, so I do not think ill get a scholarship. I really do not know what I want to be. Im not really good at anything. Do any of you had this problem? Advice?
I'm depressed I'm 24 in college will be a junior at the end of this semester and I'm broke. I have over 15k in?8yt2012-09-26 12:37:04
student loans, equal to my rent accounts more than they do in my work. I'm broke . My parents have no money to work, but barely able to pay their own bills, so I help when I get my loan money. My average is not very big and I want to transfer schools to bring it up , but I need a better car because the school in another state. I want to move because that is the state in which we live as if I'm going to college I can not meet its CPA requirements . I'm so poor I feel like giving up.
College - Daughter - Please HELP?1Harold Taylor2012-11-04 16:05:02
The daughter is 18 years old . I put my two other children to college ( before being fired ) She is the youngest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) I do not produce the amount of money as I did before MedlinePlus 2) I want to help her MedlinePlus 3) Your mother and I have been going through a divorce over a year ago MedlinePlus 4) His teaching is 45,000.00 a year ( she took a college out of state ) MedlinePlus 5) My future ex - called I can get a loan to pay for half - I have no money . What I can do? MedlinePlus 6) is used to get good grades " A" ys " B " before meeting her boyfriend and then pulled in D ' s F . MedlinePlus 7) The wife is not going to say whether she received grants, loans and student loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HELP ME - I am a single parent with another team friends . What will I do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also bought all my children from his first car too - all new. My youngest son received a 2003 Mustang GT (paid in cash) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Help me please ..... What do I do?
My daughter sighned up for a online college.?0CM2012-08-13 01:18:02
FAFSA to fill it with the man saying that everything is paid for by the FAFSA. Now say it is all paid for with FAFSA. and without anyone knowing that he tried to get a personal loan to sign out for the diffrience . online universities is really cost much. and worthwhile . , It is Ashford.
Should i have to pay to secure a college grant for my daughter?2Mitchie2012-10-14 09:40:02
I'm about to get sick , I have a daughter who is a freshman in college and I know that things can expensive.She has received financial aid you qualify for , but she is living on campus and need more money for other things . I do not make a lot of money or make your mother.I can not afford to pay the loans at the moment and do not want to get into that kind of debt i now.Can right as a parent to request that I have no money to pay education for my daughters ? I have a company called me saying that they can secure a grant for my daughter for a fee of $ 449.I do not want my daughter to have to leave college , so someone can give me some direct sources to appy for who can help us ?

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