Car loan with $350 monthly payment. Total of 60 monthly peyments. Interest rate 1.20%. How much am I borrowing? related questions

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Car loan with $350 monthly payment. Total of 60 monthly peyments. Interest rate 1.20%. How much am I borrowing?1Hi everybody2012-11-05 11:43:06
to buy the car? Thanks so much for the help
Calculate the monthly payment from borrowing $375,000 for at 8.5% interest rate.?0byy2012-10-06 05:26:42
You will borrow $ 375,000 for a term ( several years ) that corresponds to their age MedlinePlus an interest rate of 8.5 % . Calculate the following : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus a) The monthly payment MedlinePlus b ) The total out of pocket money spent to pay off the loan MedlinePlus c ) The amount that would be saved if it was a loan for half the time at a rate of 4.75 % ? MedlinePlus ( NOTE : If your age is an odd number , round up when you take half of it)
How much is the payment on a car loan which has a monthly COMPOUND interest rate?0Bartle2012-08-13 03:31:37
You decide to buy a car for $ 17,500 and receives $ 2,500 on a trade -in. If the bank financed the rest at 7.8 %, and wants to pay the loan in 5 Yearss , how much will your monthly payments? (Assume that the interest is compounded monthly . )
Write a Visual Basic program that will compute the monthly payment and total payment of a loan.?0karra2012-10-14 15:23:13
The system will read the following personal information of the customer: MedlinePlus - The amount of the loan ( loan) MedlinePlus - Length of the repayment of the loan in months ( months) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The system will calculate the monthly payment and issue of this customer along with the amount of the repayment of the loan
I owe a total of $30,000 in credit cards and loans how can I consolidate all this to one monthly payment.?0Manic Psycho 2012-09-18 04:07:04
I owe a total of $ 30,000 in credit cards and loans , how I can consolidate all this into a single monthly payment . ?
14,750 purchase price and interest rate loan 8.50 length of 4 years and 48 months
What effect does paying off a mortgage or loan twice monthly rather than one payment monthly.?3freak on a leash 2012-09-30 13:04:02
If you have a monthly loan payment of, say 1000, but provides for a refund of 500 to 500 at the beginning and end of every month what is the effect on the interest and repayment term .
A loan of $230,000 is to be repaid over 18 years. Interest is calculated monthly at 9.6%pa.Monthly repayments?2asdfjkl;2012-11-04 03:18:02
are $ 2,240.80 . Calculate the total amount of interest to be paid over the life of 18 years of the loan. please help! 10 points for best answer !
What is the fixed monthly interest expense and monthly loan repayments?0Elvira2012-09-02 09:25:02
a company has had a bank loan in the amount of $ 180,000 - . approved by your bank in order to purchase new equipment store. These funds will be deposited in the company
What is my monthly payment for a car loan of $12000 for 36 months at 1.9% interest?0Abdela said yimer2012-08-20 15:37:26
What is the monthly payment on a car loan of $ 12,000 for 36 months at 1.9 % interest ?
How much will the minimum monthly payment be (40 yrs, 140k loan, 7.6% interest)?0Joseycat2012-09-13 21:45:03
Say you take a loan worth $ 140,000 with a fixed interest rate of 7.6 % . If you plan to take a 40-year debt repayment plan , how much will be the minimum monthly payment , with interest added on ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No comments yet on the loan please just answer the question . Thank you.
Find the amount of interest and the monthly payment for the loan. Purchase a car for $42,400 at ...?0Margaret Alire2012-10-09 23:50:19
Calculate the amount of interest and monthly payment . Buy a car for $ 42,400 at 2.5 % rate in the supplement for 5 years. ( Round your answers to the nearest hundredth . )

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