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Can a federal Stafford loan be taken to pay back child support?0Nisey2012-11-02 12:56:23
i live in Michigan and decided to go back to college....i have taken out student loans to pay for said college. i also owe child support (current and arrearages.) i got a letter in that mail today that states that "Any state tax refund or NON-GRANT payment to which i may be entitled may be offset and retained for payment of this debt." i thought that since its a loan to pay for college and the costs of college and not technically income that it cant be garnished. I plan on calling a few Lawyers for free consults to inquire about this but i figured a yahoo question couldn't hurt either. any insight will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
Child Support and Married Now Expecting with Husband? How Will This Affect How They Configure Child Support?4osama2012-10-19 20:47:04
I have a son from a previous relationship and now I'm married to a great man and pregnant with my second child. Child support told me that once my new son born to bring the birth certificate so they can add it to my case to prove my income goes to my son of my former and the new baby and Mrs. I spoke told me that this would help me a lot. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a four-year degree, but can not find a decent job that is not min. salary, so my husband works and supports us all by now. Plus the cost of daycare and everything is expensive to do most jobs from unprofitable gas, childcare, etc.. I want to find a part time job either now start showing before or after having the baby and might know someone to watch the kids, but my only fear is how could they take into account what I paid for a Nanny in what I do, as it is more difficult to prove a number? Only one problem with this is the girl who can see my 4 children and nannies themselves are not as reliable as a nursery but none of the nurseries are open for me when wkends min. wage jobs want and need to work more went to school and can not make payments on student loans or anything like that with a min. wage job so for now I stay home. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They also say that I have childcare for my son I would have to pay full price, because my husband makes too much for us to qualify for daycare assistance most places, here are about $ 600/mo. and maybe get a discount for the second child at birth, so they say, for example, I paid $ 600 for my son and say, for example, $ 400 for second and my son did say $ 1500/mo. and took home $ 500 after childcare costs for 2 (only one example lol probably unrealistic). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So to say that it is legitimate just for the sake of example and only took home $ 500 and less after taxes, how this figure as my income for child support-not only what I have paid in the nursery my son with him and my new baby, but the nursery, both to reduce my total income? Trying to see how this would work more would have to pay for day care in this instance that's all I brought home after paying so much for kids? (Prob Daycare. Only my son, but not my other son I mean)? Has anyone else gone through this? My ex refuses to work despite living at home with his mother, said he had no license, but that's should now finally paying support and although I could not get privledges job but no car or transportation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He pays unemployment I have no idea how to get even as it has not worked since December in which I have a pay-at the time that the system should be running and just applied for a maintenance check A few months ago, said he was supposed to be downloaded from living with his mother and says he can not work from CS took his license, but the amount paid appears to be the same amount for now, so I'm confused. I'm sure you can somehow get transport to go to work to pay child support through JFS or something. I have transportation to pick me up and drop me off at school when my car was being repaired. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So that once the baby is born, does that trigger any adjustment in the amount especially if I start to work after having my baby and two children have to endure? I was told by the child support agency would have no income because both my son with the second son and divided that helps me a lot. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you all so much! :-)
I need a loan for 3000.00 for back child support, i have a good job but bad credit, can anyone help me?0Lorry2012-10-08 07:06:04
I need a loan for 3000.00 for back child support , I have a good job , but bad credit , can anyone help ?
Could the repayment of Federal Student loans cause your child support amount to reduce?0Niecy2012-09-11 00:26:03
If you have to pay federal student loans , can obtain a modification of child support. For those of you who think I'm trying to avoid child support , that's not true . Since both are federal payments mandate (which means you can not file for bankruptcy to get rid of them , of what should be included in the guide ) . Also educate not only benefit myself but also the child . Because if I am able to get a better paying job , will help improve the living standards of child well.
I Have back student loans and child support for an offset!?0Jay Tillman2012-10-26 00:10:02
I recently bought a new house and I was wondering if there is a way you can still get the tax break ( 8k ) without taking it to federal student loans and back child support for a shift ! Is there a way to communicate with the government for the displacement of a leap year?
It is a shame when the father asks for child support money back?6some kid2012-10-27 21:07:06
This goes along with my previous questions ... the guilt I put on me , because he is broke because they spent all their money and borrowed from payday loan sites , day broke, etc , etc and he screams and screams into giving him money money handling . .. I'm still lucky enough to get money from it at all .. now seized of his salary ... who threatens suicide , running on the lam so if you do not give money ... I feel so bad because he always says " if I survive ," ie , if I did not give it to him right there and has to continue for another week without money ... MedlinePlus He got into this mess ... children do not have enough money to cover everything, never alone give it back to him ... this is reversed ... Relys He felt bad , etc. in order to remain your bank and transfer box ... MedlinePlus Has anyone else had to give money ? ?
Poor Credit Loan Needed to IMMEDIATELY pay off back child support to avoid jail.?5jefferson2012-10-09 14:18:02
My husband is in arrears in child support, $ 8,500.00. I want to get a loan to pay this debt and catch up. For an explanation of the situation, read on. Otherwise, here are my criteria: We do not own a home, rent. I have a home based business for income document is harder for me than others. I own a car, is only worth $ 1,000.00. is a 1996 Mercedes E320. Also I have a 2000 Honda Passport yet not executed. Both are paid-off. I think the passport has a value of $ 500 cash. Both my husband and I have terrible credit and debt (see below why) and I need to get a loan (you can pay $ 250-300/mo. Payments on a loan.) Therefore, with this data, Are there lenders who provide that amount? ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus OUR HISTORY boring: MedlinePlus This is what happened: My husband was a child when he divorced, not hve one Atty. He yielded his life because he did not know and knew better than ever before that could change the amount of child support, etc. When they divorced, "reasonable visitation" was ordered (seven years. Ago), but his ex will not let you talk or watch the kids. She is actually in contempt, but that's another story. The ex-wife of my husband was paying child support 30% more than the guidelines require. I should have been paying $ 229 - $ 280 based on income. He makes $ 1,800 / month. His ex makes $ 80K + per year. She tricked him into paying $ 540/mo. in support then not allowed to see the children. That said, paid that crazy amount of support until he lost his job in 2008 and was never far behind. When he lost his job, could only afford to send $ 200 - 300/mo. instead of $ 540. He called the county and state, and he always said: "Do not worry, you can send it on a consistent basis," which he did, and he thought he was doing the right thing! Suddenly received a letter contempt. Of course I knew he was behind, but I thought that since he spoke with both the county and the state of South Carolina, which was fine and he would not go to jail because he was still consistently send at least half of what was due. Filed an amended two times in the last year once I realized what was happening after I looked at your divorce papers. had moved to live with me, because I could not afford to live anywhere that does not have rats and insects and sometimes could not buy FOD due to this high level of support. I'm not kidding! I saw where he lived. So, as I was sending out 1/3 of your gross income, after tax, and after their student loan payments, claimed about $ 20 a month for food. Living in rats ... So after seeing this, I helped her apply the reduction after seeing his papers when becme unemployed. NO HEARING DATE IS SET EVER! WHY? YOUR BEST FRIEND FOR EX-WIFE IS THE COUNTY CLERK IN THAT CASE THAT IS A POINT OF INTEREST. Nice, is not it? Therefore, applied for legal aid but we live in Florida and that the case is in South Carolina so no help there. you have to handle everything himself, because we all want lawyers in advance $ 5K. If we had $ 5K, then it would LIKE HIM IN MORA IS TODAY! (DUH. ..) So, that is why we are in default, he did not know that anything can be changed and I was paying what I thought was going to be, as told by the State. On a consistent basis. Now, that is not sent to jail, because if he goes to jail, then not be able to run the company with me, and therefore will go under, we need a loan to pay the arrears. Look, he's not the dd lazy, he's the kind of father he wanted to see his children, screaming on their birthdays and holidays all because he could not speak to them by a vicious ex-wife ... with their Christmas toys mailed back "return to sender ..." and the fact that it has been consistently paying and wants to work to keep paying - but we have to avoid jail now. To avoid this, I have to reach the entire arrears amount immediately. MedlinePlus ((I can not believe they treat parents like this: pay every cent of that ordered $ 540 for 6 years before becomming uneployed, then reported its unemployment and ws then said "just keep paying what you can, consistently. "did ... Now theyre trying to put in jail?
Do you have to pay back federal subsidized stafford or federal unsubsidized staffard student loans?0Channel2012-10-26 09:58:51
Do you have to pay federal Stafford subsidized or unsubsidized federal student loans staffard ?
My husband owes back child support and we can't get a car loan? How can get a auto car loan we pay now and bck?0Samanth2012-09-30 05:36:03
Current and arrears paid and have been for the past 5 years. We live in Texas and nobody will give as an auto loan because of a suggestion? ? ? Thank you !
My husband owes back child support and we can't get a car loan? How can get a auto car loan we pay now and bck?0Jukana2012-10-10 20:02:32
Current and arrears paid and have been for the past 5 years. We live in Texas and nobody will give as an auto loan because of a suggestion? ? ? Thank you !
Can my ex have child support reduced because our child is full time college student?1Herald2012-08-23 05:55:23
I live in New Jersey and our son 18 years old, is a college freshman and attend school out of state . My ex says that since the child be living at home only " 3" months a year to be able to pay a reduced amount of child support. I disagree with this because first, the child will be home to more than three months a year , plus you pay your monthly bill son car insurance and also co - signed loans for school freshmen year and sophmore year . Our son is 100 % trusted me for help. I provide a home and stable environment for our son . In addition , I am also doing monthly interest payment on the loan freshman . He pays nothing but support ( $ 147 wk ) . Our son is also covered by my insurance . I just got a move request in the mail today from him . Court date is scheduled for March 18, 2011 . Case will be heard in family court NJ . Also, very important , ka for 30 + years older than me. I make under 45k a year and in addition to child support , is the only income coming into the household .
FHA loan and child support0rona2012-11-05 20:49:13
I am a single mother of 3 wanting to purchase a home. I have good credit (700 fico) and i am going to try and get a fha loan. my question is i recieve $3,800 in child support and alimony from my ex husband. he always pays me and i do deposit the money into my bank account. i am self employed and earn another $2000 - $2500 a month from my employment. will they include my child support payments as income to qualify the loan. i have proof i recieve this money on a monthly basis.

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