I keep getting turned down for payday advance loans? it says i dont meet the criteria? they dont do credit che related questions

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I keep getting turned down for payday advance loans? it says i dont meet the criteria? they dont do credit che0flip2012-11-02 12:45:06
ecks so im wondering why i keep gettin turned down?
Can a Payday Loan/Cash Advance company report you to the credit bureau if you dont repay?0B2012-09-05 03:29:04
I have a Payday Loan / Cash Advance that I pay now its on my credit report . First question is can you do that ? I recently received some papers in a mail stating that these companies are currently in a class action. 2nd question ... If the case goes in our favor .. I can get this taken from my credit report ?
I have bad credit and need a loan bad where night I get one? I dont want any payday loans?0mathie2012-10-02 08:13:06
I have bad credit and need a loan bad night when I can get one ? I do not want any payday loan ?
What criteria do you need to meet to get a car loan?0Robyn2012-10-07 04:57:20
I'm looking for a car around $ 10,000 . I have never had a loan before and never got anything on credit. I could not find any information to the narrow and I have curiosity to know what it takes to get a car loan .
If u dont pay a cash advance back can they do anything?0Shanta2012-11-04 02:48:56
I heard they can not do anything because the check you wrote them in the first place was all ready a bad check? My friend is crazy and thinks he knows all so I want to know the truth so I can prove him wrong so please answer quickly and truthfully. Thanks.
I need a loan for college but i dont have a cosigner and can t get one. at this point i dont car about interes0Franky2012-08-09 08:09:02
I need a college loan bad! if you get money for college as soon as possible and I will not be going back this fall, and that breaks my heart , literally. My parents do not have good enough credit to co -signer of an application and I have no credit at all . Are there loan companies out there that will give me money for college even though my credit status and the fact that I have no guarantee .. At this point, I really did not matter how high the interest rate is the time I get the money for school. Is there a company that lends money based on what your future will work or anything like that . God, please somone good news for me.
Hi, i live in sac, cali how do i get a personal loan for 1,000 dollars w/ bad credit and i dont want a payday0Mally2012-11-02 07:09:54
What else can I do if I dont want to go bankrupt and I dont quality for a consolidation loan?0Katerina2012-09-27 08:14:05
I have about $ 18,000 left on a car loan from the bank at 3.25 % , $ 12,000 in student loans left and at 8.75 % . Its top is not enough to go broke and did not quality for a consolidation loan ... What else I can do to help pay it off faster and easier?
Can you get a cash advance or pay day loan if you dont have a checking account?1Coconut Butt2012-11-02 23:47:02
I can now write a blank check to obtain a cash advance , because I'm waiting for my new checks to be mailed .....
Can they put out a warrant if you dont pay back a cash advance loan?4Ale2012-10-19 15:25:03
Can you place an order if not paying a cash advance loan ?
What happens legally if you dont pay back a cash advance loan?1boo boo2012-09-05 04:54:05
cash advance from Checksmart
Small claims court if you dont pay because you dont have it?0math student2012-10-09 21:31:36
my first question is how I can avoid going to small claims as ignoring notification in writing by mail or returned to the sender so that the case falls ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Secondly I can still be charged if I can help it keep before I move out of state Still I can load my uncle sued for an airline ticket bought and would not pay because I could not go and I told him that when he bought it im not sure if I was able to go , but I wanted to save money immediately . So im refusing to pay for it because he used my information to get the ticket online i ddidn't agree on anything all he said is that the entries in my name . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus my other question if I go to court and lost for some reason I have no money to pay for it I'm a broke college student loans and barley works so you can maintain a high GPA . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So if I can not pay granted to state this and end up leaving my practice when I can still purese me to get money and do not have to take me as notifie before the money from my bank . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But if it happens before leaving the state and I have the money to pay puresue how can I expect to see police in my house ? MedlinePlus Or just send an email to keep things . MedlinePlus But like I said I have much to be granish my wages or take money from my bank do not have to talk to me before talking about this action . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any advince you can give me would be a great help thanks if it was decided to submit this after I have left for my intern send out of state and can not reach me cant this fall?

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