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What type of dorm would i do best in?0Alex2012-11-02 08:07:35
I am kind of messy i like to stay up late i sometimes i am really introverted but sometimes i am very extroverted i like my alone time but i don't like being lonely i'm not the type of person who will always bring different guys home and ect. i am quick to make friends but it takes me a long time to truely become best friends with someone i don't have to study alot in high school (but i bet i'll have to change that and do a little studying in college lol) i don't mind letting friend borrow my stuff so long as they ask and give it back in a timely manner i like to borrow friends stuff =] but i always ask and give it back qucik i'm not rich and paying for college is going to be funded partially by my parents, scholarships, student loans, and some money me and my parents have saved up i also have gastroesophageal reflux disease which can cause me to be in extreme pain at least once a month (sometimes more) late into the night what type of dorm would i do best in
Should I dorm for graduate school?0noshin2012-09-02 06:15:04
At my undergraduate classes I decided to do online because it was cheaper and he could work full time while doing it . I live with my mom , so I do not have accounts, except where it helped ( water bill , electric bill , etc. ) and I accumulated some loans from my freshman year , because I lived on campus and it was expensive (I transferred to one line ). I paid them off though . MedlinePlus Going to graduate school I am applying to universities in Seattle and New York . I know the advantages of living in a dorm is great when it comes to meeting people. Dorming not be in class or physically hurt me to the extent that they meet their classmates , though I have friends from work and other things to do as a volunteer . MedlinePlus I would like a "real " college experience , however , but do you think I should? I want to hear opinions . MedlinePlus I will be 21 years old when they start graduate school .
Is it hard to go to college and live in a dorm without a job?0 Nurse -2012-09-16 19:36:11
I do not think that if you live in the bare basics you need. I think you can borrow everything you need to go to college without student loans. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think people have a job because they want money for a cell phone , gas money , car, etc. I do not think I would need a job when I go to college because I'm going to live on the bare basics . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have only one job during the summer . When I'm done with college I can pay the loan much faster to work a minumum wage job . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just do not want to have a job that has a negative effect on my notes.
Make 300 dollars fast for school dorm?2mistol2012-09-29 19:09:02
I will start college in August , I received Pell , and I have accepted a loan from 4000 which will mainly go towards housing . Once tuition is paid i will return the excess money . My problem is that I have to pay a deposit of 300 homes , to apply for a student residence . It has to be out of pocket , you just do not take the loan . I asked my boyfriend and family to let me borrow the money , but I can not them . Neither I nor my boyfriend has money because they have no job. I am selling my 3rd generation iPod touch 32 gig for 150 on Craigslist , but I still I can not make any money . They even offered to pay double what people gave me , but no one is helping . What else , what should I do ?
If i have no transportation to college should i get a student loan for a dorm?0Thumbelina2012-10-26 21:20:52
The school is in the next village but I have not I have my driver's license and no one is going to drive me to college . It is advisable to complete two years after working one year to play my loans ? Or should I go to college next year 4 after that if I did well in college for two years ? Or work hard during the summer and repay loans ?
Grrrr okay should I live in a dorm people? its the darn costs! and friends & stuff?0rishav2012-08-20 20:31:26
so anyway I realized college is costing me around 16,000 ( that is, if I live at school and stuff ) MedlinePlus If I do not live on campus , I guess you can go to fund the year without debts and things MedlinePlus but to get to school , it takes me two hours on the bus ( my family can not afford a car ) ( I also tend to get lost easily) and apparently students do better academically in school living and have a great social life ( people who often have more difficulty making friends and having fun apparently) MedlinePlus and I do not want that ...... I want to have fun while not having to worry about bus schedules all the time , but I can not afford not borrow $ 4,000 , and my family is not doing well financially MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What would you do in my situation ... I mean, the obvious answer is (sorry caps lock ) is living at home, but then my social life and academic life come to mind and I have really wanted to do but I know I won ' t be able to do what I depresed really feel about it? MedlinePlus How I can cheer ? ( T__T ) highlighted
Financial aid help?! i need a loan quick fast & legit. class is only 2 days away and i cant move into my dorm?0Ansi2012-09-29 17:53:03
Help , financial aid
Will a federal student loan cover an off campus student dorm?0Eastan2012-10-26 09:49:30
In Chico State is a place called Craig Hall , a residence studnet privately owned and is separate from the university however, serves only to college students ( and also the local community college ) but since is owned and operated by the university would not be included in financial aid grants loans or any assistance ?
I need a lawyer but What type?6chantel2012-10-12 01:34:03
I have some serious problems with respect to two loans and two different schools of the university, I tried to attend and was not able to let the state 4 September 2003 and a loan to the university dispursed October 3, 2003 . I called Sallie Mae both the school and say that the burden of proof is on me and are givin back. The other loan was a scam AIU Online school in which he decided to retire , but since signing online once during the first week of the new neighborhood I have to pay full tuition for that quarter . Both loans are negative on my credit report. I think you need legal help. What kind of lawyer is responsible for this and think how much it cost? ?
What type of loan should I take out and what's the best one?0Shelly H2012-09-27 02:00:07
I live in Victoria , Australia . I have a credit card debt of $ 6000 that I want to get rid of him . I think I can make payments of $ 60 a week . I have no idea what type of loan you should go or with whom ? I just want to be able to pay , but there are many banks and deals and stuff that is sooo confusing . Can anyone give me some advice?
What would be the best type of loan for us?0ilovepink2012-10-14 01:05:43
Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for nearly three years (since high at the time) and our house was included in that, however , the mortgage company just started in February foreclosure even though the house is listed in our bankruptcy discharged . We would buy again and believe it or not , in the Midwest can find decent homes for $ 40,000 or less! Combined monthly income is approximately (gross ) . $ 6000 . We have cash of $ 12,000 to put down and have maintained good credit since the bankruptcy credit scores ( 720 and 680 .... no other debt of a car loan for $ 10,000 and I have student loans that still in the postponement . ) Any advice on what type of mortgage you should. Go after ? I looked at home last $ 23,000 that I would buy ! PS I do not want anyone to tell me you can not get a mortgage for an amount as small as you can ! ! this is not California - ie inexpensive housing in the Midwest
Ok what type of situation are you in?2julee2012-11-04 05:55:02
Im a 23 year old college working part time at a bar. My monthly check is $ 435 and now im renting an apartment with my friends. The rent is $ 980 per month 1 bedroom apartment . My friend and I pay half, so paying 440 a month. The problem is that I owe so much in student loan and becuase I bought a new car when I was 18 years old I have yet to settle payments too . I bought a Scion tC when I was 18 and I have a debt of 14,000 for the car. School enrollment is about 19,000. I try to save money, but it is very difficult to save . Just for the food I need to spend 20-30 dollars a day . I have around $ 367.25 . Am I a good start how come some people my age making me your situation. How old ru and how much do you have saved for around my age.

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