What type of dorm would i do best in?

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I am kind of messy
i like to stay up late
i sometimes i am really introverted
but sometimes i am very extroverted
i like my alone time
but i don't like being lonely
i'm not the type of person who will always bring different guys home and ect.
i am quick to make friends
but it takes me a long time to truely become best friends with someone
i don't have to study alot in high school (but i bet i'll have to change that and do a little studying in college lol)

i don't mind letting friend borrow my stuff
so long as they ask and give it back in a timely manner

i like to borrow friends stuff =] but i always ask and give it back qucik

i'm not rich and paying for college is going to be funded partially by my parents, scholarships, student loans, and some money me and my parents have saved up

i also have gastroesophageal reflux disease
which can cause me to be in extreme pain at least once a month (sometimes more) late into the night

what type of dorm would i do best in

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