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i had excellent credit ,with a fica of 740, i put 18% down ,and bought a house . the lender increased my salary by $15,000. she assured me that it would not be questioned ,,so wanting the "HOME" for my family and children i consented. my interest rate was 6 1/2 % for 5 years ,,after 5 years my interest rate would jump to 9 3/4% .. i felt comfortable with that . but 3 years into the loan ,that company holding the morgage said that because of "certain" issues and spending practices ,my interest rate was changed to 11 1/2 % .. the explaination was that i was becoming a credit risk. i had a HOME DEPOT ,and a LOWES credit account . they were used exclusively for home improvement . That's all i did ,,and i felt i was being screwed ..and of course you can see i was .fortunately ,i was able to go to the NAVY CREDIT UNION ,,and they bought my morgage ,and i got a loan from them . it was for 7%. how was the morgage company allow my morgage to be bought out from my original morgage ,,and why did they have the right to increase my morgage . during this time ,,when the morgage was aquired by another morgage company ,,my interest rates in all my creidt cards was increased . i have paid my 3 credit cards faithfully for 15 years ,,not once di i ever miss a payment ,,but they increased my interest rate . 1st ,,how can my loan be bought out by another company with out any warning ,,how could the new morgage company come in and slap me ,and insult me by saying i was a risk ,how can my original mortgag be bought by another company ?? why did my credit cards have the right to increase my interest rate ?? i still have my home ,,but they value of it has dropped .my property taxes have increased ,,and i am worried i will end up like 75% of this country ,, losing my home .. someone please help me out .

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