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Private student loan, Can a student with bad credit get a student loan?0Shortie 2012-10-27 16:43:47
Private student loan , can a student with bad credit get a student loan ?
How do get a non-certified private student loan without a co-signor? I am a full time student and unemploye?0Curry cat 2012-10-26 06:05:08
How to get a private student loan certificate not without a co- signer ? I am a full time student and unemploye ?
Is there any way to consolidate federal student loans with a private student loan before the july 1 deadline?0Alihaa2012-09-22 10:39:02
I have three student loans through the federal government ( perkins , federal direct and a "door " - AES loan) . Also I have a small private student loan through Citibank . I want to consolidate all 4 by the July 1 deadline, but nobody will combine private and federal . I have ads in which all seem like scams to me. Financial experts have any idea?
Is it possible to transfer private student loans into a federal student loan?0janey b2012-09-14 00:36:04
I have about 50,000 in private student loans and economic environment of today , no one will consolidate or refinance my loan. I was wondering if it is possible to " roll them over" on a federal student loan . Any help is appreciated !
I am a student at an Art Institute, is there anywhere I can apply for a "private" student loan.?0Jasmine822012-08-15 11:37:03
Therefore, as if it was not very expensive tuition , it seems that absolutely no one will offer a more private loan . I have a co -signer and have been searching online for days. I spoke with my fin . help. office. This is no help. Someone please help!
Can a Private Student Loan effect your Federal Student Aid? And how So?0Mabel2012-10-26 18:32:55
I was once told that if you take a private student loan , then you lose all of your federal financial aid for school including federal loans . I do not think this is true , however , why the loans (private ) say " to fill the gap between federal aid and scholarships " ? ?
What is the best private student loan for part time student?0anonymouse2012-10-26 06:48:50
I will be a part-time student from SJSU . I am not eligible for a government loan , so I'm looking for private student loans. MedlinePlus good bank any suggestions ? all I have to be careful ? MedlinePlus thank you
American student who might need a private Student Loan from outside of the US?0kerstin =)2012-10-04 08:25:53
I am an American who goes to school in Australia next year. I have already been approved for Federal Stafford Loans , but have to borrow a little more of a private bank loan to be safe . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I go to Australia and start working early to be sufficient for a bank ? I have 24 years and have an acceptable credit history , I have been paying my federal student loans for two years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks :)
Are there any private student loans that an US citizen/student can use to study abroad to Europe?0cock2012-10-27 17:02:51
In a separate program from an institution of origin , ie , the loan does not have to be certified by the American College .
Are the terms of a consolidated student loan w/ a private co. harsher than those of a gov't student loan?2Myro2012-09-19 04:47:03
I wanted to consolidate my student loans, but then I learned that the loan company that has me by the balls if I ever missed a payment for some reason. I decided , finally, that the payment of greater interest was in my best interest if it ever was in financial difficulties and could not afford to make a payment . Terms of the deal of a student loan Consolidated Govt seemed safer than a consolidation loan with a private company . Given what I just said , would be better to consolidate my loans ?
Where can i get a private student loan with really bad credit?1Enzo2012-09-19 01:15:02
i need a private student loan to pay for room and bord and get some supplies, but I have very bad credit help please
Okay How do i get a private student loan with bad credit?1piyush2012-10-01 00:27:03
Yes I have applied for financial assistance and got some grants . I went to college , but I can not afford so I'm going to a community college for a semester , because I have credit card debt and I'll be working two jobs . The community college I will not have gov. loans . My credit score is 559 and I have a guarantee and I can not find one . Please Help me ! !

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