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Bought a car with an old title and now in dilema?0Plaster2012-10-27 09:11:14
So here's the deal, I bought a car given the title, the contract of sale and had all the information of the person. This was only a $ 1,000 car (basically a junker) and a fairly simple process. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'll hand dmv in title with the intent to transfer to my name and instead I get my plates and title registration and a receipt. The DMV told me to get my title two weeks later in the mail. As was two weeks later I received a letter in the mail from them, never bothered to open and save it in the drawer and arrange for my title. I looked a few months later and realized that he had said he had an old title and had to receive the new, for the change of ownership. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I try to call the guy I bought the car and his phone is disconnected, so go home and empty. I ask the neighbors and they say they have moved. I can not get the new title or find a way to communicate with man. I looked at his name everywhere and can not find it. So call the DMV and ask what to do in the situation and was told I could go to the Missouri circuit court with proof of purchase and title transfer receipt and must be able to make me a title approval. I go to the circuit court and I have said it is the job of the DMV to do this and do nothing with the titles. I call the DMV again and not even listening to me because they say it is not their problem and to go to court. I called several numbers, both the Court and DMV only referred to the other. I do not know what to do in this situation or in the car. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is my car? If I have nothing to do with it as I can not find the man who sold it to me. I am told that he was cheated, but the car is very nice and do not see why it would be worth giving me a bad title for a junker. You can not borrow at him or anything. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What department should I go and who I can call that can make this right? Or I can go without the title, provided they are registered in my name?
Bought a car in North Carolina and transfered the title to MN what is the cheapest way to pay for the title?1COFFEE2012-08-20 19:26:03
What is the cheapest way to pay for the title and plates ? I receive the documents of title and have to go to DMV and ask myself what is the cheapest way to pay the taxes that I bought the car at a dealership . I took a loan and I'm not trying to spend two thousand dollars in taxes and plates. ¿ I can say what led me to take the loan and the loan to what I paid for the car? and I print a Edmunds saying that the car is worth what led me to take the loan.
Bought a used car without title, help please!?2mathstudent052012-11-05 16:03:02
We bought a 2003 used car private party and paid cash . The lady selling the car said that his title has been held by the insurance company of the cause he had no money to pay the car loan . We went to the bank and witnessed break your loan payment for the car with the money we gave him to buy the car . She said the company bank / insurance send us the title and registration of the car could do , even without the title . We got a bill of sale notarized and then got the car without title in hand . We also have a Carfax report indicating that this car has only one owner but not sure if this is the lady owner ( carfax does not show this information ) . Carfax report know that this car was the first purchase in another state. Then we went to the car registration office , but they said they could not register the car without the title . We call this lady after a few times , but never answered the phone . us
What shall I do? Bought motorcycle without a title?4cely2012-11-04 12:13:02
Hi guys , MedlinePlus found an offer online , selling a motorcycle guy was cheaper because it was expected . MedlinePlus I thought well, I called did say that the girl is pregnant and needs money badly and he was recently fired. I had no idea that this could be a scam . He said he paid for the bike and is now awaiting a title and immediately send it to me within two weeks . So I get home , the next day I 'm going to the DMV to transfer lisnce the bike to my name , madam tells me that the plates are of another bike , I asked if I could make new ones suit all the paperwork and everything , she looks at me and says there is still a loan against it so it can not be done . We currently do not know what to do . If the police arrived , the chances are you will not get the money and the bank will repo the bike . On the other hand , I do not know if the man who sold the bike was the owner or maybe stole it , changed igntion and sold well . What I can do ... I paid 3500 and 1500 because in some parts so it is a lot of money . Please help me out and the sad thing is he did not get his lisence ( I asked for it , but then had a conversation and forgot )
How do I get my name off of a car title that I bought with a person I am no longer with?0chris jones2012-09-28 21:24:03
He lived with a woman and we bought a car together. The loan has not paid off. She now has possession of it and have not already refinanced in your name so that my name is off . Still appears on credit reports . How I can get my name when she still owes $ 11,000 on the vehicle ?
My Boyfriend Bought Me A Car. The Title Is In My Name, But He Has A Loan On It With The Bank.?6Janice - Please Help!!!2012-10-27 04:18:02
I haver payments made ​​so many like him, but stupidly gave Cash only . If you choose not to make the payments, but it says you are doing , how I can protect what was to be a gift , not to be removed . The Bank is no help . Your Account, I Dont Want To Have Something that is not mine. That Whouldn't Be Honest.But I love the car .
Bought a car, recieved the wrong title. Do I own both cars?7shkhan2012-08-24 13:51:02
I'm driving the car and received a loan in a Pontiac G -6 , but the title I have is bad and is for a 2005 Chevy Malabu . I have the inspection and documents of title loan purchase in the Pontiac G 6. I'm in Missouri, I do not know all the laws , but I own both cars ?
I got a title loan and the car i used as collateral is completely dead. I bought a new car....?4Iryna2012-10-05 10:33:02
and no longer want the old or to pay for the former . I told them to come alone and do it, but they are still calling and harassing me and not going to come get the car . How I can only call a creditor?
My wife and I bought a car and now we are going to get a divorce.We both signed.How do I get sole title of car4gretchen2012-11-06 00:03:02
Both signed for the car loan , we bought three months ago . Since getting divorced , she did not want to pay for the car and not even split the cost and share the car with me . So my question is, how I can get the title of your loan and car and have myself as the only person in the title and car loan ? Please help me .
How do I transfer the title to someone who bought my motorcycle if I am waiting on the bank to send it to me?0vincecarl2012-08-21 08:01:02
a guy I paid cash for my bike that I used to pay off the loan , but the bank said it would take 30 to 45 days for the title to get to me . Do not want to wait and I'm sure the guy does not like to give him . Is there any way I can be put in your name without the title ? Does the DMV have a way to check that I paid and issue temp something . I live in North Carolina , please help
I bought a vehicle 3 months ago from a small dealer ship, they still dont have the title to it..............?5Gibbons2012-09-12 01:10:05
and still giving me back in transits, now I just want my money back so I can get something that can be recorded . Do I have that right legally ? By the way , I paid money for it , no bank loans or anything like that .
Family dilema?0N-COUNT-COLL 2012-08-20 16:15:02
Hi all ! MedlinePlus Here's my dilemma .. my brother went for a vacation of 2 months. He asked me to see him while he is there , but now a month on their "vacation " that is already having money problems . I had to borrow some money . MedlinePlus Now my concern here is that I have my ticket and I'm not sure if I should go or not ! MedlinePlus So basically , money is tight ! He said he has yet to go , but if I go, he is going to feel guilty . MedlinePlus How I can do ? !

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