Is there a deadline for applying for/getting federal student loans? related questions

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Is there a deadline for applying for/getting federal student loans?0Arlynn2012-10-26 23:52:11
I had to change schools last minute and now need financial assistance to a different school . For the school was planning to attend I have work - study , Perkins , Stafford (2) , and a grant of state tuition . Will I get the college , I'm going in the fall ( I sent my FAFSA information a few months ago , but I was not thinking of attending below) or had a deadline for federal / state aid ?
Is there any way to consolidate federal student loans with a private student loan before the july 1 deadline?0Alihaa2012-09-22 10:39:02
I have three student loans through the federal government ( perkins , federal direct and a "door " - AES loan) . Also I have a small private student loan through Citibank . I want to consolidate all 4 by the July 1 deadline, but nobody will combine private and federal . I have ads in which all seem like scams to me. Financial experts have any idea?
The July 1st deadline for student loans???3Feodor2012-09-03 07:55:03
I submitted my application consolidation loan on May 30 . I tested it several times online before June 30 , which is saids processing. A June 30 , called , the automated system told me that the money is expected to go to my account on July 14 . I checked today and it made me fill out the same information that I have completed in May. Then suddenly my application date is 08 July, my interest rate is 7.25 %. Am I the only one to be deceived by Sallie Mae? or which will delay the process of applying for other poor students like me? Just wanted to know , and he liked the word out - that cheat students.
Should I consolidate my private student loans before the June 31st interest rate deadline?1Felix2012-10-03 03:52:03
I know that the federal interest rate rises to 7.25 % , but the private rates are expected to do the same ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition , you can consolidate federal loans with private loans into one loan private loan consolidation ?
Applying for student loans before applying to college?0ughh help2012-09-26 03:45:06
I want to go back to school . I have to do it online though. i need a grant or student loan paper . ? I can apply for and obtain a student loan before choosing college and my courses ? or I have to do after signing up?
Do you have to pay back federal subsidized stafford or federal unsubsidized staffard student loans?0Channel2012-10-26 09:58:51
Do you have to pay federal Stafford subsidized or unsubsidized federal student loans staffard ?
Can you consolidate federal and private student loans or just federal?0Farrell2012-08-31 12:13:01
Can you consolidate federal and private student loans and federal fair?
Is it possible to receive federal aid to pay off my federal student loans?0Skyla2012-11-03 12:06:21
Doesn't have to be federal, perhaps other organization offer such services. Or other programs designs to help pay off student loan debt.
What does this mean when applying for student loans?0Presqu2012-08-10 06:14:09
" The check is sent directly to the school , and paid directly to you. " now I have the LIFE scholarship , although you can lose if they fall below a 3.0 this semester ( wchih thinkging I could do) , and only needs about 2,000 of a loan of 15,000. But I need transportation and books to get to college. I am in my second year and need it as soon as possible , b / c my car BFS ( gives me rides, and I live with ) is now added and we are not in a vehicle. so does this mean that I will send the remaining amount ?
Does anyone know about applying for private student loans?0Jr2012-08-26 22:49:17
Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm a little stressed. I waited until it was basically too late to apply for student loans from private sources to pay my tuition bill for the year. I have to turn to private lenders, because I'm only eligible for a certain amount of government, I have no money to pay for my studies and my parents certainly did not have the money MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus So I applied for a loan with a very well known bank. I used my mother as an endorsement, although I'm not sure if that will help me in the long run. The application has requested the entry of my mother (which is relatively small) and the mortgage payment (which is a bit large compared to your income). My father has been unemployed for two years and a half, and the only way my parents have been providing mortgage is basically going through their retirement money, which is rapidly running out. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So anyway I'm supposed to have a loan approved pending for Tuesday at 5 pm, or else I will fall in my classes. I just received a notice from the lender that states: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus "Please allow us three working days to review the documents that have been filed. After these documents have been reviewed we will contact you with another status update." MedlinePlus I seriously hope that you will have less than three days. Does anyone have any experience and I can guarantee it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My other question is should be applying frantically with another lender in case you do not remember it? I have good credit, and I think my mom does too, but she has a big mortgage and a small income for now. . . . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally, under my own application says there are two outstanding documents, the self-certification form and proof of income verification. Proof that income? Now I'm a student and have no. Do they need these forms before they can approve the loan? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know I should be calling the lender. I tried it and are not open on Sundays. I'm so mad it's hard for me to concentrate on anything else. If anyone has any words of wisdom, advice, I appreciate it. I know, I should have worried about this before, but I was overwhelmed with so many other things going on. Thank you.
I'm applying for student loans and I have bad credit?2alannah2012-09-24 15:35:02
I have bad credit , however, my father, who has an outstanding claim is cosigning for me . We deny Chase for a student loan. He makes a lot of money , we could have gotten denied because of my bad credit ? I thought if there was a guarantee involved , do not take into account my credit .
When applying for a home ,loan do they want federal or state tax returns or both?0Benso2012-11-05 12:46:45
My husband and I are applying for a home loan, they want 2 years tax returns. I did our Taxes using Turbo Tax online, please explain what I need to print out. Thank you to all who answer =)

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