Is it fair for supporters to use questionable tactics to deny America jobs & promote illegal liens for jobs? related questions

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Is it fair for supporters to use questionable tactics to deny America jobs & promote illegal liens for jobs?0Stphstvn2012-10-26 23:30:12
A handful of technology leaders in Silicon Valley are coming together to fund efforts to help undocumented high school graduates to college , find work and stay in the United States. The group , impatient with bureaucratic obstacles that prevent the passage of new immigration laws , including the inventor of the Palm Pilot , the work of Jeff Hawkins , co - founder of Intel Corp. Andrew Grove , former Veritas Software founder , and Steve
Blue Ribbon Chevrolet operating with questionable tactics?1stacey graham2012-09-29 03:25:04
Today a friend has spent most of the day on the phone trying to get the title of a car he had bought from Blue Ribbon Chevrolet in Okmulgee , Oklahoma 4 months ago . MedlinePlus She got a check for $ 2,000.00 payment after signing a contract with the dealer in which she agreed to provide funding . MedlinePlus She was issued a summons a few weeks ago for non-payment of all taxes by the state of Oklahoma , as she still was operating the vehicle with the original temporary dealer tag . Blue Ribbon label allowed the expiry date while not providing funding as agreed in the contract signed . MedlinePlus Blue Ribbon Chevrolet is demanding to return the car to them because their
Has the US become a nation of 'temp' jobs and no longer 'permanent' jobs?1 활용되지 않는 부정사 동사 2012-09-11 03:45:06
It seems that many employers in the U.S. no longer want to provide a sense of stability for employment or career workers , but expects customers to take long-term commitments , such as car loans and mortgages five years to 30 years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can U.S. companies have both or not ?
Instead of complaining about the jobs leaving America, why don't you start your own business?3Cornel2012-10-22 14:40:53
I have 47 bushes that need to be cut into pieces and removed . The two companies of the city that they are overworked and I have to wait until Thursday for one of them to come and collect the cut branches and trunks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, the unemployment here is almost 10 %. Why none of these losers collecting unemployment into a group of three , apply for a small business loan and buy a shredder to do ?
Bank of America refusing to process mortgage closing can I get them to do their jobs?0S.S2012-09-28 04:26:03
I have a credit score of over 730 and is pre- approved for a month and got an option on a property within the last two weeks and had the mortgage assigned to that property and approved by an underwriter . MedlinePlus So far , so good. Then I received an email from Bank of America processing department last Thursday requesting documents already sent (and received approval ) my loan officer , including pay stubs, my W2 , and the like . MedlinePlus Next I tried to contact the processing department . No one answered the phone . I called 3 times a day ... no luck ... so I left a voice message . So I faxed the same documents to your fax machine and told my loan officer to fax them to their division (which he did immediately) .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The same thing happened the following Monday, I called several times and got no answer . I even tried the department manager ... did not respond either. Now I'm stuck getting constant emails harassing me about my alleged lack of discipline " do not fax the correct documents ," and when I checked my status online mortgage tonight I see nothing has been processed ! MedlinePlus At this point , even my agent is starting to get pissed ... Bank of America also sent an appraiser to the house I am buying without asking for the key to the property! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I can do about the lack of communication here? Is there any way to get some kind of contact established or 'm probably going to run out of time and just lose the house because Bank of America is not doing its job?
If 80% of the Jobs in America are created by Small business, why the big business bailouts?4Little Lisa2012-11-03 22:00:01
Does not it make more sense to spend $ 800 million in lending to small business ? Would not it be more stimulating faster? nd with a robust economy and revived , would ' loans are more likely to be returned to win the government (taxpayers ) a benefit ?
What percent of illegal immigrants get loans in America?0Franklin2012-08-14 19:33:03
I need to know this for my homework and I can not find anywhere online .... help
Which of these two jobs would you go for?4Trowers2012-08-10 09:31:04
What would you choose , say you were a recent college graduate , married and childless, with lots of student loans, and considering this work as a short term thing not exceeding 2 years. The job of a -Supervisor Position -Pay was $ 4 more - Nightshift - Driving distance 15 miles Better benefits - vacation time and - Worked for the company for 2 years Fast - pace envoirment Job B - Provision of specialist payment was $ 4 less - Driving distance of 5 miles - Day Shift , more relaxed envoirment - Not so great benefits or vacation time - Worked for the company for 3 months
Can you get a car loan if you are between jobs?0Laruen2012-10-01 21:59:03
I just change jobs . I start my new job on Tuesday . I need a car . my credit is good and I would order a person to person auto loan for $ 5000 what are my chances of getting a loan ? oh and I'm a member of the credit union at my previous job .
What is the situation in US regarding jobs?0Martin2012-08-08 09:40:03
I have the intention of my teachers in the U.S. but looking at current recession stuation m concerned . Can anyone guide me what is the current situation in the U.S. for the job? Whether w + Orth spend 20-30 sprays studies there? My friends in U.S. and UK was the cause of the lack of work during the past year w + orking here for a pittance. For me it is hard to accept as peanuts themselves would have to pay the loan too! Please lead me in the same ... can also write to me in @
Where can I look for IT jobs directly?0seema2012-11-05 06:56:49
Im in the dfw area, but I know there are some nation wide businesses that need technical support, my husband is in his last year at devry for CIS trainig. he's lookig for jobs that need some one with information technology expertise. HIs last job paid 19.23 an hour but he was only allowed to work part time with no benifits. they haven't made him permanent and keep hiring temps. he was late a few time in october by a few minutes, like at the very most one time he was 7 minutes late and for that they are considering termination. I wonder why they never brough it up before. there is only a 2 minute grace period in which you are considered not late. you have to be there one minute before your shift starts. he stresses all the time about being late, and rarely is.He is concerned they are going to terminate him because they are looking for excuses to terminate alot of employees, so hes looking for another job. I am a stay at home wife, just had a baby. He is our sole source of income. I dont want him to go through a temp agency as a first resort because temp agancies dont pay as much. Id like him to find somthing that makes at least 15 an hour full time, because we have bills to pay and while I plan on getting a job soon, I know that we wont be able to afford a house or be able to pay off his student loans unless he gets a decent wage. anybody know some company names that have call centers that do tech support or something he would qualify for with cis training?
Jobs in So Cal (San Diego)?0christopher2012-09-17 22:00:04
So ... I'm torn ... MedlinePlus Ok I am a loan officer , new to him , but I know it 's going to be my career , so I stay in it. I live in Maryland , but now I'm trying desperately to move to San Diego . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I mean bad, so bad I look everyday jobs and apartments on Craigslist ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So here's my question , are the jobs jobs in CL trash ? I mean I've seen at least 10 jobs loan officer in there in the last week . Also the cost of the life is approximately the same . If 1500 for a 2-bedroom apartment is regular for Maryland and I've found online is about the same in SD . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Be real estate is suffering now , but I've found these jobs and some apartments quite reasonable , I mean 1000 for 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom is almost the same as that paid in MD / DC . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know time and matter is large , that is the real reason I want to go ! So any ideas would be great in employment and jobs just to clarify I mean garbage jobs that are not really works! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also (sorry to throw this on in) You think I should establish and / or learn the intricacies of the loans in MD then moved to SD and go from there ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or should I start my career loans in SD . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've only been a loan officer for months MedlinePlus Thanks to all who answered

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